Catherine the Great

The German born princess emerged from obscurity when she was chosen to become the wife of the future Emperor Peter III. Changing her name to Catherine, she read widely and familiarised herself with Russian conditions and values. Her fervent embrace of both the Orthodox faith and Russian culture, won her much love from the Russian people. Her husband Peter, on the otherhand, was said to have the intellect of a child. Once he succeeded to the Throne, a group of conspirators, headed by Catherine’s current lover, proclaimed her autocrat. Shortly afterward Peter was murdered.

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adored now I will have to make an Avante garde (did I spell rite hahaha) thx for making it have a feeling you might like John Galliano...I made this set to share...Come by read may profile then grab some goodies ...I am totally eclectic (manic hahahaha..but I love it :)))

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Incredible collection! And I love the facts about Catherine the Great at the beginning. Made me interested!


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