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- - my CATS audition !

Gemma Katheryn Fleurs, 19
Los Angeles ; CA
Florence, IT
false lashes, louboutins, bubble tea, polaroids, pastels, rose petals, alexander mcqueen, versace, twiggy, catwalks, studded clothing, lace;tulle;leather, wolverine, or just hugh jackman <3 audrey hepburn movies, i love lucy, chanel, dkny, nutella, alternative music, jazz, cat eye makeup, 
vegetables, nudity, insecurity, society complaints, crocs, bullying, jersey tan skin, chapped lips
Italian teen, Gemma is now living in L.A....well, blogging ! Most her work is for fashion, but she takes time to express her outfits, and emotions as well. To understand her blog, you must know the upcoming...
{first pov}
I was born in Florence, where my mother abandoned me in front of Mr.Fleur's mansion. He is a florist originated from France, but he adopted me once mother last knocked on the door. He wasn't a very great father, always finding a way to please me through money, but alas, I found a skill, no other in my family had. Writing. I had a diary, until age 10 where father discovered my emotions towards him. Now I have a blog. Where I write about my style, sentiments, everything. It's my own world. Finally.

blog URL; http://gemkats.tumblr.com {password is FLEURS}
model; Kristine Frøseth {replaced Ksenia! not enough pictures!}

+ + 
My name is Gemma Kat..ehh..actually.. I go by Gem, so thats all you have to know. Before I bore you to death, and force you to skim through this, I want you to take deep breaths and prepare for a lovely piece of literature - 

"Gemma? What are you doing in your laptop?" 

- "Uhmm...What? Actually, I have a life now father!" I said as I closed all my Tumblr ad Blogger tabs. 

"You call that a life? Whats wrong with you?! Go out, have fun, get wasted, do something with your life! Not this, Gemm!!" he said as I giggled

- "Everything is wrong with me {I murmered} Oh papa, you'll never understand! This is...This is basically my life!" I said as I explained what my blogs were containing, all kinds of fashion information and new styles I've been dying to try out

"You're too..plain! Dear, just go out once in awhile, All I ask!" he said as he sighed and walked out

-"I'm 19, and I would rather be safe at my age! Why don't YOU go out ? Papa, you should get some new staff members, I heard your conversations are a wreck..for example: This!!" I said as I escorted him out of /my/ office. 

Hmm..what to do now?? I have chores, oh wait, no..I have servants..nevermind that.. 

Ooh! I know! {Light Bulb Moment} 

I quickly opened a new page; with my Outfit Of The Day blog. It has been going on for 4 years! Oh gosh...My very first post containing a picture of me in my old band tee shirts, and tulle skirts!! What a crime! I'm so sorry anyone had to see that publicly on my blog! I decided to make a Before and After post. What do I wear now? How has my style changed after every year? This is my blog. Welcome to GemKats.

{I'm not satisfied with the story, It doesn't do any justice for my writing skills }

+ + top 3 character names and models {other than GemmaKat and Kristine Frøseth}
Donatella Watson {Ebrill Pope} 
Zarah Jordyn {Rosie Tupper}
Marilyn Constance Porter {Bambi Northwood}

+ + blog types! {Honestly, I ran out of ideas}
fashion; ootd's, street style, 
self blogging, self expression; insecurities; life
- and if I'm permitted..{it may not be an option}, I would like to be more realistic, and make this character more personal, by adding an Anorexia healthy blog ? I don't know..I've always wanted to make one of those anon-blogs : ? and I see this rp character as an opportunity
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