Just got me a real nice UO giftcard for Jesus day and their Jesus shirt is already sold out. Big ole poo.
I hope y'all got decent guys/gals. I've let a boy be uncool for a portion of my teen life. Put up with enough. It wasn't even a traditional relationship. 

Not like he kissed my mouth or nothin (wow I said that out loud oops). He was a coward. But I loved him. pAtHeTiC. I'm reading Whip It so nothing is all that bad though. ;)

Signs that it'll be fine (a tad lonesome but fine):
My loyal phone of two years randomly passed out and did not regain consciousness today. It's gone. I couldn't help but wonder if somebody out there wanted to make sure I didn't go through old talks/voicemails/songs he played for me. Or better yet feel tempted to speak with him. 
THEN I took out the trash and stumbled upon a very smashed ipod nano in our gravel driveway that he lost a month ago. Obvie it means he's crushed too or karma's a b**** or that same person that killed my phone is saying "he'll get his". Either way I got a big laugh out of it. And I posted a pic of it on his fb. No response. HEHE.

I feel fine with this childish journal entry because no one reads em anyway. And I don't have a diary. So it was bound to happen. Releasing on a fashion blog...time for bed.
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