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i won't give up by jason mraz
rachelle tate
the rogues gallery

partial collab with @dustofthestar

'City At War' the headlines read today. The two most influential crime families have declared war against one another and it's divided the city in two. Crime and anarchy are the main themes of today and it's time to pick sides. Whether you're meeting Maroni downtown, headed to the Narrows with Falcone or maybe you're just a free agent, either way it's time to get a bit organized today.

I leaned against the bar, twirling a martini in my hand, observing my next targets. I turned back around to see some guy sitting next to me. 
"Can I buy you a drink?" he turned to me, noticing my light stares towards his motion. His hands were in his pockets, he was shrugged a little, but his posture still remained intact. He had on a blazer and a white dress shirt underneath, with a loose, skinny black tie.
"Sure." I let go of the empty martini glass and placed my arm on the back of his chair. The bartender slid another glass across the bar and it stopped right in my palm. 
I took a sip and moved in closer to the guy beside me. 
"So what happens now. You get me drunk, then you take me to your million dollar penthouse, we flirt a little, then you get me in bed?" I asked flirtatiously, placing my hand on his thigh.
"Something like that." he smiled and stood up, putting his hand out towards me. I took it and he pulled me out of the bar. He hailed a taxi and we got inside.
As soon as I shut the cab door behind me, he moved in closer until our hips were touching. He kissed my neck, then moved to the back of my ear. I moved in closer to him and unbuttoned his shirt slightly. We got out of the cab and he pulled me up to his apartment. I took a quick look around. It was messy, but everything had a place. Nothing fancy, it was all very simple. He was different from all the other men. I decided to let it go on a little longer before I made my move. 
We had gone all the way to the bedroom when he slipped out of his pants and tossed my dress on the floor. Now was my chance. I slowly slid my hand all the way down from his chest to the side of his leg where I quickly reached down for my knife. It was gone. I remained calm, but my eyes shot across the room left to right.
"Looking for this?" he held my knife in his hand.
I paused for a second before I pounced. I took him to the ground, holding his hand above his head. He still had the knife, but it wasn't long before I slipped it out of his hand. I was on top of him, holding him down. Suddenly, he regained his strength and threw me against the wall. I hit it hard and fell to the ground, bruising my elbow. The knife had slipped onto the floor and rolled to the end of the room. 
"Who are you?" he asked, walking towards me. 
"That depends, who are you?" I stood up, picked up the knife, and threw it right in his direction. He caught it quickly, smiling. 
He dropped the knife and got ready to use his hands. He grabbed me and pulled me in towards him and attempted to kick me before I ducked and hit his leg hard. He began falling to the ground, and I kicked him in the chest once more so he would fall harder. I walked over to him and stood on top of him, my legs spread wide apart around him. 
"What do you want?" I asked him.
"I'm Sebastian Ducard, I think I'm your brother."
"Are you sick? What kind of joke is this?" 
"I'm serious. My father left me when I was very young, and then he got a new family, new name, new business. Then he had you." 
"I can't believe this." I grabbed my dress and walked out to the door. 
"Wait, Rachelle!"
I stopped. "How do you know my name?"
"I've done my research."
"Fine." I walked over towards him and put my hand out. "We're family. And family sticks together, right? Shake my hand, partner." 
He put his hand out and when I grabbed it, I twisted him around to the ground, but he stopped me and twisted my wrist instead. 
"Uh-oh. Do we have a problem?" he directed me to the door and shut it behind me. "See you later, partner." he winked on my way out.
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