~Mayday Parade, So Far Away {forgot how much I love this band! They're so much like Panic! At the Disco but different... awesome :)}


Someone please buy me this outfit! Please?

January 12th: Roommate Slumber Party! The Scuola is letting everyone watch a chick flick in the meeting room. Come in your pajamas, and make sure they're cute. Guys will be there. Later, we're going back to our rooms to have roommate time. The Scuola recommends you guys really get to know each other. After all, you do have to /live/ with one another.

"Hey everyone!" I said loudly, greeting my new house mates and whom I hoped would soon become my friends. I'd met them all before of course, but I hadn't really gotten to know many of them. And surely they wanted to get to know /me/. 

"Those are your pajamas?" That girl named whose name was Isabel but she spelled it oddly asked. She smiled partially. "Um, they're so cute."

"I know!" I answered her, plopping down next to my roommate Konstantina. I knew she didn't like me, but maybe she'd warm up. How could you not like me?

"Could you... move?" She asked in a harsh whisper. Next to Konstantina, Chloe was sketching something and she looked up momentarily to see Konstantina glaring at me.

"Why?" I asked, eyeing the bucket of popcorn in front of Ysabel. "I have so much to tell you! See, I was looking in our closet, and there's some gorgeous clothes you have, but they'd look so great one me, don't you think? I'd love to borrow some of them if you wouldn't mind--"

"Oh, I definitely mind," Konstantina snapped. She quickly jumped up and stomped off to the bathroom.

"What's her problem?" I asked Chloe. 

Chloe shrugged, barely looking up from her drawing. "I wouldn't know."

"I think you annoy her, Waverly," Lisbeth commented from across the room. She clutched a DVD in her hands, staring at me. "You're kinda overbearing."

"Really? Well that's an interesting way to put it. I always think I'm just too lovable." I laughed and Ysabel and Violet laughed too, though I couldn't tell if they were mocking me or agreeing with me.

"Can we start the movie?" Karmen asked quietly, and I noticed for the first time that she was sitting behind me on the couch.

"Yeah, let's watch Mean Girls first," Emma added with a smile. "It's so mean."

"Mean?" Ysabel questioned. "It's hilarious."

"Yeah..." Emma said. We all looked at her for a second, contemplating. She seemed kinda weird to me, but not everyone can be perfect I suppose.

Except me, of course.

"Is Konstantina coming back?" Lisbeth asked, taking the DVD and sliding it into the player. A few more girls were crowding into the common room now, realizing we were actually starting the movie.

"Probably not, she's too afraid of my awesomeness," I replied with a toothy grin. Violet glanced at me, shaking her head, but she seemed amused while Chloe still didn't look up from her sketch book.

"Stop trying to make fetch happen!" Emma called out randomly while the previews began rolling.

"It hasn't even started..." Ysabel said under her breath, but when Emma turned her head, she wore a broad smile. 

"Would you all agree that I'm the best mix of Regina, Gretchen, Karen, and Cady?" I asked, reaching for the popcorn. 

"Um, yeah, totally," Karmen answered above me. And everyone laughed as Karmen blushed. I realized she didn't like attention. 

"What can I say?" I shrugged. "I was just born for fabulosity."

"You certainly are full of yourself," Violet finally said, but she didn't say it exactly rudely, just sort-of matter-of-factly. Which was fine. I knew she was right.

"Yep!" I agreed. 

I think I liked it here, and I think the majority of the girls genuinely liked me. Sure they might be making fun of me sometimes, but I knew they were just jealous.

[comment if you read please!! I included @the-clary-project @istylista @glitterinmyviens @nifty-nikki @bambi-blue @paula-v @dylanstasia and sorry @young-and-restless I wasn't able to include Sapphire, maybe next story!]
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Wrote 5 years ago
Waverly, you make everything so fun. You could definitely be my muse some day.
xx, Ysabel

Wrote 5 years ago
its all good. I really liked the story anyways.

Wrote 5 years ago
{love! thank you so much for including emma:) }
I had, um, a great night.
you look nice.
-xoxo, em.

Wrote 5 years ago
{great story}
Vi speaks the truth. But maybe we can move past that vainness of yours because I'd like to be friends.
x, Lis



United Colors of Polyvore

United Colors of Polyvore

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virgins, persians, & make-believe excursions

virgins, persians, & make-believe excursions

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**POLYVORE FAMILY** { contest & Prizes!}

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You are FIERCE!

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5th place in group contest: Makeup!

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