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Bellamy Cats - Ginta Lapina
teresa mytokins - Hind Sahli
pandora watfa - Amanda Norgaard
tallulah laurex - Candice Swanepoel
citrone marie tundie - Evelina Mambetova

+ bellamy cats
miss cats is very catty, indeed. she likes to start fights, just for the fun of it and randomly bitchess at anyone who even does her a little wrong. let's just say the barista at starbucks who gave her a vanilla latte instead of a caramel macchiato hasn't been seen there since... her bitchyy attitude is known all around paris and scares boys away from her, a lot. those who are brave enough to have been with her, have dumped her after a few days because they just couldn't deal with her demanding, bitchyy diva ways. she acts like she doesn't care - she just throws more fits to conceal her true feelings. the girls who have tried to break into her shell of annoying attitude have either been hurt, or gained a place into her (lunatic) heart. but in general, you can say bellamy is not very loved. which is bad, because the thing she wants more in life is love. 
model: Ginta Lapina

As I walked out the hotel I could've sworn I heard someone yell "B I T C H" seriously how old are we now girls? There's nothing wrong with knowing what you want and trying in all my power to get it. I greew up with 4 sisters we always had to fight in my house wiether it was over mommy and daddy's attention, clothes or boys we had to fight for what we wanted. I may come off hard but that's just the way I was raised and things in Paris won't be any different I came here to make a name for myself and that's what i intend to do. So call me what ever you want but Im going to get what I want.

- Bell
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