good girls are bad girls [ that haven't been caught ] - 5 seconds of summer 

may thirty first, five thirty ♡

hey beauties,

a jam packed 50 item, set in my favourite colours today! this was inspired by @p-eyton ♡
i'm not really sure what to think of this set, but i felt like updating you guys and this is all came up with c;

i didn't know whether to title this set with the song's original name [ as i have done ] or as it appears on the album ( it's just called `good girls` on there) so apologies if there is any confusion ♡

so what's been happening with you all? are you all okay?

life update ;

♡ i spent the rest of my half term cooped up at home watching movies, making friendship bracelets and watching tv shows. i've been using tumblr a lot and generally feeling a little let down and wondering how my friendship dynamic [ with certain people ] has changed, and why i'm no longer considered important to people. it's been a week of reflection, not all of which has been positive

♡ last night i slept up my friend's [ who went to college ] house with two other girls. one of these girls lied and told me she wasn't going due to a family reason, yet she told the others the real reason and was then convinced to go. she turned up and i now knew the proper reason, and she acted like she hadn't lied to me, this girl said she was my best friend yet couldn't tell me the truth, okay then. 

there was then pointless arguing which led to them singling me out, shouting at me, and leaving me to lie on the hard flooring while they consumed the large bed. we ended up watching `the dead silence` before i went to sleep. i awoke, only to be made fun of and there was some issues surrounding the girl who had lied which led to us all making up / talking a little. hmm. 

♡ this morning [ after awaking at my friend's house ], my mum took me to the city, as means of cheering me up. we went to starbucks and then went shopping. i got a cute trimmed tank from new look and then we went to topshop. whilst there i purchased a summer dress, some printed high waisted trousers, some frilly socks and two pendants. the day was fairly successful in cheering me up and i got to chat with my mum about a few things, so that was good 

♡ also `you` was messaging the girl [ who lied ] and said `tell chlo not to be such a depressing c- -t on tumblr`. i guess our friendship changed then, babe. 

so this set has lyrics by the ultimate babes - 5 seconds of summer - and also includes a sassy heart, alexa's book, the arctic monkeys logo and a rad outfit, someone buy me these shorts pleaseeee? also the set contains my blog header `strangers in paradise` which was made into vogue text for me by the lovely @fashion-queen-122

only got one exam left now, two weeks to go, yikes, wish me luck

alsoo, you were all quite supportive about me starting a blog but i need idea what to do posts on! should i do hauls [ fashion / beauty / home ware ], reviews, tags , lookbook / styling posts or even a few videos?

if you read all this comment `she said to me, forget what you thought` 

- chlo ♡
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