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what: olly newman’s birthday
place: the edison
attire: wear white
other: when the most successful music producer in los angeles invites you to his whitewash 25th, you don’t say no. only the crème de la crème of the city will be here – did you make the cut?

I glanced around, keeping Rachel close to my side. I absolutely hated coming to Venice Beach, but sometimes it was the only place to get anything good.

"What the h-ll are we doing here again?" Rachel whined, clutching her PS1 bag as close to her as humanly possible. "This place is like the friggin' ghetto of LA."

I rolled my eyes. "You shot a movie here, like three years ago."

"Don't remind me," she mumbled. She hated every time I brought that up, considering that was her first movie that went to "select theaters" which in other words meant it sucked. I went to the premiere with her of course, along with a bunch of hippies and the occasional famed actor. The movie really was Venice Beach in concrete film. 

"God, the smell is awful. What is that?" 

Odd that Rachel drank nearly every night yet hadn't even touched drugs. And odd how she didn't know by now what it smelt like. Since her best friend smoked it. And since her role in that movie.

"Don't play dumb," I snapped. "No go stand over there and look normal." I nudged her with my hip and she shot me a look before going to lean against a nearby frozen drink stand, awkwardly staring out at the trashed ocean. 

I kept my head down, walking away from her and toward the ice cream stand a little ways away. I looked around, not finding even a glimpse of a pap, because Rachel and I had come here in an old beat-up truck. I even wore a beachy outfit, hoping maybe I blended in.

The guy behind the counter recognized me immediately and smiled. "Well, Catherine Woodley. Didn't think you'd come back here."

I scrunched up my nose. "Here," I said, pushing him a small unmarked envelope. "I want one vanilla and one chocolate."

He smiled again, taking the envelope. He turned around to prepare the ice cream cones, and then handed them to me, one chocolate and one vanilla. I took them quickly, heading back to Rachel.

"Ice cream? Mm, I want--" Rachel reached for the chocolate one, but I yanked it away from her. She pouted, arms folded across her chest. "You gonna eat both of them? Um, fat wh-re much?"

"God, it's not ice cream." I shoved them under her nose and she saw the sun hitting the top, the way it reflected in the light. 

"Plastic. Huh. Clever." Rachel sighed. "But Cat, I mean, are you gonna drop that stuff? If someone catches you, like for real this time, you're gonna--"

"No one's gonna catch me," I sniffed, licking the plastic for good measure in case a pap was around, lurking in a trash can. "Now let's go. We have to get to Olly's party."

"And where does Carter think you are? You know he hates the stuff," Rachel pointed out.

"Since when do you care?" I opened the car door. "I can do whatever the h-ll I want, Rach. And it's too bad you don't want to do it with me."

"Your funeral."

"Only the good die young," I told her with a smirk. "And Rach, I'm no good girl."

I hit the gas and soon Venice Beach was just a spec in the rear view mirror, and I was on my way to a sweet high.

[COMMENT IF YOU READ PLEASE I know it sucks pretty badly and I didn't include anyone but I kinda needed this filler story for some new storylines coming up sorry!]
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