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Hey everyone! 
Merry Christmas, again! 

I'm really bored now, I was reblogging a lot onto my blog (http://glamour-glitter.tumblr.com/), but then I exceeded my daily posting limits xD I'll probably be reblogging more because I seriously feel like I'm so behind on postings! 

This has most definitely been the best Christmas ever! I got my Macbook Pro, and I seriously have fallen in love with it! The only thing that's really bothering me is the mousepad... while I was making the set it was such a challenge for me! haha, what also annoys me is how the complete window won't open up (if that makes sense!) and it seems like it made my last set come out small, so, hopefully this set won't come out small! 

I'm on, if anyone wants to chat, PM me! I'm bored, it's winter break, and I'm just kinda relaxing, I may go on the treadmill in a little bit because I've been going on the past two days and it really does make me feel amazing. i don't even mind being so sore the next day, either, but I /really/ want to get healthy and firm up, so I've been doing that and watching VS exercise videos on YouTube :) 

ALSO! I was thinking of creating a personal blog. Just an idea, but would you guys like to hear blog posts on my life and things? I'd upload photos, talk about my day, maybe occasionally throw my opinion in and start a discussion on something, so, would you guys be interested? comment below <3
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