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"So did Andy tell you guys about her list?" Rachel asked grinning around the table. The seven of us (me included) were sat around one of Mc Donald's plastic tables. The guys had just finished a show and as always Alex was an endless pit and needed more food and the only place any of us could think of that would be open at 12.30 am was Mc Donald's.

"What did she make a christmas list?" Alex snorted before going back to eating his food. I rolled my eyes flipping him the bird.

"I'm 21 , i don't have a Christmas list." I said shooting Rachel a death glare. Her precious Mr Bear will be losing his bow tie soon.

"I do!" Tom said happily as he played with whatever toy he had got with his happy meal. "That's great sweetie." I said with a smile.

"So what is the list? Is it guys you'd like to" Maz asked looking up from her camera. "What no? I don't have a list for that." I said , I did in my mind but that wasn't what Rachel was talking about.

"Andy decided that since her life was boring , her words. Not mine." Rachel began. I think number 124 will be done soon. 
- Make it look like room mate committed suicide.

":Lists aren't exactly interesting." Alex said rolling his eyes at me. 

"It's like a bucket list though things to do before she dies kinda thing." Rachel said nodding. "I think it's a good thing for her."

"And can we please change the subject." I asked using my hair as curtains to hide my face. The list was a good idea when everyone wasn't talking about it.

"How about we talk about the gig?" Maz offered helpfully. Oh Maz you have no last name but your awesome.

"What's there to say we were awesome." Nate said as he pulled Rachel closer to him. Alex nodded along and Tom was in a world of his own. I think he was going to attempt to go in the play area.

"I wasn't , I think i screwed up a few times." Matt said with a frown. Maz nodded ,"You did but the teenage girls screaming out Matt we love you didn't notice."

"How is that bassists has fan girls and i don't?" Alex asked teasingly but knowing him , he meant it.

"Because he is hot." I said before covering my mouth , my eyes going wide. I did not say that out loud. "And you Alex are obviously not , You have mustard on your face," I said hoping that would cover my minor slip up.

"No i don' Oh." he said wiping away the mustard.

"So is travelling on your list?" Maz asked. I nodded "Why?"

"Because i have the most perfect idea. She comes on tour with you guys and me." Maz said happily. I looked over at her like she had lost her mind. Because she did.



 "I don't know she doesn't look like she wants to."

"No i see enough of Andy as it is."


Those were the replys that came from Nate , Tom , Matt , Alex and myself. So i think the no's one the arguement.

"Actually i think it is a good idea." Rach said. "Thinking about you guys go on a National tour soon so you'll need all the help you can get , Andy you want to get out of your comfort zone so what better way and Alex the reason you see her all the time is because your always at our house."

I smirked over at Alex. I take my small victory's when they happen.

Once Rachel said it was a good idea , Nate was sold . So now the sides were even.

"I'd be okay with it but i don't think Andy wants to." Matt said. "I mean we could always use some to do the merch."

"Guys you are being crazy Andy has a job she has to go to everyday. She can't come on tour with us , how would she get money?" Alex the surprising voice of reason asked.

"She could get payed like i do." Maz said. "And that is four yes and two no's so andy get your bags packed in two weeks we go on tour."

Okay so i wasn't sure who wanted to get tagged on my Andy stories. So if you do please let me know :)
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