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Song of the day: Personal Soldier - The Wanted

March 1, 2012

1) The only reason I woke up this morning was because "Glad You Came" started playing on the radio, and I just had to sing along ;)
2) I saw some girls decked out in purple and Justin Bieber shirts today, and I thought, /that's how I feel about 1D/. ;) Happy birthday, Justin! Thanks for retweeting Niall--I'm sure that made his fangirl heart flutter. 
3) Just realized that half of the students in the year above me will be in DC tomorrow. Guess who else is in DC tomorrow? Yep, that's right. Mah boys. Why am I not on this trip right now?
4) Ooh and I just got assigned an article for my school newspaper. Bring on the stress. I don't mind writing them, but I'm such an #awkwardturtle so I hate having to interview people. Sigh. Why is school so stressful?
5) Alright time to return to my never-ending list of things to do. But first, s/o to @twobytwo, who I see tagged me in a lovely set. Comments coming your way tomorrow, love! Sorry, but I'm quite busy at the moment! 

Oh no, this is my last saved draft! Gonna have to make fresh ones for next week this weekend. Can't say I'm not looking forward to it ;) #polyaddict 

Happy Thursday! xx
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