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name – ella berry
age - 23
current residence – new york city, new york
occupation – working med student (anesthesiologist)
relationship status – in a relationship + it’s complicated
biggest pet peeve – people who brake promises
your family – ella has an older brother and a younger sister. the three get along so well it’s frightening. their parents were always very supportive and inspired them to succeed. ella’s older brother is a successful lawyer at the age of thirty and her little sister wants to be a writer. ella’s father is very strict, so much so that she was never really allowed to date. her mother is proud of all her children but has too much on her plate to really pay attention now a days. a little too much liquor and the night is done. once ella escaped to school in boston and then moved to new york, she hasn’t uttered a word to her parents.
your favorite way to spend a friday night – you can almost always catch ella immersed in a book or writing her little heart away on a friday night. she is perfectly content with having a night in, as she is going out on the town with a few of her friends. she hardly ever drinks, accept on holidays and special occasions.
likes – almost all types of music, learning new things, fashion, large accessories, working out, the ocean, vintage clothes, fresh fruit, reading, playing piano, singing, lipstick, project runway, her siblings, drawing (or trying to)
dislikes – rap music, the fact that she’s not fluent in spanish, her parents, reality tv, her ex-boyfriends, working all the time, junk food, waking up early, her roommate, bad hair days, immature people, feeling bad about herself
mannerisms – ella is always playing with her hair and constantly fixing her clothing. she has terrible habit of biting her finger nails and has attempted to stop with no such luck. at times, ella can be very awkward, and almost seeming out of place. most of the time, she stands limply and shy.
dream vacation – a trip to london, england and after touring the city, going up to the mountains for a weekend of peace and quiet. 
reedeming qualities – she has an excellent sense of humor and always seems to make someone laugh. she’s shy around people she doesn’t know well but other times, she’s a social butterfly. ella is very good at being someone’s friend; she’ll stand by you no matter what and is always trying to help someone out. 
short bio – ever since ella was young, she knew that north carolina was not the place for her. yes, she grew up in a wonderful place with wonderful people but ella always knew there was something more out there. so the second she graduated, ella trekked to boston and went to school there. she just graduated last year and has moved out to new york city, where she’s living in a crappy apartment with a girl she hates. at the moment, she’s not very happy with her life. she’s working crazy hours in the hospital and it’s affecting her relationship with her boyfriend. mackenzie’s letter calling them all home couldn’t have come at a better time. so, ella has decided to pack up all her bags and bring her boyfriend along with her, to relive the past and she just what she was missing in raleigh. 
model – emma stone

@turn-around-bright-eyes hope you like it! the story will be coming soon :)
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