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Elodie subtley fixed her dressed so it wasn't falling too low and immediately felt over exposed; with the short dress and not wearing tights underneith like she would. And the fact that the dress was shirtless and she was freezing but people say fashion kills. Elli felt eyes on her as she walked down the hallway towards her locker. She jumped a little when she felt someone grab her butt, which she saw was Marcus who grinned to himself.
"Elli?" she heard Josh's voice from at her locker in the distance; he was shocked to see such a change in outfit but like any other boy, he wasn't exactly going to complain. "What are you wearing?" he asked, as Elodie approached him.
"You don't like it, Joshy?" she looked down at her dress; other than the negative things about it, it was actually really pretty. One of the reasons why she was still wearing it, the other reason being so Josh wouldn't toss her away like a piece of rubbish.
"I didn't say that" Josh said still staring shocked. "But its different, Elli I know I don't know much about fashion but are you sure that look is you?" Josh said with a small frown as much as he liked the look, it wasn't the Elli he was used to.
"I thought I needed a bit of a change" Elli said with a small shrug; although what she said wasn't entirely true, Josh didn't need to know that. She didn't really know how Isabelle could wear such things on a regular basis. Maybe, all it needed was practice and giving it more time.
"Why?" Josh blurted out, "I mean i like it but ..." 'I like you for you' he thought unhappily.
"But what Josh?" Elli said angrily, stomping her heel against the floor. She went through all of this because of him and yet it still wasn't good enough.
"It's not you Elli" Josh said with a sigh.
Elli was trying not to show every emotion she was feeling; being angry, upset and that little bit heartbroken that she couldn't exactly explain. She avoided what he had said, part of her not knowing what to say except for something most likely inappropriate. "I'm guessing you don't like it" she spoke quietly, then opened her locker and shoved her purse in.
"I like it but ..." Josh was in the middle of speaking but Elli cut him off.
"It's not me" Elodie spoke, she was no longer sounding angry.
"You just felt like a change ...?" Josh asked, not really believing her; he could see that she wasn't as comfortable as she would be in her own clothes.
"Yes" she said with a little nod of her head and not sounding quiet believable. "Yeah" she said again, this time it was more convincing. Not by much though.
"If you like, I like it" Josh said nodding, "But this style is even worse weather wise then your previous style so here" he said shrugging of his jacket. "Put this on before you freeze to death Elli" he said put it around her.
Elli smiled at him, "Thanks Joshy" she muttered wrapping her arms around herself.
Elli held the jacket close to her; it made her feel that little bit more safe which also made her feel stupid for the silly little thoughts that ran through her brain. She gathered her books and held them close to her chest after closing her locker. In the corner of her eye she could see Isabelle flirting with Marcus and he wasn't holding back; he stared at her body and flirted back. Elodie couldn't help but feel that small bit of jealousy; Josh wasn't doing that.
"So, what class do you have now?" Elodie spoke; forcing herself to find a distraction.
"Transfiguration" Josh said with a groan, it was his worst class. Elodie smirked a little at the distressed look on Josh's face, "Nawww poor Joshy" she said moving closer to him. 
Josh shifted uncomfortable "Yeah, I swear the professor hates me" he said looking over at Elodie he wonder what had gotten into her lately.
"What do you have Elli?" Josh asked.
"Divination" Elli smiled, she knew the class was going to interesting since it was with Marcus and he'd already given her enough attention.
"That's the class you have with Marcus, right?" Josh asked and didn't say Marcus' name with a pleasant tone; remembering once when Marcus had asked for notes from Elli. And he still didn't like the fact that Marcus enjoyed flirting with his girlfriend.
"That's correct" Elli nodded, glancing at Marcus across the hall who was now with another male friend. Both his friend and himself were looking at Elli, well, they were looking at her legs but it still counted as her. Right?
Josh frowned looking at Marcus and his friend annoyed at them. "Well that should be fun" Josh gritted out his fist clenching as he looked at the pair. 
Elodie nodded "Yes it should be".
"It's one of my favourite classes" Elli added with a smile, then noticed that people were going off to their classes.
"That's good" Josh spoke as he still glared angrily at Marcus and his friend, "Please watch out though, Elli. It looks like Marcus is about to eat you" he added, shoving his clenched fists into his jean pockets.
"I will" she smiled, "Try and enjoy your class ... for me". Elli smirked a little and gave him a kiss on the lips; a little shocked but he didn't pull away.
"Yeah I will" Josh said grinning as he looked over Elli, "Uh" he said ruffling his hair. "You enjoy your class too ..." he said, still standing there awkwardly. 
Elli laughed a little "I'll try" she said now kissing his cheek.
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