cayden prep. [stardoll roleplay.]

Full Name - acacia fawn barlow
Pronunciation - ah-kay-shah bar-lo
Age - eighteen; last year at Cayden
Birthdate - october 19
Appearance - Acacia has long dark brown locks that reaches her stomach. By her olive skin, plump strawberry lips and her eyes often covered in a deep shade of midnight black eyeshadow/eyeliner you can easily judge and say she's goth or simply just cold. Well, she's merely just a bit of both.

Personality Traits - cacia is very sarcastic and harsh. She has an overconfident remark to everything she hears and has no regrets with the rebellious things she has done and all the rules she broken. Acacia can be sweet but it is very rare at times. She's social but acacia has no friends in specific; she just talks to absolutely anyone to pass the time. Don't feel special because she speaks to you; she may just hate you. a whole lot.
Bio - acacia was raised in edmonton, canada having a strong canadian accent. as a child she always dreamed of being a successful pianist but now she rarely plays it. the reason of her sad, dark personality is because of a sad, dark past. having the perfect life, perfect family and perfect school her younger brother was diseased by cancer. he passed away about a year later and this made acacia very cold and defensive. she doesn't like becoming to close to someone because she's afraid she'll lose them and thats why she prefers the hatred rather than loving someone too much.
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