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Liam Satori
age; 27
job; screenwriter | executive producer | director of Heaven on Earth
likes; writing, women, marlboro cigarettes, googling himself
dislikes; monogamy, bad acting, high maintenance women
bio; GQ's Man of the Year, People's Sexiest Man, and his poster on just about every teenage girls wall in America. Nothing is ever enough for Liam. He strives for the best and at only 27 years old, he's not doing so bad for himself. On the outside he's perfect; a former career in acting that got him one award after another, a prestigious title at the best production studio in Chicago, h.ll, he even has the gorgeous girlfriend that girls envy... but in reality? He does whatever he wants and doesn’t have a care in the world about whom he may hurt in the process. He’s risen to the top in the industry in every way possible, but success always comes at a high price.
relationship status; in a relationship with Isla Toft
model; Jamie Dornan
taken by; gianna
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I would like to point out that Chicago is not the largest city in the United States. That would be New York City. I believe Chicago is third largest.