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I was looking over the numbers for the month, fixing any possible errors anyone else could have possibly made as a buzzer went off. I clicked on the intercom as my assistants voice filled the room.
“Hi Ms. Kintzer, there is a… what’s your name again?” She paused, as the person with her inaudibly said her name, “A Ms. Isla Toft is here to see you, can I let her in?”
My heart started beating quickly as I started to freak out, Isla? What the hell was she doing here? Did she know about Liam and I? Did she come to scream at me for sleeping with her boyfriend? What the hell was going on?
“I’m really busy right now Anne…” I said slowly, hoping she would get the point and just leave me alone.
“Liz, she said she’s not leaving until she talks to you… I can call security if you like.
I swallowed the lump in my throat, knowing the last thing I needed was to cause a scene at worth, “It’s fine. I’ll see her now.”
“Okay…” My assistant trailed off, hanging up and just a moment later she was opening the door and letting Isla in.
I had never met Isla before and why would I have? I was only best friends with her boyfriend… but that was nothing. I never wanted to meet the woman whose boyfriend I was sleeping with… It would just be awkward and uncomfortable. This was a situation I never wanted to be with.
My assistant walked out closing the door behind her, leaving the two of us alone, in the bad bad situation.
“Hi…” I said, uneasily.
She gave me a smile, but this was no genuine smile… this was a smile full of malice and hate and there was only one reason that she was giving it to me; she knew I had slept with Liam.
“I’m Isla Toft, we’ve never met formally.” She held out her hand to me as she took a seat in front of my desk.
“Nice to meet you, I’m-“
“Elizabeth Kintzer… Will Kintzer’s twin sister, who is also my boyfriend, Liam Satori’s best friend, right?” She smiled, crossing her legs and leaning back into the chair.
“Yes, sounds about right.” I gave her an uncomfortable smile.
“And you’re also sleeping with Liam, right?”
I swallowed hard and took a deep breath, “…Yes.” I said quietly.
“For how long?” She wavered and I understood where she was coming from.. I mean the guy she might have loved was cheating on her, this couldn’t be easy on her, but how was I supposed to tell her that Liam and I had been together for over nine years…
“I’m not going to attack you or anything.” She sighed, closing her eyes, “I just want to know.” She gave me a tight smile.
“Nine years.” I told her and she realized that it was even longer than her and him were even together and now him and I might be forced to have some kind of relationship because my stupid period was late and I was puking up everything I ate. Just the thought of it made me need to hyperventilate; I couldn’t be pregnant, at least not with Liam’s baby…
“Oh.” She said, bringing me back into reality making me forget all about the possibility of having Liam’s child…
I sighed, “I’m so sorry… I mean I knew you two were together, but…” I paused trailing off, “I should have stopped it when you two started dating.”
She shrugged, “Does it matter? He would have found someone else to screw.” She said with a hint of bitterness.
I nodded, “Still I should haven’t been the one who did it with him… But if it makes you feel any better him and I are over… for good.”
“Really?” She raised her brow.
I nodded, “I kind of gave him an ultimatum…”
“What was that?”
I sighed, “Well, I was tired of going behind your back… and I was tired of being just another girl Liam sleeps with. He needed to choose. Either be with me only or it’s over with…”
“So you guys are finished?”
I nodded, “I barely have seen him since. The only reason why is because he’s over at my brothers and I’m living there for a bit…”
“Why did you give him that ultimatum? I mean for nine years nothing and then all of a sudden you can’t handle him cheating anymore?”
I shrugged, “I’ve been lying to myself about how I feel about him… I love him and I always will. I just wish that I was the only one he loved back….”
“So you love him?”
I sighed with a nod, “Of course… I think I’ve loved him since I was 17 years old. I mean I lost my virginity to him. We have a past, but I’ll get over it.”
She looked at me, “I kind of envy you.” She said softly. I was nothing to envy… I was the other woman. Honestly, when she came here I thought she was going to tear me a new one, but now I wasn’t sure what she was doing.
“But why?” I asked, confused.
“I don’t know.” She shrugged, “I guess just the fact you were able to do what I probably should.”
I sat back and looked at her. We both had the same problem; we were in love with a man who just didn’t give any sh*ts about us, he just cared about his d*ck and who it was in for the night.
“Shouldn’t I be the one envious of you?” I asked, with a cocked eyebrow.
“I have nothing you didn’t have,” She shrugged like it was nothing, “I just have all the scrutiny in my relationship on top of it.”
“Are you asking for my sympathy?” I blurted out rudely, which I shouldn’t have considering she should be the angry one.
“God no.” She said, bursting out into laughter.
“Why are you telling me this then?”
“I don’t know.” She snapped at me, “I’m not going to say I’m sorry, but I guess I sort of understand what you’re experiencing.”
“No you don’t.” I said plainly. She wasn’t the one who was pregnant… at least that I knew of, “But thanks I guess.”
She shrugged, silently, not saying a word.
“So are you going to do anything about it?” I asked.
“About what? The fact my boyfriend has been cheating on me with the same person for the entirety of our relationship, since before we even started dating? That he probably cares for you more than me?” She asked bitterly, going on a rant.
“Yeah, that.”
“Nothing.” She said softly.
“You won’t tell him…? That you know about us?” I raised my brow.
She shook her head, “Probably not… Liam and I haven’t been in love with each other for a very long time.”
“Which was probably my fault…” I trailed off, “I’m so sorry…”
She shrugged, “It’s alright… I guess. I mean what can I do if he loves you more.”
I shook my head, “He doesn’t love me… He wouldn’t treat me that way if he did…” I sighed, “I’m just someone else he can screw. Which is why I’m done with him. I need to move on and be happy.” I swallowed, even though I was close to tears I tried to pretend and act strong.
“Is it that easy for you?” She asked me, “To forget about him and move on?”
I shrugged, “Probably not at first.” I said honestly, “But eventually, the feeling has to go away… or at least I hope it does. I’d hate to feel like this forever.” 
“You’re a lot stronger than you think… At least you told him to f*ck off.” She smirked.
I grinned, “I didn’t exactly say it like that…”
“Still, you had the ba.lls to actually leave him. That’s more than I can say for myself.”
“It’s understandable, you’re relationship is very public… It’d be hard to break it off.”
“I might do it one day… when I stop being a coward.” She smirked.
“You’re not a coward. You’re braver than I am. You know how to deal with him better than I do…”
“I doubt it, but thank you. I should go…” She trailed off, “I’m sorry that I came here with the intention of bi.tching you out.”
I chuckled, “It’s okay. I probably would have done worse if I was you.” I said with a shrug.
“You have nothing to worry about. The secret is safe with me… I won’t tell the world that he was cheating on me with you.”
“Thanks… I appreciate it. And I truly am sorry for any trouble or heartache I caused for you.”
“It’s okay…” She said, standing up out of her chair, “I’ll let myself out. You weren’t as terrible as I thought you were.” She smirked, “Bye Liv.”
She left as I sighed, relaxing, how much I hated being in the situation I was in.
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