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WARNING; sexual!


“I’m glad everything went well.” Auro smiled and leant against chest.
We were heading back to the hotel after my heart check up. I could still hold on without a heart transplant, which was a relief to me. 
“Yes," I kissed her hair gently. I was glad that she was here. “And thank you for accompanying me.”
“You’re welcome, it’s the least I could do for you,” she said, grinning before looking up to plant a kiss on my lips.
“I’m surprised how easy it was to ask permission from Cleo.”
She rolled her eyes. “But as soon as we arrive in London. I’ll be working 24/7 for the club, there are a lot of new cats and I need to train some.”
I frowned and looked outside through the limo window. “I don’t want you to be in that club anymore.”
“Ash, darling you know how hard the situation is for me, right?” She reasoned, pulling off me before turning my face gently to face her.
“No, right now I don’t want to understand your situation.”
She sighed. “Cleo Cat Club is my home, Ash. I grew up there, it’s where I get the love of a family, even though Cleo and her husband isn’t exactly the ideal parents but they love me and raise me like their own. It’s the only thing I could do to repay them.”
“Auro, you are an intelligent girl; you know that this work isn’t the only way to repay them, there are a lot of other ways and frankly speaking this work is making me feel-“
She cut me off, “Embarrassed? Or are you going to say that I am not normal just like what Scar said? Pick your choice My Duke.”
It's not embarrasment, its something else.
“Sweetheart, you know that’s not what I meant.” I touched her shoulder but she shook my hand away.
“Then what is it?” She snapped, “You’re ashamed that I will taint your name because of my status as a courtesan?”
I sighed, shaking my head. I knew she would say that. “No! That is not what I meant Aurora!”
She glared at me with her big brown eyes. “Then what is it?!?”
“Insecure!" I finally said it, "Every night, all types of men will try to get their hands on you and I hate it! I don’t want to lose you; I love you,” I whispered the last sentence, looking at her. It was killing me just thinking about it.
“And I love you. Don’t worry about them, you know I only serve you at the club and when you’re not around I do my normal routine which is performing, not serving man in private like most of the girls. I am yours and only yours.”
I tugged some of her fringe behind her ear and kissed her cheeks.
"Have I told you how gorgeous you look today?" I whispered into her ear.
She bit her bottom lips and shook her head.
"Then I'll say it again," I said, pulling her onto my lap, "You're really gorgeous today."
"Just today?" She folded her arms across her chest, pushing her breast slightly higher.
I leant in and kissed her neck. "Everyday, sweetheart."
She turned around to position herself. Her legs spread apart on both sides of my legs, knees on the seat so that she was facing me.
"You know what I'm thinking, my Duke?" 
My hand moved up her thigh, sliding in under her dress.
"I have no idea," I teased.
She bent down and rubbed the front of my jeans lightly. "You know exactly what I'm talking about."
I groaned and instantly felt my d.ck getting hard. I pulled her down and kissed her as I played with the hem of her panties, the other hand working down her waist.
"I need you now or you're not going to be forgiven," I groaned as she dig her nails deeper into my neck.
"Really? Then maybe I should do this to beg for my forgiveness?" I smirked, pulling the hem of her panties down. "You're wet, really wet."
"I hate you," she moaned, pulling my belt off and zipping my jeans down next.
"I love you, too, darling," I whispered before slipping a finger into her. 
"Oh my fu-"
I pumped my finger deeper inside of her, my thumb playing with her cl.t.
"Ugh, don't stop!"
"Wasn't planning to," I replied, slipping another finger into her. "Damn you're so tight."
She moaned, legs spreading wider so I could go deeper, feeling her. She leant in to kiss me deeply, her hands gripping my hair. My free hand was kneeding her breast, playing with her already erected n.pple.
I tried to slip in a third finger when she flinched. "Am I hurting you?"
She shook her head, "Not at all." and kissed me again. 
I pumped faster as her moan grew louder in my mouth. She started to stroke my d.ck, making me groan.
I pulled my fingers out and trailed down her thigh then brought them to my mouth. "Always sweet."
She giggled and pulled my finger to suck it, licking it clean.
She dragged me down onto the limo floor so that I was on top of her.
"No more teasing," she said, stroking my d.ck one more time.
I groaned. "Look who's the tease now."
I pinned her hands on top of her head, her hair spread around her face like an angel. Slowly, I delved inside her, pushing my way in. Then, I quicken up my pace.
"Faster, Ash!"
I obliged and went deeper and faster. Then pulled out slowly, "You're killing me, Ash!" until only the tip of my d.ck was in her before going back all the way in and hit her g-spot.
She screamed, dipping her nails in my back. I grinned.
I could feel her coming soon, a few seconds more myself would be coming.
I kissed her relentlessly as her body was shaking underneath.
And then I collapsed on top of her, breathing hard. She placed her head on my chest, drawing circles on it.
"Ready for round 2?"
She laughed. "Do you even need to ask?"
Suddenly the car stopped and I could feel the driver's door opened and closed.
I quickly grabbed our clothes. "We better get dress," I said and gave Auro her clothes.
"What's going on?"
"I think the driver is coming."
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