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Oh Adele, you know the feels, don't you? You know the exact fucking feels and you can turn it into songs for all of us to relate to.

Sorry I haven't been updating. I'm going through a break-up right now, or, well, I've just been broken up with and I'm feeling withdrawal symptoms of unwanted love and depression, and it is affecting everything I do, like, I've probably lost a couple pounds and just today, I bleached my frickin' hair. Like, I don't look a mess, but I've been feeling really shit the past couple days, so I do apologise. I don't even listen to music anymore, my life is miserable. Sorry, didn't mean to spill it out, but writing about it has been the only thing keeping me the tiniest bit sane. AND UGH if Gabriel hadn't broke things off, it would have been our 27 months today. :((((((((


no event (ana's not going to the event on this day) | august 18th

Her breaths were catching up with him. Each moan she let out was yet another trigger for him to keep wanting it, to push inside her with all his strength and finish.

“Simon!” she screamed, her nails carving into his sweating back, her voice squeaky and rushed. She groaned uncontrollably and he sighed madly with her, pressing himself inside her for the last couple of strokes that really counted, and then he stopped, both of their lungs working to the maximum, their mouths dry from all the huffing.

He flipped on his back, staining his sheets with his sweat, looking dazed and tired. “I'm so glad you came, Ana.”

She looked at him, her eyes up in disbelief. Then they both laughed at the joke he just unknowingly placed himself into. “Oh, you know what I mean. I'm glad you came by today.”

“Me too, Simon.” She got up quickly to use the bathroom and then changed. For the last five days, she and Simon were busy with fittings, back and forth to their homes and to their clients. Simon's flat was much closer to their separate fittings and castings, so he let her keep some of her clothes in one of his unused drawers. Needless to say, it looked as if there might be something between them besides friendship and sex.

Ana came closer to Simon who was sitting up on the bed putting his shirt on.

“C'mere, you,” he said, grabbing Ana by the waist and pulling her close to him. His face angled upwards and Ana leaned down to kiss him on the lips. “You are cute in just your underwear. You should just go out like that always.”

Ana managed a chuckle. “Always? Wouldn't you be jealous of all the men who will stare?” She lifted a brow.

“Not at all, because I know they won't compare to me,” he answered proudly.

Still, something in that sentence made Ana feel uneasy. She left his arms and prodded towards the dresser and put on her Rag & Bone shorts. “Come on, we should get riding before the clouds come in groups.”


Simon lived in New York. Most, if not all, of Ana's castings were in New York, of course, one of the fashion capitols in the world. Even though NEXT Model Management was her LA agency, stopping by in New York and staying at Simon's after a fitting gave her an excuse to visit Donny from time to time. Not that she was all too thrilled with seeing him, since, like Siri, he would always remind her how many weeks or months she had left until her passport expired. It wasn't the highlight of her day to see him, but she did miss his sass.

“Ana V, you look way too calm for a girl in your situation.” He shook his head disapprovingly.

“Well, it's nice to see you, too, Don,” she greeted as she hugged him. Simon and Ana rode their bikes to the IMG agency so Ana could stop by.

He cracked a smile. “God, I missed you. And it's nice to see you, Simon.”

“Thanks, you as well.” Simon nodded in acknowledgment. It was a little awkward for the both of them because Simon's New York agency was Soul Artist Management and IMG wanted Simon signed with them in the beginning of his modelling career, but he chose another agency. “I'll have to use the restroom now, excuse me.”

As Simon left the main room, Donny waved his hand like a fan around his face. “Oh honey, you are NOT doing Simon Nessman!” He rolled his eyes in ecstacy.

“There's a lot we haven't been catching up with together.”

“Obvi!” He giggled, then stopped short and came closer, his voice hushed. “Is this for real, though? Like, is he the one?” His eyes widened infinitesimally.

Ana bit her lip and gave him a confused look. “I really don't know, Donny, but we connect.”

Donny quieted his voice further so that the other staff wouldn't overhear. “Is that connection going to get you married in a few weeks, Ana V?”

Ana shrugged, looking almost as worried as Donny.

“The time is ticking. If you can't find a husband soon, say bye-bye to Givenchy.”


Ana left the building more worried than she thought she'd be. They went to Central Park so they could relax, but Ana wasn't sure it would help much. Simon found a bench to sit on overlooking the lake, and Ana walked off to the side to talk to Siri for a while. As she hung up, she paused mid-stride before reaching Simon, whose back was facing her.

Is it him? she asked herself. Is he the one? Will I take those steps to the altar with him?

Doubt started creeping onto her neck and tried to drown her in questions. Simon was adorable—he was a really good guy. But what was to become of them?

“You alright, sweetheart?” someone asked. A very familiar voice. So familiar, Ana heard it every night in her dreams.

She turned around and, of course, there he was, the nameless man with the tall figure standing before her. She wrinkled her nose.

“What?” he asked at her expression, coming closer.

“I really need a nickname for you. I honestly can't be bothered to remember your name.”

He put a hand on his heart, feigning disappointment. “Ouch. That hurt a bit.” She rolled her eyes. “What brings you to the Big Apple?”

“Business. Fashion week is soon, you know,” she replied.

“Ah, yes. Ana V, the strutting model.”

Ana smirked. “Business for you too, I assume? Or do you just travel the States to look for a hobby other than following me around?”

“Ha, following you around? What makes you say that?”

“I don't know,” she said, “maybe because I've been seeing you far too often.”

“And I thought we might have been friends once.” There was a hidden delivery with the way he said “friends” and “once” that he made sure she got, which gave her small shivers in the back of her neck. “You're not glad to see me right now?” The look on his face was immaculate; full of cockiness and playfulness, but not overdoing it. It was like Ana's first impression of him at his beach party.

As Ana was about to give him a smile, Simon came along. “Ana, is everything okay? You were gone for a long time.”

Both Ana and Eden looked his way, a bit out of sorts from him interrupting their conversation. “Oh, sorry, uh, Simon, this is...” Ana looked curiously at the man in front of her, still unsure of his name.

“Uh, Eden Robertson,” he finished for her, giving her a demanding look before shaking Simon's hand.

“Eden, right.” Ana pursed her lips and nodded. “And Eden, this is my...” She stopped herself immediately. She wasn't sure what her and Simon were, in all honesty, but what stopped her was that she didn't want Eden to think they were associated intimately, which confused her as to why she would have that thought.

“Simon,” he introduced himself, not catching Ana's hesitation. It was then that Ana noticed Simon's hand was around her waist as he shook Eden's hand. “Yeah, I remember you at the party—Ollie's party.”

So much for Ana not wanting to associate herself with Simon in front of Eden. Of course he'd seen them together at the party—the first time Simon and her got in bed together.

“Ah, yes, I thought you looked familiar,” Eden said in return, his eyes focused on where Simon's hands were. “Well, I'd better be heading off. You two enjoy your afternoon.”

“Thanks, man, you too,” Simon welcomed.

Before he turned to walk away, Eden faced Ana. “You know, you should really learn my name. It'd be a little less hurtful the next time we see each other.”

Ana tilted her head slightly to the side. “And what makes you think we'll see each other again?”

Eden didn't answer, instead just smiling assertively, his eyes seducing her in the most unnoticeable way, then walked off.

“Hmpf.” Ana turned to walk back to the bench with Simon, but couldn't help but look back, only to see Eden doing the same.

- Ana


Type “eight” if you read all that.
So this basically explains where Ana's been, why she hasn't been very many places/events, etc. And I'm looking at Simon Nessman interviews on Youtue to get a better depiction of him so I can write about him and omfg he is really fucking adorable like I'm going to hate myself because I'll have to break his heart in the story >.< And that picture of him in the set ugh.
Anyway, I might not be writing too much. Basically, I'm the happiest I've been since the “break-up” so that's why I feel a /little/ bit of inspiration to write, but I'll go back to my dark hole soon enough :/

So please, don't hesitate to include Ana in your stories, etc. Thanks.

♡ Pirate Joyce
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