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what: kids vs. cancer gala | july 27th

{Even though Ana WILL NOT be there, it's still on the day of the event! And this is a collab with @nifty-nikki}

The phone meowed, surprising Ana. It was supposed to be her lazy day, going out and having a couple of drinks to ease away the last few days. The photo shoot somehow took a lot from her, so when she answered, she sounded a little tired. 

"Hello?" she asked. Ana kept forgetting that there was a caller ID on the screen. 

"Hey, Ana," replied a small voice. 

"Char!" Ana said in excitement. Charlotte Dimond was one of Ana's good friends, and she was a party rat—she was perfect for tonight. 

Char laughed on the receiver. "You're probably the only person left actually happy to hear from me."

"Do not be silly, love, you are fun to be around. What is on your mind?" Ana asked, wondering what Char had called for.

She sighed. "I'm basically just waiting for an opportunity. Any plans tonight?" 

Ana smiled. Tonight, she could feel, was going to be one of the best nights she'd have out in the city. She was planning on going with Siri out to the bars to drink away her worries, but Siri wasn't into that 'wild' sort of thing, and with Char suddenly popping up, her thrill enhanced inside her and she was starting to feel hear heart beat faster, not being able to wait to get the night started.

"Yes! Meet me at seventh street, there's a bar called Seven Grand! Dress nice, we're going to meet some very interesting people!"

Ana instantly fluffed up her appearance and headed for the bar. It was only a block away from her apartment, so it was a quick walk. She decided to get her usual whiskey until Char showed up. The bartender, Devin, gave her sexual looks, but instead of Ana getting offended by it, she simply smiled back. After all, he had always been serving her alcohol without questioning her age. It sometimes worried her that she looked too old and that people took advantage of her innocence.

Innocence? Ana thought in her head, the mouthful of whiskey downing her throat and breathing fire to her lungs. What innocence? I barely even knew the guy, yet I had sex with him twice in less than a week. What innocence do I have?

Ana shook her head, hoping the sudden movement would dizzy her and force her out of her negative thoughts.

A couple of minutes later, Ana saw a figure move toward her with a gown meant for a queen. Her eyes widened with awe and confusion. “When I said dress nice, I didn'€™t mean black tie!” Ana settled down her drink, trying to breath accurately from the burning in her mouth. “€œYou make me look underdressed.” Ana did a quick one-two of herself in the mirror to the right, her party dress tight and casual—then saw the princess next to her. She smiled at that.

“Well I'm just overdressed, then,” she murmured. “What's good here?”

“I just ordered a whiskey. Hmm, what was the name?” Ana wondered, her nails making wooden sounds on the bar. She also wondered if this was her first or second whiskey of the night.

Char looked impatient, getting a few of the bartenders' eyes. “What's the best, strongest whiskey you've got?” she asked.

“C.C. Jack,” Devin and Ana answered in tandem. “I had a C.C. Jack,” Ana continued, lifting her drink to Char and drinking.

“I'll have one of those.” Char was handed her drink and as quickly as it appeared in her hand, it was gone in the same instant.

Ana chortled softly. “Damn, girl. What's eating at you?” She lifted her eyebrows.


After a few drinks, Ana was a little past tipsy. She could sense that Charlotte was getting there, too. They switched from whiskey to taking a couple shots within two to three hours, which was quite responsible of them, and then now they were onto beers and actually having a bean dip.

Ana had Eden on her mind all day, on and off, off and on. It was impossible to think about anything else when there was a sort of guilt in her stomach. It felt like the thoughts were eating away at her flesh, so her intoxicated mind told her that it was okay to spill it out.

"Y'know, I might have a thing for someone." Regret instantly consumed her as she uttered the words. "I mean, not a thing," she slurred, still unsure if she should be saying these things aloud. "I mean, like, y'know, a thing?" 

Char looked at her and just smiled. "Ana, I can't understand that. Don't be throwing puzzles at me—I'm not sober enough for that." She took a tiny sip of her beer. "But who is it?" 

Ana giggled, which she so often did when she was drunk. "Remember that beach party?”

Char nodded slowly, waiting for Ana to get to the point. A few seconds passed until she connected the pieces together. "Holy shit, Ana, Eden Robertson? Like, the guy that you had sex with? The owner of the beach house? The—"

"Shh!" Ana scolded, not wanting her to get too loud, or else someone would inform the magazines and rumours about it would be up by tomorrow. "How did you know we had sex?" she asked her, completely blindsided. 

Char rolled her eyes. "I don't think there was a person there who couldn't hear you both. Plus, it was suspicious when you two left the house to join the rest of us at the same time, after being gone awhile." 

Ana blushed, embarrassed. "I had a shoot with him the other day," she revealed.

"Oh yeah?"

"Mhm." Ana looked up at the corner of the ceiling, thinking. "Yep." She finished her beer. "He took me to his house after that." 

Char almost spit out her drink. "What the fuck? Are you guys a thing now?"

"No!" She yelled, having various bar-goers give her the eye. "No! We just had a fling, and then another fling after that. That's the last of it, I promise."

"Mm, yeah right."

"I can't stop thinking about him, though. It's very strange."

"You're strange. Just hook up. You never know what might become of it."

Ana laughed. "How are you sober enough to give me words of wisdom?" To that, Char chuckled a little. "And you? Any man in /your/ life?" 

She just took a breath and finished her beer, clearly thinking of a way to respond. "No, no men in my life. Just a casual fuck-buddy as you would call him.” She eyed Ana suspiciously, but Ana ignored it.

Eden's no fuck-buddy, Ana said in her head. He was a man who she willingly let into her very personal space—a man who she could never remember his name. But no, she thought, no thinking about him. Char has something on her mind, and I must be a good friend.

“Awh,” Ana replied, finally thinking of something to say. “You like him more than that?” she asked, poking at her arm in a teasing manner. Ana could sense there was a lot of emotion in Char that was tied to this “fuck-buddy” of hers, but Ana didn't want to say too much about it, or there might have been an argument that needn't be there.

She shook her head. “No,” she said matter-of-fact, which surprised Ana. “I was supposed to go to that gala thing tonight, hence the gown.” Her voice came off as a little acidic nearing the end.

“Well, you must be more than friends, then,”Ana said. Ana had never been invited to a classy event by any of her actor one-night-stands. When she was with James Franco, she had been to many events, but Char wasn't even “with” the guy and he invited her. It must have been a very strong connection between the two of them.

She shook her head once more. “No, I told you that we're just friends,” she insisted.

“With benefits, may I point out.” Ana pointed her finger.

“Whatever.” Char muttered, rolling her eyes. “And how is that different from you and your fuck-buddy?” she retorted.

Is that what Ana was doing? Friends with benefits with that Eden character? But wait, they'd have to be friends for that to happen. All she knew about him was that he was a big-time Hollywood manager; that, and his name, every so often.

“Let's take a walk around, huh? Order a couple more beers and then get wasted on the streets?” Ana suggested, wanting not to remember anything when she woke up the next morning.

“Fine by me,” Char said, calling the bartenders back.

Throughout the night, Ana was correct from the beginning. They did meet a lot of interesting people.

- Ana


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