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Opium’s story also part one: http://www.polyvore.com/theres_gonna_be_girlfight_cdn/set?id=56609269

Crazy Days and Nights
Charlotte Dimond

August 15, 2012 ǀ new beds

Wiggling my body, I feel another body. My eyes haven’t yet opened so it’s still darkness behind my lids. My hands move down to feel the sheets and my bare body. So it was another fun filled night. But as I rub the sheets between my fingers, realization hits me; this isn’t a bed. The sheets are a stranger’s. Foreign, different, out of place. 

Where the fu.ck am I?

My eyelids shoot open and adjust to the little light seeping through the curtains. Taking in my surrounds, I notice that there is no bed. I’m not even on a bed. I’m squished between this unfamiliar body and the pillows of the couch. There’s barely any room between us if any at all. Taking the blanket between two fingers, I pull it up and see that he’s naked as well, and notice that he’s…well built.

“Hmmmm,” this brown haired mystery man grumbles sticking one hand behind his head. 

The hand next to me tries to move but I’m sitting on it. Slowly his eyes open up and bewilderment fills his chocolate brown eyes. He doesn’t utter a word but looks from me to the blanket back to me. The cogs of his mind work at overdrive as he puts the pieces together.

“For fu.cks sake, we had sex,” I mutter resting my forearms on his chest. By now, I’m laying on top of him with the blanket covering my a.ss while my back is totally exposed. He moves under me and his ‘spear’ hardens.

“This early in the morning?” I tease looking down and biting my lip.

He chuckles. “It’s not my fault I have a beautiful woman lying on top of me,” he compliments running his fingers across my shoulder blades. 

Shuddering in delight, I inch up to plant a small kiss on his lips. My head moves back an inch still hovering over his face. This time he moves up to kiss me on the lips, but pulls me back down to kiss me even harder. His hands slip into my blonde locks while my hands rest at the sides of his head. The couch makes things so much tighter but so much easier. He pauses for a minute to catch his breath, which allows me to look around. An opened condom rapper rests on the coffee table. Thank God.

“I’m hungry,” I say bluntly sitting up and straddling his chest.

Slipping a hand behind his head, he gives me a cheeky smile. “Well, go make it.”

My eyes widen. “Excuse me, isn’t this your place? The host should make breakfast.”

He raises an eyebrow. “Oh really? How often do you make breakfast for your suitors?”

“Never actually. They’re gone by the time I’m up or I’m gone before they even wake up.”

He props himself up. “So I should consider myself lucky that you’re gracing me with your presence this early?”

I bite my lip suggestively and run my hands over his washboard abs. “Why yes you should,” I retort before slipping slowly off him. 

He shudders in appreciation and watches me carefully as I slip on my VS panties and work on my strapless bra. Once it’s on, I look back at the couch and enjoy his nude form. He’s just as handsome as Mike, if just a little less. As I reach over for his dress shirt, I bend over giving him a complete show of my front assets. He chuckles still watching me as I button the shirt slowly.

“What is this? Silk?” I question rubbing it between my fingers.

“Very good,” he remarks getting up and heading for his bedroom. He disappears for a few minutes, but a few minutes is all I need.

Looking towards the table by the front door, there’s a picture of him with another woman. Walking towards it, the woman’s face becomes familiar. It’s Bria. Bria the bittch. I would recognize her anywhere. As I’m analyzing the frame in my hands, I see two names engraved on it. Hers and his; Caleb.

“What’dya have there?” he asks heading towards me. I quickly rest the picture frame picture down and turn to face him.

“You’re with Bria,” I state keeping as much disgust out of it as I can.

“No, I’m not. She’s a friend that I tend to sleep with.”

I giggle out. Bria landed this guy? Really? What does he see in her? He could do so much better.

“And I just slept with you…” I trail off putting everything together.

Bria’s slept with him and I’ve slept with him that means I practically slept with her. EWWWW!

“EWWWW!!!” I scream throwing my head back. “Ewww, ewwww, ewww!”

“What’s wrong?” He rushes toward me and rests his hands on my arms. I shake them off knowing they have touched Bria in places that I don’t want to think about.

“What the fu.ck happened last night?” I question taking a step back.

He looks down then back at me. “Well you and Bria got into some fight after you sent me a wink and she sent your date a wink. The other guy and I separated the two of you, and I went back to lecture Bria, which she in turn just left me. That’s when I found you and we talked. Not too long after we ended up here and I fixed your dress. You ended up not needing it since we slept together.”

I shudder again; this time not in delight. Ew. This is disgusting. I can barely process it. I mean, Caleb’s hot and great in bed, but he slept with Bria too. She would accuse me of sloppy seconds, which I do not do. Or, I might sleep with someone, but it’s never sloppy, only classy.

“Are you kidding me? Are you fu.cking kidding me?” I yell out.

“Is that a rhetorical question?” He pops in.

“Of course it is,” I growl reaching for the door.

“If you ever need a modeling gig, let me know. I could use some models,” he calls after me. I’m already halfway down the hall way and into the elevator. I want to get as far from that place as I can.

“Taxi!” I whistle and one pulls over for me. I rattle off my address and let him carry me home.

Ew, technically I shared the same man with Bria, a man I didn’t sleep with first. Ew. Pulling out my cell phone, I dial Mike’s number, but it goes straight to voicemail. Weird, he usually picks up within the first couple rings. I try again but it’s the same result. He must have left it away from the bed. 

After I pay the driver, I go straight to my room and yank off this shirt. I contemplate throwing it away, but choose to keep it in case I need it in my fight against Bria. After tossing it on my dresser, I collapse onto my bed and call up Ana. I need a girls’ night out pronto.

Not just for my mental health but for my emotional state. I just want to scream and break things. Having fun will loosen me up and I’ll go boxing later this week to get out more pent up emotion.

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