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Crazy Days and Nights
Charlotte Dimond

August 5, 2012 

what: bellamy’s birthday
when: august fifth
place: her house
attire: old hollywood
other: start the month off right with a huge birthday bash for the former nick star. though after what we’ve been hearing about her, it might be wise to expect something a little crazy.

Megan looks me up and down for a second then she motions for me to twirl. I give a quick spin before stopping to glare at her. This little moment probably will make me late to Bells birthday.

“You look stunning, m’dear,” she says in a fake accent.

I roll my eyes and pick up my clutch off the table. “Thanks doll. The dress is on loan from a friend.”

She snorts. “A friend you most certainly screwed to get.”

“It was more like let him kiss me and caress things puppies,” I point to my chest, “and I could have it. Who knew designers could be so desperate,” I explain nonchalantly.

“Well you have fun! Don’t get in too much trouble,” Megan calls sound like my mother.

“You sound more and more like my mother each day!” I exclaim closing the door behind me, not bothering to wait for her reaction.

Bellamy is throwing a huge birthday bash today. It’s old Hollywood, hence my curve hugging lace dress. I almost went for a more modern number, but chose to go classy and dress like a lady. The dress reminds of me of something Grace Kelly might wear or Audrey Hepburn.

Bellamy (@coriiiii ) always threw the best parties. I knew her from my early days of partying, before I got into the money pits/rinks. I suppose one night we met and clichéd. I honestly have no idea because I have no recollection of meeting her except when she bounded up next to me and said ‘hey drinker.’ Ever since then, we’ve been friends, not necessarily close friends but good enough friends to enjoy a drink or two.

As I walk into her beautiful home, I search for her. I personally want to wish her a happy birthday and give her the gift I got. It’s a set of shot glasses with her name engraved on them as well as a funny quote she has said. Each has a different quote since she says a lot of shitt.

“Char!” She sees me first, damnit.

“Hi Bells, happy birthday!” I exclaim giving her a huge hug.

She returns the hug before stepping back. “My, my, Char, you look so regal! And you pinned back your curls!” She compliments before going on and on about a few other things. Oh dear, she probably took another sniff of something.

I cut her off mid-rant, “Bells, did you…” I make a snorting noise.

“Of course not! How could you accuse me of that on my own birthday!” She fires back, but I know it’s her defensive mechanism. She did sniff, but I’m not going to push it.

“My bad, sorry. Here’s your gift. You’ll get plenty of use from it.” I wink and she tears it open immedatiely.

“I LOVE THEM!!!” She shouts jumping in glee. Her dress bounces around her, mimicking her bubbly personality. She runs off to give them to the bartender, and I bolt the other way looking for someone with a drink they would be willing to share. Hopefully, Bells has an open bar or else I won’t be drinking.

“Well, you actually didn’t dress like a slu.t,” Cat (@luxecouture )purrs from beside me. She’s holding a glass filled with something red so I know not to provoke her; this dress cannot be ruined.

“Nice to see you too, Cat,” I say cordially trying to keep this as pleasant as possible.

She raises an eyebrow, no doubt wondering why I didn’t say something witty, and takes her dramatic exit holding a little white bag. Hmmm….what could Cat be up to?

The bar looks very appealing right now, but I don’t want to embarrass myself by asking if it’s an open bar. I think about it for a few more seconds before throwing all caution out the window. The bartender probably won’t remember that I asked after taking a look at me. As I begin my trek, something runs into me.

“Opps, sorry,” the super skinny girl says with a class in hand. Stepping back, I run my hands over my dress to examine it. Phew, no spill.

I look down at her and study her. She’s skinny, a little too skinny for any normal girl. Most women I see have meat on their bones, but she looks so frail and fragile. 

Must be a model.

“Are you a model?” I blurt out looking at her from head to toe.

She blushes playing the fabric on her dress. “No, I could never be one. I’m a singer,” she states, her eyes looking around frantically. Wonder what’s eating at her. Maybe it’s because I look like an amazon woman, towering over at her.

Silence rests between us and I decide to reach out first.

“Charlotte. Feel free to call me Char though,” I introduce myself, offering her a hand.

She shakes it, trying to make her bangles cover her wrists. Hmmm….

“Scout, nice to meet you Charlotte,” she returns smiling.

I smile back before excusing myself and heading straight for the bar. God, Scout’s so skinny. She makes me look like a cow. As soon as I reach the wooden table top of the bar, I bark my drink order to the mixoligist and wait for it to come up.

So many people here, yet not really. So many people feel foreign and unknown that I don’t know who to talk to first. Plus, any hot guy I’ve seen has been attached to some girl clinging desperately to him. Parker must be here.

As the bartender makes my drink, I notice Ana sitting at the bar, her head in her hands. I make my way over to her and tap her on the shoulder.

“Mike, I’m not in the mood for game. Go find some other…” She says as she raises her head. As soon as our eyes lock, she shuts up and covers her mouth.

“Oh, sorry. I thought you were this guy that was hitting on me earlier,” she explains.

Mike, my Mike? Did she mean the Mike that I usually take home at the end of the night when there’s no new victim?

“No need to explain,” I reply tersely. I’m not mad at her, rather Mike for some odd reason. He’s known for sleeping around, as am I, yet him hitting on Ana got to me.

She puts her hands up defensively. “What’s gotten into you?”

“Nothing, that’s the problem. I need my drinks. Care to join me?” I ask as the bartender slides a tray of shots towards us.

She ponders for second before nodding. “Let’s get hammered!” She yells taking the first shot.

The two of us continue our charade of drinking the shots until the bartender cuts us off. We run around to the other side and order a couple more rounds until that bartender cuts us off. Damn, we’ve exhausted all our tools.

By this point, we’re beyond hammered. Usually we can handle our liquor and stay sane and all, but I’m back to tripping and slurring my words while she can barely compose a complete sentence.

“Char, we totally…whoa, what’s that?!” she points to someone walking towards us. My brain can’t make out who he is, but my eyes definitely like what they see.

“Hello ladies,” the voice purrs pulling us close. Mmm, he smells like something delicious and worth kissing.

“Hello,” Ana returns first trailing her fingers on his arm. 

He pays no attention to her, rather putting all his attention on me. His hands travel along my thigh, definitely disappointed that it’s a floor length dress, while his other hand twirls a stray piece of hair. 

This continues on for a while until Ana slips away undectected. She leaves me with this mysterious guy that I can’t seem to remember.

“Hmmm, let’s go finished what we started,” he whispers and the memory hits me.

The bathroom. The hand. The counter.

All of it.

I push back through my drunkenness and stand up, practically falling over. Ash tries to pull me back but I shake him off.

“Baby, you know you want me,” he teases chuckling after him.

Screw him for trying to get me at my most vulnerable state.

Fu.ck him is what I should say.

“I’d rather be eaten by some monstrous unicorn then sleep with you,” I say, trying to add as much acid as I could. 

Not the best comeback, but alcohol affects everyone my dears.

I stumble towards another part of the bar and find Mike hitting on some girl at the bar. Looking around, there are no hot guys in the bar. They’ve all been scooped up by someone smarter who didn’t get completely wasted.

“Mike,” I hear myself calling. 

He turns on his heel and walks straight toward me, leaving the girl at the bar alone. As he gets closer, I realize he’s as drunk as I am. 

Tonight’s about to be fun night.

“Let’s go,” I whisper pulling him towards the door. 

We hail a taxi and go back to his place. We would have walked it, but I am way too drunk and the dress would most likely tear. All the way to his place, Mike has his lips plastered to my neck, leaving little kiss everywhere. Hickeys will no doubt be there in the morning.

“Thank you,” I tell the taxi driver trying to speak clearly and coherently. He just chuckles, takes the money and drives off. He no doubt snuck a few glances in the review mirror.

“Let’s go,” Mike whines trying to pull me up the stairs to his door. He ends up tripping and falling flat on his face.

I burst out laughing hysterically running past him until I reach the top of the stairs. He follows running his head.

“Fu.ck,” he mutters rubbing the spot.

“Poor baby,” I console kissing the spot. 

His hands spin me around and pull the zipper down slowly. I step out of the dress and grab it from his hands. I toss it on his couch so it’s not to get ruined. Once it lands, Mike scoops me up and carries me to the bed, picking up exactly where we left last night.

Type: goodbye London

I still have yet to watch the opening ceremonies.
Oh well, those come before closing.

And hopefully I got everyone right in their characters(:]
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Wrote 4 years ago
@sophiaspastic [thanks!]
same to you
@luxecouture [thank you soooo much! haha]
takes one to know one
@opium-glitter-guns [thank you!]
char char? looks like you just went back to first grade.
and wannabe actresses like yourself who look at us weekly are vain and shallow
i left early?
i think /you/ did

Wrote 4 years ago
goodbye london. love this.
well these clingy girlfriends need to chill. I didn't even go to pick someone up.
xx, parker

Wrote 4 years ago
(goodbye london)
You left early. Gosh, I really need to stop drinking so much that I can't remember shit. -.-
- Ana

Wrote 4 years ago
GODBEY LONDON> Also goodbye london -.- i lvoe this and missed her and but no hannha comment


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