Crazy Days+Nights
Charlotte Dimond

july 30, 2012
what: olly newman’s birthday
place: the Edison
attire: wear white
other: when the most successful music producer in los angeles invites you to his whitewash 25th, you don’t say no. only the crème de la crème of the city will be here – did you make the cut?

White exposes everything. 

It shows off not only your body imperfections, but it also exposes who’s not worthy of wearing white and who is. I know with my reputation, everyone would be saying that I don’t deserve to done the color, while someone like Lucy (@sky-rocketer) has every right to wear the color. However, with the recent news articles, not everyone will think white is her color.

Olly Newman’s White Party. I’m not gonna lie, I was shocked to receive the invitation in the mail. I’ve seen him at a couple of New York Fashion weeks, but other than that, I haven’t seen him except at parties. We’ve talked here and there, mostly exchanging witty comments, but we never talked for more than ten minutes.

By the time I arrive, most of the people are already drinking and flirting. I’m late, very late by my standards. Most people are standing around mingling while waiters dressed in all white walk around with trays of drinks. From red wine to champagne, Olly went all out for this.

A couple yards down, I see Winter (@jolieenrose ) talking with Atlanta (@hello-bombshell ). I begin my trek towards them so I can tell them what Bria (@opium-glitter-guns ) said. A little bird told me that she talked shitt about me at the gala and that some of my ‘best friends’ fed her some [false] information. God, she’s just a lying attention

As I walk towards them, someone calls me back. I turn back to see Ana standing there. I’ll admit that I was hoping it was someone else, but more on that later.

“What is it, Ana?” I question.

“Can you do me a quick favor?” Ana asks softly, pointing to her left where Eden stands. I follow the direction of her hand. “Whenever you can, text me if he is ten feet away from me, okay? I don't want another repeat.” I nod and head off.

When I turn back, it’s just Winter standing there sipping on a flute of champagne. I haven’t seen her in a while since I didn’t go to the gala. In the back of my mind, I wonder if she told Bria about VS.

“Winter!” I exclaim giving her a small hug.

“What’s up darling?” She holds out darling until she runs out of breath.

I look around and lean forward. “I’m going to cut to the chase. Did you tell Bria about my standing at VS?”

Winter gasps and puts her hand to her chest. “Of course not. I would never to that. I wouldn’t tell Bria something like that. How could you think that?”

I sigh, brushing some hair out of my face. “I’m sorry. I just had to make sure because she knew somehow.”

“Well, don’t look at me,” Winter retorts sipping her alcohol.

“Sorry for ever questioning you,” I say patting her on the shoulder. I look over my shoulder and see Bria walk into the room. She’s even more late than me and wearing something even more sluttier. Well, well, look at what the cat dragged in.

I watch as Bria saunters around like a cat looking for her next victim. As soon as she moves to the back of the room, I dart to the security guards at the door.

“Excuse me, excuse me,” I say frantically yanking at his white jacket.

He tries to push me back. “Miss, we’re working here. You can’t have us protect you from a guy,” he mutters trying to shake me off.

“No, no, it’s not a guy. That girl back there,” I point toward Bria, “is using everyone. She’s a theif, pickpocketer.” I continue to ramble about Bria making up lies on the spot. God, whoever says models can’t act are wrong.

“Miss, miss, we will take care of it.” He whispers something into his ear piece and multiple guys start toward her. 

I step away from the main security guy and start towards the crowd, but I don’t make it in time. Bria catches my eye and sends me the death glare as security drags her out. I can’t stop smirking as I watch her get thrown out. That’s what you get for messing with me, I think. Don’t poke a sleeping bear.

“Nice work,” a smoky voice whispers in my ear. Spinning around, Luke stands there, his white suit accentuating his tan.

“You saw that?” I question immediately regretting it.

He shakes his head. “Why else would I say nice work?” he teases grabbing a flute off a waiter’s tray.

“Whatever,” I mumble crossing my arms across my chest. I take a quick sweep of the view and see Eden right behind Ana (@piratevampiresuperjoyce ). I send her a quick text and wait to see what happens.

“Not so talkative today,” Luke states, taking my attention off Ana for a couple seconds. 

However, in those two seconds, Ana trips over a waiter and gets red wine all over her gorgeous dress. Eden’s right behind her, no doubt making some snarky comments. Crap, I should run over to her, but Simon looks like he has everything taken care of and are already leaving. Damn it, I missed my chance.

“Oooo, Mama always said never wear white and drink red wine,” Luke comments setting the empty class on a tray. He plays with the cuffs of his jacket waiting for me to say something.

“My mama always said that too, but I never listened. Never wore white,” I admit picking up a glass of champagne. What is this my fourth or fifth? I should be tipsy by normal standards, but champagne is so lightweight now.

“Why? You look ravishing in it,” he compliments laying on the thick southern charm. Southern boys know exactly what to say.

“Well thank you,” I reply in a Southern accent.

He chuckles. “There’s that accent!” He remarks smiling. I’m about to say something when he excuses himself from our conversation. Another girl must have caught his eye.

I start for some of the chairs when I see Hannah (@elizabeth-kate ) sipping on a glass of white wine. Something seems so somber about her. I’ve heard she’s been wanting to try and start a solo career, but she hasn’t had much support. It’s not just that though. I think it’s been the stuff with Steane. Just recently, photographers caught her and him arguing on the streets. She turns and our eyes lock. I give a respectful nod and a small wave, which she returns.

“Lovely shoes, Dorothy,” someone whispers in my ear, causing me to jump practically five feet in the ear.

Spinning around, Mike stands there looking quiet dapper in his white suit, hugging every toned muscle in his body. Shitt, I can’t be thinking this. I’m pissed at him, not giddy to see him here. He stood me up at the gala event and didn’t call once over the weekend to explain himself.

Now you might wonder why I care so much. Most people might just let it go or call the person themselves, but I’m not that type of person. Mike is one of my very good friends so he should have called and explained himself.

“I’m not talking to you right now,” I mutter punching him in the arm glaring at him.

He rubs the spot where I punched him. “Ow, that actually hurt. What’s got into you?”

“What’s got into you?!” I exclaim earning a couple glances from around the rooms. “You know what, meet me at my place after the party.” With that, I storm away and go find someone to drink with.

---later that night---

“Alright, I’m here. What do you want?” Mike demands as I open the door for him.

“ you. you!” I scream and repeat a couple more times. I’m standing barefoot while he towers over me. This confrontation isn’t exactly perfect.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with you?!” I point from me to him “First off, you ditch me at the gala and I have to hear about it from Megan. You don’t even have the decency to call me and let me know? I get that we’re friends, but you still have to tell me yourself.”

Mike’s walking towards me now, but not saying a word.

“Seriously, Mike. We’re supposed to be better fri-” Mike smashes his lips to mine cutting me off.

His hands push their way into the mane of my hair and he pushes me back against the wall. I wrap my arms around his neck deepening the kiss. My hands go from his neck to the side of his face feeling every inch of his stubble. God, why does Mike have to be so hot. I push him back and separate myself from him, allowing him to watch as I saunter to the doorframe to my bedroom.

“You suck, Mike. You really do,” I tease leaning against it. I cross my arms over my chest, practically pushing up my boobs and giving him a better show.

He groans and throws his hands up. “I’m sorry I didn’t call you, alright? I felt bad enough for standing you up and I was too afraid to call…”

“Tsk, tsk. Because I looked really good Friday night in my gown. You missed out,” I comment trying to get him all hot and bothered. Twirling a piece of my blonde hair, I wait for him to make a move.

I don’t have to wait long enough because Mike’s swooping me up, unzipping me and throwing me onto the bed in a matter of seconds. His hands run all over me and I on him. We’re kissing each other all over until he slides off the thong and the race begins.

Hot, angry se.x is the best kind of se.x, even if it’s with a friend.

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