March into the Sea -Modest Mouse

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marianne kinney
age: 17
hometown: pagosa springs, colorado
talent: singing, songwriting, banjo, ukulele
bio: marianne isn’t exactly like the other girls. and she’s okay with that. her instruments of choice and the banjo and ukulele, though she’ll try anything that’s unusual. marianne's parents never grew out of the hippie phase, and have had a big influence on their daugher’s musical style. she's not as straight country as the other girls, incorporating a lot of folk influence. her offbeat style annoys the girls, who don’t like anything that’s too different, and it enrages them that the judges seem to find her so endearing. marianne just wants to play her music and make friends, but is anyone going to give her the time of day?
model: Sylvia Mann 
taken by: ToothlessDentist. Hopefully.

*Long useless story ahead*

The sunlight streaming through the trees was turning the world a light golden brown colour. It left me feeling romantic and wild. I took one last look around and then I let my body sink into the tall grass. It was my last night in the springs before I ran off to Nashville. The house was alive with three generations of Kinney’s; all the energy was making my skin buzz. From the backyard I could hear my mother and aunts in the kitchen and closer, I could hear my grandma and sister on the deck. All the men were probably down by the lake, trying to stay cool. 
There was a pretty nice breeze that was making the wind chimes which hung from some trees tinkle in a pleasant way. I absentmindedly wondered if I could use a xylophone or piccolo in my music. That would probably scare the country girls’ shiitless, but it could sound pretty cool. I’d have to remember to try it out. I made a mental checklist of all the instruments I was bringing with me; banjo, ukulele, tambourine, harmonica and a small set of hand drums. I certainly didn’t fit into the country girl box but to hell with it! And really who could be surprised, I grew up with a dad who played the freaking didgeridoo. Hmmm, I wonder if I could incorporate the didgeridoo...
“Mari! Food’s ready!” 
I was pulled out of my thoughts by the brash sound of my sister’s voice. I slowly opened my eyes, once again being greeted by the beautiful romantic light. I pushed myself upwards and wandered towards the deck. My whole family was spread out on the deck, talking and laughing. My sister shoved a heavy plate that was piled with pasta, bread and grilled veggies into my hands. 
“You’re an absolute angel Lou.” I stuck my tongue out at her in an affectionate way; she lightly slapped me on the head in return. I plopped down beside my brother, Liam and dug into my food.
“You take care of yourself, okay? Grandma’s gunna miss you.” My grandma wrapped her arms around me so fiercely I thought I would snap but I buried myself further into her embrace. To say I was going to miss her would be a gross understatement. We separated and with one last kiss on the forehead she hopped into the passenger seat of grandpa’s car. I watched them disappear down the road, the fading lights leaving everything dark. The house was quiet now; everyone had said their goodbyes then hit the road. Lou had gone out with her friends and Liam was down by the water with whatever girl he was seeing these days. I went around back and found the parents sitting on the deck. Tiny tea lights were illuminating their faces.
“Dinner was aces mom.” I leaned in close and kissed her forehead. 
“Anything for you kiddo.” She lightly held me to her for a moment then released me.
“It’s going to be strange not having you around the house, making music.” I looked over at my dad and he sort of looked like he was going to cry. I was absolutely a daddy’s girl; we were always making music together or hanging out by the lake. Dude was my rock. 
“Hey old man, don’t go soft on me.” I lightly punched him on the shoulder and then ruffled his hair. He looked like he was going to say something more but a noise from the back of the yard caught our attention.
I squinted my eyes and could make out a cluster of bodies. 
“Marriiiii come out and plaayyy!” Talia’s loud sultry voice filled the air then suddenly she was running towards me. She was all long limbs and sharp angles, her dark hair flying out behind her. She bounded up the stairs and wrapped her arms around me. Over her shoulder I could see Rory, Amanda, Kyle, Dillion and Will standing by the line of trees, waiting for us to come down. My people. 
“Peeettteee, allliiceeeee. Can I pretty please steal away Mari! I promise to keep her safe and have her home before sunrise!” Talia was sporting a huge pout, which was totally unnecessary; my parents were her biggest fan. Our mothers were best friends in high school and still were, Tal and I had been raised together. I was closer with her then I was with Lou or Liam, my own flesh and blood. 
“Oh scoot you crazy kids. Go have fun.” My mother playfully swatted us off the deck. I blew both my parents a kiss then raced down the grass towards my friends. 
“Some wine for the classy lady?” Rory shoved a half empty bottle of wine at me which I graciously expected. I took a generous gulp then passed the bottle back to her. She smiled wide and threw an arm around me. We were seated on the top of Kyle’s van, parked down by the river. The night sky was perfectly clear, I could see every star. And I could hear everything; Amanda, Dillion and Will splashing in the water, crickets in the grass, Kyle and Tal hooking up in the van. Life was funny. 
“I’m kind of scared shiitless to go...” I rested my head on Rory’s shoulder, she smelt like grilled cheese and strawberries. 
“That means it’s worth it then. Anything scary has to have an awesome payoff.” We were both silent for a long time and I could feel the wine making me sleepy. The night was stretching far away from me and I stopped being able to hold it. I curled up in a ball on top of the van and thinking this was the only place I really wanted to be.
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She looks cool! :-)

Wrote 5 years ago
very pretty!!



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