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[beware, its a long story!]

name; Scarlett Vargas
age; twenty two
job; crime scene investigator 
bio; scarlett’s new to the whole crime scene investigation world. fresh out of college and with stellar recommendations, she found her dream job in the nation’s capitol city. now she’s here it seems this poor girl can’t get a break. everyone’s calling rank over her and god knows how many times she’s gotten lost trying to find the lab. but despite all the hazing, she’s still loving her job even if it isn’t exactly what her debutant mother dreamed of her having. can this sweetheart prove to everyone that she’s where she belongs and earn some respect?
dating status; single
model; mila kunis 
taken by; open 

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I was sat at a random bar, down the street from where I was staying, nursing a double vodka, absent-mindedly circling the rim of the glass with my finger. With my eyes closed, I couldn't help but think how my day went. Sighing, I opened my eyes and knocked back the drink, placing the glass back down on the bar.
“Another?” My eyes shot up to the cute bartender who had been serving me my drinks. I nodded and looked away, turning around to scan the bar. It wasn't packed but it was hardly empty. There were enough people to keep the atmosphere laid back. Looking at all the smiling faces, eyes shining with laughter, I found myself feeling slightly jealous. These people had been to work, just like me except there was just one huge difference; they obviously had respect. Something which I lacked in my work place. 
“Here you go.” I turned back to the bar and gave the bartender a small smile.
“You look like you've had a rough day. Want to talk? Us bartenders are great listeners.” He gave a charming smile, making me do the same.
“It's a long and utterly depressing story. I don't wanna bore you.” He shrugged, that same charming smile on his face.
“Well, i'm here if you change your mind.” I nodded and he walked to the other end of the bar, serving another customer.

Looking into my second double vodka of the night, memories of the day came flooding back.


“” I mumbled, as I checked my watch.
I was 15 minutes late on my first day. 
Looking at the map I had been given, I tried to figure where I was but it was no use. Except for the fact I was in Washington D.C, I had no idea where I was. Hurrying down a busy street, I weaved in and out of people, hoping that I would spot the building I needed. But it didn't happen.
Standing on the side of the street, I flagged down a taxi, cursing myself for not doing it sooner. One stopped and I hopped in.
“Washington Crime Lab, please.” The driver nodded and I leant back in my seat, trying my best to calm my nerves and failing miserably.
10 minutes later and I arrived at a big, intimidating building. Not taking my eyes off it, I handed the driver some notes and got out, straining my neck as I took it all in. Taking a deep breath, I straightened up and headed inside, ready to face the music. 

The lift opened on the crime lab floor and I stepped out, completely in awe of the scene all around me. It was completely high tech and up-to-date. There were people every where, walking up and down, files in their hands and some of them with guns in their belts. Shaking my head, I quickly asked where the supervisors office was and followed the instructions, this time finally ending up in the right place. Knocking confidently on the door, I heard a feminine voice shout “come in” and I opened the door, revealing a gorgeous blonde sitting at a desk.
“I'm Scarlett Vargas, i'm the new cri-”
“The new crime scene investigator, I know. It's nice of you to show up.” I mentally cursed myself. I was already off to a bad start and I had even got to start working in the place.
“I'm sorry...?” I realised I didn't even know my supervisors name. I prayed that the ground would swallow me up there and then.
“Willows. Rachel Willows. So I see you haven't done your homework on the place. But your new, I suppose I should have expected it. Right. Here is your locker combo, go put your stuff in and meet me here to get your kit.” I nodded and hastily stood up, flying out of the room, before realising I didn't know where the locker room was. As I turned back, she had a small smile on her face.
“Go right and its your first right.” I nodded before following her directions, finding myself in the spacious locker room with two other women and a guy. I walked in, keeping my head down, only looking up to check the locker numbers.
“Oh, look. Its the newbie. Finally turned up, have you?” The guy said, laughing along with one of the girls. The other slapped him on the arm.
“Shut up Sam. Hey, you must be Scarlett Vargas, right?” I nodded. “Well, then ignore him and welcome to the team. I'm Rosalie Vera, this is Tinsley Bloom and this idiot is Sam Washington.” Neither Eric nor Tinsley smiled, instead they left the Locker room, laughing under their breaths. I felt out of place already.
“Don't worry about them, they're idiots. They forget they were new once upon a time.” I smiled at Rosalie. She was kind and I was grateful there was someone who seemed to like me. I found my locker and put my bag and coat in, closing it after me.
“Where have you got to go next?”
“Back to the supervisors office.” She gave me big smile.
“well come on then, i'll take you back.” I smiled gratefully and went with Rosalie, talking with her about where I was from and what college I went to. Reaching Rachel's office, Rosalie opened the door, motioning for me to follow her in.
“Well, I see you've met Rosalie. Here's your kit. We have a call out so you and Rosalie are going to go. Rosalie will show you the ropes.” We both nodded and walked back out of the office.
“Are you ready for your first crime scene?” I nodded unsurely.
“Yeah.” She smiled and I knew she didn't believe me.
“Come on then.”

“What have we got?” A tall guy turned around, dressed in a suit, with a badge and gun in his belt.
“What looks like a mugging gone wrong. The victim was impaled on a railing after what looks like a struggle. She died instantly.” Rosalie nodded.
“Jim, this is Scarlett Vargas, new crime scene investigator. Scarlett, this is Detective Jim Brass.” I smiled and shook his hand.
“Nice to meet you. This your first case.” I nodded.
“Well good luck.” He said it in a way that I couldn't decipher. I had no time to worry about it as I followed Rosalie over to the victim. It was then I realised I wasn't prepared for what I was about to see.
In front of me was a young girl about 24, impaled on a railing through her heart. There was blood every where and I felt myself become nauseous.
“Are you okay?” I nodded.
“Yeah.” My breath was shaky but I couldn't tear my eyes away from the girl. They were just moving her, ready to be transported back to the morgue, and had cut of the railing to take with them when I had to run. I ran, finding a quiet corner by a few bins and heaved, throwing up the breakfast I had eaten only an hour ago. I wasn't squeamish when it came to blood, I was used to it, it was just the fact that she was about 2 years older then me and her life was wasted already. All I could picture was her lifeless eyes and it made me feel sick to my stomach. Why did stuff like this happen to people so young and people in general?
 Wiping my mouth, I felt the embarrassment take over when Rosalie walked over, a sympathetic smile on her face. 
“Don't worry. It happens to everyone.” I scoffed.
“Did it happen to you?”
“Well there you go then. I'm stuffing up everything i'm doing.” She put her hand on my back, rubbing soothingly. I could tell then that she was mother.
“No, you're not. It's your first job and its a shock to the system. Seeing a body in a real crime scene is different from pictures and stuff in books. This kind of things happens. You jst have to get on with it.” I nodded and stood up straight. “Are you ready to go back?” Nodding, we both walked back to the crime scene. I could feel eyes all on me and could see the guy I had met earlier, Sam, laughing when I looked at him. Closing my eyes and taking a deep breath, I ignored them and went back to processing the scene.

“You did good for your first day.” I smiled at Rosalie's comforting words.
“Thanks. See you tomorrow.” I walked out of the locker room and headed to Rachel's office, ready for whatever she was going to tell me. Knocking, I walked in and took a seat.
“I hear you did good today, apart from throwing up.” I blushed with embarrassment. “It happens, don't worry. I'll see you tomorrow and this time, be on time.” I nodded and walked out of her office, a small smile on my face. That was soon wiped off when I walked past the locker room and heard retching noises and then sniggering. Fighting the tears that were ready to fall, I quickly jumped into the lift and leant against the wall, letting the tears steadily fall down my face

[end of flashback]

I was just about to knock back the vodka when my phone went off.
“We have a call out. Get yourself here.” I was given the address and before I hung up, Rachel's voice stopped me. “this time, try not to be sick.” I smiled and hung up.
Maybe today didn't go as bad as I thought it did.
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