What the title says :))

1. Little Black Bag gift card
2. This mint green lace dress from Rue21
3. These coral combat boots from Wet Seal
4. "The Gospel According to Coco Chanel"
5. Anything mint green
6. Floral oxfords from Forever21
7. Anything with bows
7. Winter Candy Apple Bath and Bodyworks perfume
8. Footie pajamas- not any particular type :)
9. WORLD PEACE!!!! i know you think i'm probably just saying this but i'm serious. i hate that after all these years of humans being on the earth, we're still so immature to go around killing each other over some land or something. there is NO excuse EVER for war. EVER!!! use your words, people tell us. yeah, like we ever do that! sorry for the rant, but it's just my true opinion.

merry christmas <3

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