Cedric Luther

+name :
cedric adam luther
- - - -
+appearance :
Justin bieber.
+hometown :
new York, albany
+family :
mom: Hannah
dad: Richie
sister: Isabel
brother: marc
sister: amy
brother: chase
- - - -
+likes and dislikes :
animals. nike. basketball. chain fashion. leather. singing.
b*tches, sexiness, rude people, girls who try to impress him. which are all around by the way.
+short biography :
cedric was born on 5th Avenue and East 54th Street. by the time he was old enough, he started to play the guitar and the drums and keyboard. he has a way with music and he loves to show it. in school he had a 3.5 average GPA, and was loyal and kind. he wasn't like most boys, he talked with slang words yes, but he didn't do wrong. he stayed on the path of right. and then Adriana came along when he was about eleven. his family was at the beach and she swam up out of the water, apparently just visiting America. she passed him and smiled, and he decided to hang out with her. and of course, sparks flew and they fell in something close to love... until she had to leave. cedric has been waiting his whole life to find someone like her. he thought perhaps he'd find love here? (he already knows she goes to cgh, just to be clear xP)
+personality :
cedric is a bright boy. he's of course, normal and not a squeaky clean boy. he's gotten in trouble before of course. he loves every animal and has a few dogs of his own. he claims he couldn't live without his boys. he dreams of becoming a music or art teacher. he doesn't tell anybody because of course when he was younger there were some minor stereotypes. his parents think he wants to become a constructor, which they don't mind. his friends think he wants to become an athlete, which they don't mind. but Adriana knows the real truth.
+secrets :
um, the fact that he wants to become a music/ art teacher. :p
- - - -
+ strengths and weaknesses :
s: arts, good thoughts of the past, his hometown, his dogs, his parents. Adriana.
w: sad moments, when he barely understands what the teacher's talking about, animal abuse, Adriana.
*+clique choice :
- - - -
+activeness :
erm, 8.5.
+anything extra? :
he drives a Toyota.
he has an iPhone 4s.
... Why do you build me up (build me up) buttercup baby, just to let me down (let me down) and mess me around?
ha, I love that song.
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