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You and Niall were a sort-of new couple. You had been dating for roughly a year, with some difficulty since he had been on tour for the first half of your relationship. You two had become closer than ever over his break from work, and you were out every other night no matter how many paparazzi or fans took pictures.

After having a full week of partying and late-night dinner parties, you and Niall were exhausted by New Year's Eve. You two slept for the entire day on the couch, cuddled up and buried under heaps of blankets. Around ten o'clock at night, the two of you woke up and realized you had nothing to do.

"Let's go to the pub!" Niall declared after a bit of brainstorming. "Let's go to the one near your flat."

You lazily got dressed and drove off to the pub with him. To your surprise, it was really busy. The two of you swung back a few drinks, sang along to the songs playing and danced on a table top to the drunken cheers of other customers until it was time for the countdown. You and Niall pumped your fists energetically with every counted down number until the new year, until everyone had yelled, "It's 2013!"

You threw your arms around Niall's neck while he picked you up by your waist, gave you a big kiss and then managed to safely carry you off the tabletop while holding you bridal-style. It was probably the best way to start off the year, being in Niall's arms and incredibly happy (even if some of that was because of the beer).
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