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So as we all know, nowadays almost everyone owns their own cell phone. From very young kids to seniors…..does not matter, it is very helpful and important so everyone has it to make things easier!
Here a few tips you should follow to take care of your phone and make it last a while! These are really easy and keep your phone “healthy’ (lol). Let’s begin…..

1. Design a safe place to keep your phone during the day. Like when you come home from school, don’t leave it in your pants pocket, your purse, backpack, etc. Take it out and place it properly in a safe spot. Like a nightstand, bookshelf, desk, some place like that. I personally put it on my nightstand. This way you will know where it is and it won’t be in any risk of damage (kicked around floor, getting water spilled on it, etc.) 
2. Avoid getting your phone wet. Don’t talk in the rain and be careful when around beaches/rivers. 
3. Avoid lending your phone to others. I mean, letting them use it quickly is okay, but don’t let anyone take it and borrow it overnight, for a week, etc. You can never trust anyone. It’s your phone, not theirs, and if they damage it or anything, you take the blame!
4. Put on silence or simply turn it off when in class, lectures, or even meetings. Lost instructers take the phone away and have certain conditions in order to get it back. Avoid that whole usless process, just silence it or turn it off. Easy!
5. Clean phone regularly. You know those wipes? The ones for lenses or computer screens? Those work! Wipe down the screen at least once a week and use only store-bought cleaning supplies for further cleaning. I don’t further clean it, I don’t have the supplies. But what I do is just use the same wipe and wipe down the keys, take out any excess dirt in between keys. Thes ehelp the keys functioning well and for a long period of time.

Those are all for now, I hope you take these into consideration and use them! Thanks for reading!
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