cerise arista lannister

• full name ;; cerise arista lannister
• pronunciation ;; sehr-eese | ah-reese-tah | lan-is-tuhr
• age ;; sixteen | junior
- - - - - -
• nationality / origins ;; she's grecian, her whole family is from the island of crete.
• hometown ;; heraklion, crete | greece
- - - - - -
• personality ;; cerise, she's one of those people that you're automatically drawn to. why? because of her soul. she's charismatic and energetic down to her very core. she radiates an energy that isn't necessarily positive.. ever. but it is /so/ magnetic. it's how she's been able to do all the things she's done. + she's passionate. more than anything, that's what she is to her core. she's passionate. when she does something she will put her heart and soul into it. that's why she's so magnetic, she's passionate about everything she does. with that though, she burns out easily. she blows hot - very hot, then she blows cold and it's done to her. + despite her ... truthful demeanor, she's very optimistic. she likes the positive, let's just say, that she loves the idea of a positive atmosphere, she's just destructive. and that destruction follows her. it's her. what people would do for her and because of her. it's astounding what she's been capable of doing. + at the end of cerise. she's simply a beautiful girl, in love with love.
• short bio ;; oh, where to begin with cerise. well, why don't we begin at the beginning. when she opened her tiny yet clear blue eyes taking in the.. wait no, too far in the beginning. let's start when her and her sister sansa accidentally kill they're baby brother alfie. alfie was their father, joffrey's boy, the most loved out of the three kids. one beautiful day when cerise was the tender age of nine, the lannister kids all went to a small river. the egocentric girls assumed that alfie could swim like they could. they pushed him into the river and he was not seen again. from then on, joffrey hated cerise and sansa. especially sansa, since she's the eldest and the one that asked him if they could all go swimming. cerise remembers that day, and will forever until the day she dies. that day turned her bright blue eyes navy. now, two years in teh future, today is the day, arya maegyr is being brought home. this five-year-old was the light that saved not only the dark father, but the dark family. she's just shot through their life; happiness and healing in her wake. she helped most for cerise, there was still saving cerise. arya and cerise are best friends, they love each other and will always. sansa is beyond saving, no matter what kind of light is brought. she will always feel totally responsible for the death of her baby brother. we're skipping ahead now, cerise is now sixteen, she's loved by everyone.sShe's among the wealthiest and most beautiful on the island of crete. sansa is muddled and destroyed by jealousy. so, when the moment came, she left. cerise and sansa now have a terrible relationship, due to the fact that cerise slept with theon, sansa's boyfriend on sansa's eighteenth birthday. cerise didn't mean to. it just happened. because of this, sansa o/d'd on pills, she was found by her bestfriend who gagged sansa and forced her to throw them up. the month following the 'accident' was one of the hardest for the family. it sent them back into that black spiral of depression. time has healed many wounds, so has blackmail and leverage. wait, what? oh yeah, the final piece to the cerise biography. her continued affair with her mother's secretary, renly. how blackmail? her charming sister sansa caught them, and threatens cerise with telling their parents nearly daily. it's what drove cerise to convince her father to let her go to windsor prep. to escape her sister.
cerise has had a very dramatic past. drama doesn't leave you. it stays, makes a home. it'll follow cerise, it'll latch onto her and never let her go.
• imperfections ;; the accidental death of her little brother, the sleeping with her mother's assistant along with her sister's boyfriend [ which she is still doing both of ]. the attempted suicide of her sister, sansa, which was somewhat cerise's fault.
• family ;;
father; joffrey lannister - neurosurgeon
mother; maria lannister - famed author
sister; sansa lannister - college student { ucsf }
{ adopted } sister; arya maegyr - lannister - sixth grade
renly mormont - maria's assistant
theon latsis - sansa's boyfriend.. yup, she took him back.
- - - - - -
• appearance ;; until i know i have esti ginzburg [ as i have /no/ clue what models are open xD ] i don't want to write a detailed appearance entry.
- - - - - -
• invite only clique yes / no ;; yes.
• activeness ;; 8-9/10
• sample roleplay ;;
&- c e r i s e a r i s t a l a n n i s t e r ;
&- p o l y v o r e l i n k ;
- - - - - - - - - - - -
&- She's getting another new assistant i think to myself as i giggle and strip down, stark naked. i walk towards my balcony and smile, it doesn't matter how long I've lived in Crete. That pristine blue/green water never gets tiring. I throw the doors open and look out upon my surroundings. I see the Four Seasons, about three miles down, with all of those God-forsaken tourists crowded. I chuckle, thanking God my parents are extremely successful and we can afford out own property on the coast. I smile and look down at the expansive driveway, empty, I smile and walk back into my golden room. I turn to my right to the bathroom and turn the shower on. I smile and wash myself. I step out and put my robe on. I walk back out to my balcony and look down, there was a black Lincoln parked infront of the grandeous staircase. I grin maliciously and hurridly walk back in to my bathroom, I put on light pink lipstick and I finger brush my long blonde hair out. I smile and look at the clock by my bed, noon, good, Arya will still be at school.

&- I glance at the door and head towards it, I can hear my heart pound in my ears. I can feel a small flush forming on my cheeks. I pad down the hallway until I reach "the pod" or the small elevator, I take it down and come face to face with my Mother and a gorgeous man. AKA, her new assistant. She looks at me, startled and lets a chuckle out. "Renly, this is one of my daughters. Cerise."

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