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Song for the Set:
Marilyn Manson – Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode cover) 
Full Name: Cesaire Elie Moreaus 
Nickname(s): Cez, Young Master Moreaus
Age: 17
Year: 7th
Parents: Dimitri and Michele Moreaus 
Parents Alumni of Hogwarts: No
Recommended House: Slytherin
Pet: {{ to be decided }}
Height: 6’2” 
Weight: 175lbs. 
Eyes: Green-Blue 
Hair: Brown/Brunette 
Skin: Slightly tan 
Wand: {{ to be decided }} 
Blood Status: Pure Blood 
Patronus: Fox
Personality: Terribly charming, incredibly charismatic, dangerously cunning, methodical, incredibly calculative, infinitely devious, master manipulator, utterly shameless, quite intelligent, has a temper that he generally can keep under control, seemingly patient but only in appearance due to his incredible acting skills, snarky, very vain
Bio: Cesaire is the reason parents lock up their girls – and should lock up their boys – when he’s in town. To the naïve and oblivious, he’s a charming young man who only wants to befriend everyone he can (to those who are none-the-wiser about his /true/ loyalties) and be the best that he can be; attractive, a /sweetheart/, helpful – but all of that is just a show. The true Cesaire Elie Moreaus is a devil; he pretends to be a good boy but there isn’t anyone more horrible than he is. Wherever he goes, a trail of broken hearts follow; he’s bedded more women – and men – than most young people could even really fathom in their dreams. He’s not /incredibly/ picky when it comes to future conquests – in fact, the harder the score, the more satisfying the /take down/; his age or older, if he wants them – he won’t stop until he’s gotten a hold of them, and ends up causing mass chaos without so much as any damage to his non-existent conscience. Though Ash would wish to deny it, over the years since they were kids, Cesaire has gone from a mere pest to a full-blown arch enemy. Only Ash really seems to see how dangerous Cesaire really is and Cesaire is intent on keeping it that way. 

The young Frenchman’s greatest skill is easily pretending to be naive and innocent that may even rivals little miss Daffie Poe’s natural child-like innocence though most of the time he acts relatively humbled and mildly charming; Cesaire is /more/ than just two faced, and the only one who has seen his /true/ face is Ash himself. He plays up everything to his advantage and can quickly adapt to changing social situations to keep his /plans/ from in any way being halted or even stopped. Somehow he always seems to know what strings to pull to get what he wants, and if challenged, can make his challenger look like the bad guy, which is why Ash plays his cards intelligently to not provoke Cesaire into any strong, possibly detrimental repercussions. Moreaus’s acting skills are top notch as can go from the lie to the liar in a split second, much to Ash’s dismay; if cornered, he evokes the ‘injured puppy/victim’ act whenever threatened with exposure which only causes more disaster and undeserved sympathy for his /case/. 

Cesaire is seemingly /invincible/ but he has his share of weaknesses that he hasn’t let /anyone/ see. No one entirely knows why Cesaire decided to ditch his top-of-the-line/best-money-can-buy tutors and take up temporary residence among the Hogwarts students, but due to his history with Cesaire, Ash knows that his presence at the school may spell out for incredibly terrible chaos. 
- Cousin to Autumn Goyle 
- Nephew of Daveigh Stegner 
- Son of
- Ash’s arch-enemy; they’ve been enemies since they were quite young, and it’s only escalated from there. 
- Friends: Autumn Goyle, Analeigh Nott, Damon Nott, Scorpius Malfoy
- His grandmother on his father's side is a full-blooded veela, not that anyone outside of his close family, cousins, aunts/uncles, and a select few family friends know of this. 
- His parents were extremely neglectful - only a small handful of people are aware of this knowledge - and due to his parents' neglecting him, he grew extremely manipulative over time in order to get attention.
- Cesaire's main 'parental' figure is his life-long nanny {Helen Mirren}. Although Cesaire has pretty much treat her like crap his entire life - as if she were his slave, but now that he's 17, he feels he no longer needs her around and tells her to leave him alone. Most often times, Jocelyn Dupont {Helen Mirren} refers to Cesaire as 'Young master Moreaus' even when not around him. 
- Sings {singing voice Grant Gustin} 
- Plays the piano and guitar,
- He’s pansexual [if you don’t know what that means:] 
- Likes ~ Music/Singers/Bands/Movies/Shows: Marilyn Manson (xD), 
- Likes ~ Food: Chocolate, Courvoisier, 
- Likes ~ 
- Dislikes: Nosey people, homophobes, /heroes/, harsh cold, garlic (makes his breath stink), pastel colors (except on Autumn, then he doesn’t really mind them), 
Link to Dorm: {{ to be made }}
Model: Grant Gustin
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Wrote 5 years ago
lol ya saw that too

Wrote 5 years ago
There's courvoisier in the set too....XD

Wrote 5 years ago
haha makes sense and ah, I saw those haha.

Wrote 5 years ago
Hence why there's devil horns in the set xD



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