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I was tagged by @dragongirl142 in this amazing set: 

1. Make a set for the person who tagged you and design a Valentine's Date for them; you get to choose who your poly-friend gets to go on a date with, the location, the activities, even the attire if you wish :)
2. Write a quick description or story about the date you planned
3. Tag other poly-friends so they can play cupid!

I wanted to pick some other guy because Millie already got Kiseop but seriously I can't, I just CAN'T... so the date? in Paris! lol I'm gotta go and kidnap u-kiss and bring them with me.. hahaha ok
Millie! I think a date with him would be totally amazing as long as you don't decide to take him to a roller coaster so a 'quiet' date is better, you can walk around the city, do some sightseeing, taking selcas and being with Kiseop (who's such a fashion lover) you can go shopping together, you can pick clothes for him to try on and later you two can just sit down in any coffee shop and have a laugh. In the night you can just walk around Champs de Mars and since is cold, he'd put an arm around your shoulders and smile brightly... ^_^

ok, that was lame, but I just can't think about something else T_T I'm supposed to be on my way to University (because I told my friends I'd meet them to make 'homework' together) but I needed to publish this set before leaving... gosh I'm so mad with me, yesterday I was about to finish it but I felt asleep on the computer lol 
and previously I did the same with my GD's set for the bad guys contest so I couldn't enter the contest T__T hahahah but is ok... yesterday I was over spazzing after watching Forbidden love's live performance.... gosh I think I can rest in peace now lol... u-kiss making sexy waves T_T I'm gonna cry on happiness forever 
I was telling my friends how much I want to move to Japan now and they were all =_= 'didn't you say that you wanted to move to Korea yesterday? what is it now, please tell us that you're not obsessed with japanese music now, that music goes to another level of annoyance, we won't hang up with you if you get all obsessed with that music, we can stand k-pop but j-pop? isn't it too much?' hahahahahahaha ROFL ' Anyways move wherever you want but before we have to do homework, then plan your life' lol my friends are amazing 
'Go there, but first help me with homework... kidding, please don't tell me that you're like this because of that kiss group, I guess you shouldn't have gone to that concert' haahahahah I been literally laughing no stop with their comments----

Should I tag someone? mmmmm I'm not sure... if you love me and appreciate me and... ok I'm joking lol
if you want to be tagged just tell me, I think all of you are busy and you might have no time to make the set if I tag you so this time I wont tag anyone ^^
or maybe...
@chomiczynka because apparently you're never busy enough for me lol ^_^
@fearlesslyinlove : ^_^ I'm curious about the date you'll prepare for me
@nyamnyam :)
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