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August 25, 2013

Song of the day: Elle Me Dit - MIKA

Wow. I really haven't even had time to catch up on your guys' sets or anything lately, but I felt lame after reading your bloggy, @hijabikebabi, and know I hate it when I feel like I'm the only one on Poly at times lol so I forced myself to stay up and make this set.

Let's see... What have I been up to?

Well, not gonna lie. On Friday, I passed by another F21 and came out with yet another striped shirt in hand :P But don't worry, I'm done now. I promise. Now I have the perfect striped tank, t-shirt, and long-sleeve, so I'm good. I just love stripes so much. I mean, how is it not everyone's favorite pattern (if it counts as one)?! 

I visited a college on Friday and kind of fell in love with it, which is bad because I thought I was already set on my top choices and now I have to add this one to the mix, which complicates everything :P 

I introduced my French family friend--the one I mentioned last set who's visiting us right now--to One Direction today because she somehow had no idea who they were, and, I mean, come on-- as a veteran Directioner, I can't let a little ten year-old continue existing without knowing who they are. My dad interrupted her viewing of the WMYB music video to give her a lecture on what a "corrosive influence" they were on "young, female minds," but she wanted to keep going, so #score for moi ;)

I also showed her "The Parent Trap" last night--even though her mom technically doesn't allow her to watch TV--because I was appalled after hearing she had never watched the movie, and it would be against my principles to deny a sweet, little ten year-old one of life's simpler pleasures. 

And omg I'm so scared for tennis tryouts this coming Monday. Wish me good luck!

Okay. Really need to go continue working on my college essay. 

Bye guys! Happy weekend!


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