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Monday: Free day!


Katherine hadn't met many people yet; she would have if her plane had arrived on time then she could have gone to a girl called, Roman's, party. It was her official first day and she had found herself lost with nothing but a map of the school. 

"Is there something wrong?" spoke a boy; that was tall, had broad shoulders and something similar to a mohawk but not exactly a mohawk. "I can't pass a lovely lady like you that's lost" he added with a slight smirk.

"I might be new but I'm not stupid" Kat returned with a roll of her eyes and crossed her arms.

"No need to be b*tchy, I was just going to show you around" he chuckled, still not wiping the smirk off his face; he ran a hand through the mohawk or whatever he wanted to call it and leaned against the lockers.

"No need to be all flirty with the new girl and then I won't get b*tchy, deal? Deal" Kat spoke with a grin permanently on her face. 

"I don't get a say? That's not fair" he pouted; Kat groaned, all she wanted was to know where everything was but she was stuck talking to some ... major flirt. 

"I'll find my own way around this school, get out of my way!" Kat pushed past him gently; fixing her blazer and going back to reading the map.

"Wait up, I'll help you!" he called after her and jogged to keep up; his eyes scanned her outfit. It was brighter than the other students and she stood out from the crowd, which meant her mission was accomplished. 

"Hold onto to your pickup lines until after the tour then ... okay?" Kat nodded slowly, waiting for his reply.

"Fine!" he frowned, "but I do have one thing I need to ask ..." Kat simply looked at him and waited for some jerk-y question. "What's your name?"

"Katherine or Kat for short".

He nodded, "I'm Marcus but people call me Mark".

"Or boy-with-big-ego-and-weird-choice-in-hair-do ..." Katherine spoke jokingly and let out a quiet laugh.
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