What Is Polyvore?

Polyvore is a new way to discover and shop for things you love. Polyvore's global community has created over 100 million collage-like “sets” that are shared across the web.

Democratizing Style

Polyvore disrupts the traditional e-commerce model by giving everyone everywhere a voice in shaping today's trends and influencing purchases. Our savvy community is ahead of the curve, predicting trends before they hit the mainstream

Great People, Great Culture

We’re a product- and engineering-driven team of smart, creative people, who work in an open, collaborative environment. We focus on doing a few things well. We work in small, scrappy teams that experiment rapidly, fail fast, learn and iterate quickly. And we build exceptional products that delight our users and customers.

Our Values

Do a Few Things Well

It’s better to do a few things well than many things poorly. We focus on the things that actually matter. We care deeply about the polish of our work and take pride in perfecting the details.

Delight the User

Great products win. We strive to build exceptional products that delight our users and customers. The best marketing is word-of-mouth from passionate fans. We go the extra mile to make that happen.

Make an Impact

We value smart people who have a strong, innate desire to make an impact, who constantly search for clever ways to make things better, and who step up to solve problems (even those they don't own). Our open culture, flat organization and collaborative environment empower our team to make a difference.

Our Team

Read more about the whole team behind Polyvore here.