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We believe in building tools and systems, gathering stats and monitoring. We automate everything so that we can spend time on more interesting projects.


We give engineers a lot of latitude because we trust in their ability to make an impact.


MySQL, memcached, nginx, Solr, RabbitMQ, Hive, AWS (EC2, Route53, S3), Splunk.

Engineering Blog

Cassandra Compaction and Tombstone Behavior: Leveled vs. SizeTiered Compaction

Compactions in Cassandra can be contentious due to their impact on I/O load as well as increased disk space availability requirements. A primer in compaction will be provided, and the differences in Cassandra's data organization and tombstone handling between Leveled and SizeTiered compaction strategies will be discussed. What is compaction? Compaction is a maintenance process which re-organizes SSTables to optimize data structures on disk as well as reclaim unused space.

Data and the User Experience

Post 2: Data and the User ExperienceBy Matt Wheeler Last month we shared some of the technology behind Polyvore’s Style Profile and how we’re using machine learning to understand our users' individual style to recommend more personalized products and outfits. We discovered that our unique set data (our users create over 3 million sets every month) helps improve the recommendations to create a more engaging shopping and discovery experience for our users.