We love solving problems intelligently, in clever, faster ways through technology and creativity.


We look for people who have a strong, innate desire to make an impact, who step up to take ownership and search for ways to make things better.


Startups live and die by their ability to execute. We look for people who focus, prioritize and make things happen.

Team players

We like to work with open-minded people who enjoy collaborating with others. We have zero tolerance for politics, divas and jerks.

Jianing Hu


Jianing was most recently a software engineer at Yahoo, where he worked on Yahoo Trip Planner. Jianing has a degree in computer science from Tsinghua University in Beijing. He is unsure if he will ever finish the PhD he started at Carnegie Mellon. Working at Polyvore is just too much fun.

Fun fact: Jianing is an avid rock climber.

Guangwei Yuan


After getting his BS from Tsinghua University and MS from Duke University, both in computer science, Guangwei worked at Oracle for four years. He joined Yahoo in 2005 and left in 2007 to co-found Polyvore with Pasha Sadri and Jianing.

Fun fact: Guangwei is Polyvore's reigning ping pong champion and has the superhuman ability to eat enormous quantities of food without gaining any weight.

Jess Lee

Co-Founder & CEO

Jess is Polyvore's CEO. Prior to co-founding Polyvore, Jess was a product manager at Google, where she worked on Google Maps and launched features like My Maps and draggable driving directions. After four years at Google, Jess became hopelessly addicted to making Polyvore sets and decided the only cure was to join the Polyvore team. Jess has a degree in computer science from Stanford University.

Fun fact: Jess enjoys drawing and owns over 1000 comic books.

Nadia Hussain


Nadia heads up our community group. After graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in communications, Nadia worked at Nordstrom and Google. As a Google AdWords account manager, she managed key retail accounts and helped grow the Online Sales and Operations team from 50 people in Mountain View to hundreds of people around the world.

Fun fact: Nadia is currently looking for a storage space large enough to hold her shoe collection.

Katherine Crane


Katherine is our senior director of brand sales. She grew up in the South and hightailed it to New York immediately after graduating from the University of Georgia. She used to work for The New York Times, where she sold advertising to beauty and fashion accounts. She prides herself on finding the best places to shop and eat in the city.

Fun fact: Katherine is mildly obsessed with crossword puzzles, French Bulldogs and world travel.

Eric Prestemon


Although Eric received an economics degree from the University of Virginia, his true loves are puzzles and computers. He has been happily solving computer problems for his entire working life.

Fun fact: Eric enjoys soccer, great food and the Oxford comma.

Cindy Chu


Cindy grew up in California and never wants to move away. She studied computer science at Stanford University before working on mobile websites and search at Yahoo.

Fun fact: Cindy works out so she can eat more ice cream.

Lydia Romero

Data Quality

Lydia has a BA in history and an MA in museum studies. She put her researching, examining, categorizing and cataloging skills to good use working in various museums and archive centers throughout the Bay Area before transferring those skills to the online world, first at Yahoo and now at Polyvore.

Fun fact: Lydia is so obsessed with medieval culture that she decorated her daughter's nursery with a medieval theme, has been known to buy clothes at Renaissance Faires and hopes to one day live in a medieval castle.

Jocelyn Lin

UI Design

Jocelyn likes to sew, draw and eat desserts. Before Polyvore, she was a lead designer at Google in areas including search, maps, consumer and Asia-Pacific products. She holds a degree in computer science from MIT.

Fun fact: Red pandas are ridiculously cute.

Nicole Williams

Client Services

Nicole has lived in her favorite city, San Francisco, for 15 years. She grew up in rural Indiana and graduated from Indiana University with a degree in telecommunications. Before joining Polyvore, Nicole spent 10 years in the affiliate marketing space managing key advertiser accounts and performance-based marketing campaigns. She credits her Barbie dolls for her early obsession with fashion.

Fun fact: Nicole plays bass in the notorious all-gal AC/DC tribute band AC/DShe.

Alan Austin


Alan graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelor's degree in computer science. Immediately after graduation, he married his wife Gaoder and moved to Japan for a year, while she taught English with the JET program. Prior to Polyvore, Alan was a developer at SmartyPig.

Fun fact: Alan enjoys anime and Japanese culture and loves tinkering with anything electronic.

Joshua Yuen


Joshua studied computer science at the University of Waterloo. After graduating, he joined Microsoft in Seattle, where he helped deliver Microsoft Office. He later returned to Canada and joined Oanda, an online foreign exchange company working on hedging algorithms.

Fun fact: Joshua went back to Canada for his soulmate. After they were married, he got her to move to the US with him.

Jessie Purton


Jessie joined with over seven years of experience in online social media. She's done everything from representing site-specific niche websites like and to working on value-exchange advertising at SocialVibe. She has always been obsessed with fashion and style, so Polyvore is the perfect marriage of her passions. She is active in her community in Manhattan, trying to make her city and world a better place.

Fun fact: Jessie's obsessions include acquiring miles, getting new stamps in her passport, the UK and traveling in general. She feels the unnatural need to purchase fine leather goods online (especially purses). Her favorite TV show is 90210.

Brittany Horton

Client Services

Brittany graduated from UC San Diego with a BA in communication. Prior to Polyvore, she managed digital advertising campaigns for San Diego Magazine and launched The Bride Suite blog for Exquisite Weddings magazine. She is thrilled to be back in Northern California and can't wait to start exploring the Bay Area.

Fun fact: Brittany loves mini dachshunds, hot yoga and Cypress Grove's Midnight Moon cheese.

Jennifer Louie


Jennifer previously worked in the Oracle Text group and at the startup Sawteeth. She graduated from MIT with a degree in computer science.

Fun fact: Jennifer's favorite leisure activities include reading, watching reality TV and puzzle hunting.

Kat Ng

Client Services

Born and raised in San Francisco, Kat explored different career paths, experimenting with corporate tech, streetwear and magazines before finally landing in her spot at Polyvore.

Fun fact: Kat loves rap music and potlucks and is always down for an adventure. Her spirit animal is Hello Kitty.

Chrystal Chan


Chrystal is a Bay Area girl and went to UC Irvine to study international studies. Even with its beautiful beaches and weather, Southern California couldn't keep Chrystal from returning to the Bay Area after graduation. Since her return, Chrystal has put her passion for working hard to good use, making awesome dreams into reality at startups like Ning, Bread and now Polyvore.

Fun fact: Chrystal is surprisingly good at go-karting. Take Chrystal karting and be prepared to eat gravel and smoke.

Michaela Downs


Michaela is new to the West Coast after growing up in New Jersey and living in New York. While in New York, Michaela studied at Columbia University and called Greenpoint, Brooklyn home. Michaela comes to Polyvore from Buddy Media, where she managed many key accounts. She’s been a Polyvore member since reading about the site in The New Yorker, and she can’t think of a better place to be!

Fun fact: Many people are surprised to learn that Michaela loves science fiction and fantasy.

Julia Renda


Julia has created content for a wide range of clients and media outlets including AOL, Entertainment Weekly, In Style, E! and others. She has been an editor, a writer, a social media guru and (surprise!) a strategic planning/financial analyst. Julia graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in economics, from Georgetown with an MSFS, and was a Fulbright Scholar specializing in international finance.

Fun fact: Julia's first job out of graduate school was designing sets for a straight-to-video action-adventure film. Because of this, she knows how to use a gun. Disclaimer: a prop gun.

Ashley Rogers


Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Ashley graduated from Penn State with a BA in advertising, then quickly ran to the one city where she never thought she would live: New York. It didn't take long for her to fall head over heels in love with the city, and it has kept her there for the past six years, working first in Sales at Redbook magazine, then marketing and events at Seventeen magazine and most recently in promotions at Vogue magazine. New York has made Ashley even more obsessed with stylish fashion, diverse culture and delicious food. She doesn't foresee the love affair ending anytime soon.

Fun fact: For a while, Ashley lived in Australia, where she went skydiving, bungee jumping and whitewater rafting on boogie boards--yet she is deathly afraid of cotton balls.

Gregory Siebert


Years ago, Greg fled the ferocious geese of the Venice, Los Angeles canals to move north. He has since studied economics at UC Davis and city planning at UC Berkeley. He has also spent more than six years on the publisher side in the affiliate marketing space, developing and growing mutually beneficial relationships. Greg is a true people person who enjoys drawing animals and any activity that involves running, jumping or climbing.

Fun fact: Greg's dad built the second biggest catamaran on the West Coast on a vacant Venice lot in the early 1950s. His father and mother met on that boat. Aptly named Dreamer, it sails today thanks to lots of love...and duct tape, glue and fiberglass.

Mandy MacKay


Mandy joins Polyvore from The Huffington Post, where she was a product marketing manager, strategizing ways to monetize editorial and custom content. She was also pivotal in the integration of HuffPo programs into the AOL structure. Prior to that, Mandy worked at The New York Times, where she was in product marketing and advertising sales.

Fun fact: Mandy is mildly addicted to Tasti D-lite, desperately wants a dog and often refers to the day before the first college football game as the real Christmas Eve.

Brent Nelson


Brent grew up in the arctic wonderland of Calgary, Canada. Before he left for warmer climates, he served as the director of IT and infrastructure for iStockphoto, growing the infrastructure from a single server into a world-class site that redefined the stock photography market. After that, Brent worked for Saatchi Online, building their infrastructure on the cloud.

Fun fact: Brent worked remotely for a couple years, and lived in Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Malta and LA, before settling in the Bay Area.

Cheryl Dalrymple

Finance, etc.

Cheryl is Polyvore's CFO, responsible for finance, people ops, recruiting, legal, IT, facilities and administration. Cheryl has held similar roles as CFO of numerous Silicon Valley startups over the past 12 years. Cheryl's last gig was CFO of AdMob, which was sold to Google in May 2010. She most recently headed up the integration of AdMob into Google for the year after the acquisition. Before Cheryl's shift to tech startups, she was SVP and CFO of the Lexis-Nexis Group. Cheryl began her career at PwC, where she held senior management roles in the high tech audit and the M&A groups for 10 years. She is a CPA and holds a BBA from University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Fun fact: Cheryl loves Halloween and is the President of the Picky Eaters Club.

Christine Kim


Christine is a Georgia native, but feels right at home as a pseudo-Yankee in her current city, New York. She has long been obsessed with fashion, technology and media and joined Polyvore to marry these passions. Christine has a slightly unhealthy love of oysters, karaoke, Chick-fil-A, colored skinny denim and ankle boots.

Fun fact: Christine was born a natural performer. When she was six years old, her father took her to see Annie at the Fox Theatre. Christine thought she was Annie and ran up to the stage to claim her rightful spot, screaming the words to Tomorrow at the top of her lungs.

Janet Cheung

UI Design

Before Polyvore, Janet was a designer at Google, where she worked on Google Maps and Google Places. She holds a computer science degree from University of Waterloo. Janet loves to travel, eat French macarons and play German board games.

Fun fact: Janet is still searching for a hairstylist she likes after living in California for five years.

Gerad Coles


Gerad is a creative techie with a passion for photography, the outdoors, music and gardening. Gerad likes to spend his weekends and vacations backpacking and hiking in the mountains while capturing magical moments on his camera.

Fun fact: Gerad dreams of guiding nature-oriented, back country hikes and giving photography lessons in the mountains someday.

Stephanie Cunningham

People & Office Ops

Stephanie is a Bay Area girl, born and raised on the Peninsula. She joins Polyvore from Google. Before that, she was at AdMob, from the very early days through the sale to Google. If she's not working or chasing around her two toddlers and puggle (who she is convinced is also a toddler), you'll most likely find her gardening, on a jog or spending time with friends and family.

Fun fact: Stephanie plans more parties in a year than most people do in a lifetime.

Lisa March

Client Services

Lisa is a Bay Area native born and raised in San Jose. She earned her undergraduate degree in biology from Loyola Marymount University and her MBA from Santa Clara University. Lisa loves to travel and spend time camping and hiking in Yosemite, which she considers her home away from home.

Fun fact: Lisa drives over 1,600 miles every Labor Day weekend to see Dave Matthews Band in concert at The Gorge.

Mike Poutre


Mike is Polyvore's controller. He grew up in the South Bay and has made his way 50 whole miles north, to his current home of San Francisco. He got his bachelor's degree from Creighton University and an MBA from Santa Clara University. Most recently, Mike worked at Electronic Arts and has previously held finance positions at Infoblox and NetScreen.

Fun fact: After college, Mike and three friends co-founded Gamut USA, a mountain bike component manufacturer that is still going strong today. Mike also loves Nebraska Cornhusker football. He and his wife recently purchased a new home equipped with a urinal in one of the bathrooms!

Amy Jackson


Amy joined Polyvore from Vogue, where she was art director. She has a degree in architecture from Kansas State University and a master's in industrial design from Domus Academy. Amy has a love of all things well-designed and organized. (Her favorite Vogue project was disassembling an entire Lexus and laying every part of the car onto a warehouse floor for an installation. The car parts were then recycled to create pieces of fashion.) If she isn't in NYC thinking about typography or finding new restaurants, she is most likely sitting on a beach in the Caribbean.

Fun fact: Amy loves baseball and is a diehard Yankees fan. She also ran the 2012 NYC Marathon.

Gina Luciano


Gina graduated from Marist College in New York with a degree in fashion merchandising. There, she completed internships at Vogue, Accessories Magazine, Nordstrom and, most recently, at Polyvore, which she found to be the perfect fit! Gina loves world traveling, trying new things and overusing "!" in anything she writes!

Fun fact: Gina loves to travel and plans on visiting every continent. On her most recent trip to Tbilisi, Georgia, her good friend wished her luck on "finding a southern gentleman to bring home." Gina had to inform her that she was visiting the Democratic Republic of Georgia, not the state.

JoAnne Sarro

Data Quality

JoAnne studied linguistics and library and information science at SJSU. She spent more than 14 years websurfing at Yahoo before joining Polyvore. People have commented on how much she touches things while she's shopping, which could be why the Exploratorium is her favorite museum.

Fun fact: JoAnne has participated in three Guinness World Record activities: largest parade of electric vehicles, largest group yodel, and largest group line dance.

Rob DeKruse


Rob called South Lake Tahoe home throughout his childhood. He graduated from UC Davis with a bachelor’s degree in managerial economics and is currently an MBA candidate at Santa Clara University. He loves all sports, every board game imaginable and anything else that he can turn into a competition. Within Polyvore, his nickname is "Fluffy." Watch out, or he may "fluff you up!"

Fun fact: Rob does not remember ever crying. The last time Rob's mom remembers him crying was when he broke his collarbone by falling off of a slide at the park at age three. What could Rob's tears could do? Eliminate poverty? Cure cancer? The world may never know.

Kurt Schaefer


After earning a bachelor's degree in math and computer science at Carnegie Mellon, Kurt worked at SGI for four years doing VRML and trying to promote 3D for the web. Next, he spent eight years in the R&D group at PDI/Dreamworks, creating the software used by artists in movies from Shrek to Kung Fu Panda. He then worked at OnLive Inc. for four and a half years doing their 3D user interface. Kurt hasn't had a haircut for decades.

Fun fact: Kurt is a Junkyard Mega-Wars Champion and avid tinkerer.

Amy Block

Creative Services

Amy is a born-and-raised New Yorker who knew she wanted to work in advertising at a young age. After winning a high school marketing competition for creating her own brand of ice cream, she was determined to turn her passion into a career. Prior to Polyvore, Amy spent the past nine years developing promotions for advertisers at People magazine, Condé Nast Digital and Hearst.

Fun fact: In 2003, Amy starred in a reality dating TV show, where she did not meet her husband. She’s also an '80s music fanatic and loves karaoke.

Caitlyn Cowan


Caitlyn works in our community group. She graduated from San Jose State with a BA in communications, which she put to use on the Jedi customer service team at startup Shopkick, before joining Polyvore. She brings her passion for the community to Polyvore. She is also an avid outdoor festival attendee, craft brew connoisseur and anime watcher.

Fun fact: Caitlyn loves cats and is learning the art of fire spinning. She does not combine these interests.

Ryan Moore


Ryan started programming when he was five, making the Logo turtle bow to his whims. Since then, he has gone on to learn more than most people want to know about computers, operating systems and algorithms. After freelancing for a few years in Maryland, he moved to the Valley in 2006 and hasn't looked back. Previously, Ryan spent some time on the front-end and infrastructure teams at Plaxo. Most recently, he was the Operations Lead at

Fun fact: Ryan is a connoisseur of macaroni and cheese. His favorite is his mom's (of course!), followed closely by Wisconsin Mac & Cheese from Noodles & Company.

Michael Friedman


Michael has a degree in philosophy because he has a driving need to know how things work, including all of human existence. He's programmed for machines large and small, from mainframes to Apple Newtons and most sizes in between. When not writing code, he dances ballet with his daughters and hikes in the Santa Cruz mountains.

Fun fact: Michael once hiked across the Grand Canyon. It turns out it's a long way down and a longer way up.

Arnie Gullov-Singh


Arnie is Polyvore's chief revenue officer. He has built online marketing businesses since 1999, having served as CEO of Adly, as EVP of product and technology at Fox Audience Network and as lead product manager for Yahoo's search marketing business. Arnie has a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Bristol and an MBA from USC.

Fun fact: Arnie believes that every gentleman should own at least one pink shirt. Arnie owns six.

Cindy Lee


Before Polyvore, Cindy was the visual designer at Kontagent, a social analytics startup. She plays in the world of UX, but started out in advertising. Cindy holds a degree in advertising/art direction from the Academy of Art University. Outside the office, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, especially shopping with her daughter Olive, who is also her personal stylist.

Fun fact: Cindy is intrigued by mullets and thinks they will make a comeback.

Stephanie Huie


Stephanie has a degree in economics (after making the switch from computer science!) from UC Irvine. She loves shoes, purses and clothes, and can't find enough room to store it all. On weekends, she enjoys exploring new food venues. She's recruited at both Netflix and Facebook.

Fun fact: Stephanie recently traveled alone for the first time to London and Dublin and had a blast. While there, she satisfied her thirst for Tudor knowledge.

Baisub Lee


After getting a BS and MS in computer science from Seoul National University, Baisub started his career in the Bay Area as an EAI backend engineer at TIBCO. He worked on comparison shopping engineering at and, then moved to the mobile internet space at Access and Palm Source, among others. Now he's a wannabe fashion mobile evangelist!

Fun fact: Usually careful and timid, Baisub sometimes ends up trying out new projects like a 70-day backpacking trip in Europe, starting a career in the US without much English and co-founding a company. He's currently working on a 180-square-foot lawn-seeding project and next up is a summer RV car-camping trip.

ChingFong Su


ChingFong was born and raised in Taiwan. After getting his MS and PhD degrees from University of Texas at Austin, he moved west to the Bay Area just like everyone else during the dot-com gold rush. Prior to Polyvore, he worked at Yahoo on web search and at Shanda Innovations in online advertising. He loves traveling and hiking at national parks.

Fun fact: ChingFong once climbed the iconic Mt. Fuji to see the sunrise. The Japanese say, "You're a fool if you never climb Mt. Fuji, and an even bigger fool if you climb it more than once." He couldn't agree more.

Vickie Peng


Vickie is a Bay Area native and a die-hard Cal fan. While cheering on her team, she managed to earn degrees in business and economics. She comes to Polyvore by way of Microsoft and, most recently, TrialPay, where she built products that helped publishers convert their users into paying customers. Vickie enjoys fantasy basketball, polka dots, yoga and single malt Scotch, in no particular order.

Fun fact: Vickie has held season tickets to Cal football since her freshman year in 2002, which is starting to look like a pretty impressive streak.

Lori Macias


Lori began her digital media career in 2000 at Yahoo, where she owned programs and strategy for all paid promotion on the Yahoo Front Page. Prior to Polyvore, she led business development at Bunchball across several key partnership categories, and was the general manager at Betawave, a vertical ad network targeting youth and moms. Lori has a degree from the University of California at Berkeley, where she majored in economics and psychology.

Fun fact: A Bay Area native, Lori remembers the days when Cupertino had apple orchards instead of Apple campuses. She dreams of returning to those simpler times someday and running a coffee shop in Lisbon, Portugal. Until then, she is diligently working her way through Level 1 of Rosetta Stone Portuguese.

Vishwa Ranjan


Vishwa is an aerospace engineer turned software engineer turned product manager. Most recently, he was at WePay, managing their web and mobile products. In addition to an aerospace engineering degree, he holds an MBA, but does not want to talk about it. As a father of two girls, he is an expert at playing princess. He dreams of a scotch-and-golf trip to Scotland.

Fun fact: Does being bitten twice by monkeys count as a "fun" fact?

Matthew Dzaman


Matthew was born and raised in Baltimore, where he started his first business at age eight and got his first job as a software developer when he was 15. He studied computer science at Georgetown University before moving to San Francisco to work for Yahoo Fantasy Sports.

Fun fact: Matthew makes a mean glass of water.

Sheila Tran


Sheila is the head of communications at Polyvore. She is a seasoned professional with a creative and sophisticated approach to all facets of communications. She was most recently head of international communications at Yahoo and held other global product and technology communications roles there. Prior to that, she spent time at Symantec, AOL, Access Communications and Cisco Systems. Sheila loves to listen to good music, eat at delicious restaurants and play hide-and-seek with her kids.

Fun fact: Sheila aspires to be the winner of a chicken-nugget-eating contest.

Andrea Sandke

Data Editorial

Andrea studied screenwriting at Loyola Marymount University, then got her MA in poetry writing at San Jose State -- ideal (if accidental) preparation for her eventual careers as a bookseller, a teacher of English composition and, finally, a web surfer at Yahoo. At Yahoo, Andrea's favorite projects included writing about web trends for the Buzz Log, forecasting search trends and creating such curious directory categories as Travel Buddies and Props -- a category inspired by her own habit of taking photos with a travel totem named Mr. Hunter.

Fun fact: Andrea has synesthesia, which means that she sees numbers and letters in color ("Polyvore" is a blue and white word for her) and that listening to music is like being immersed in a vivid, colorful, alternate dimension.

Rodolphe Courtier


Rodolphe was born in LA, but raised in the Bay Area. Educated 100% in California, he got a BS in cognitive science at UCSD and an MA in learning, design and technology from Stanford. He came to Polyvore after doing all manner of webstuff for ClickAway, Zindagi and, most recently, Ifeelgoods. He lives with his wife (Anne) and two cats (Admiral Jenkins and Megatron).

Fun fact: Rodolphe has worn both of his cats as hats. Neither cat enjoyed it.

Susan Dimaculangan


Susan is a native New Yorker, but is allergic to snow, so she trekked out west to attend college at the University of Arizona. After graduating, she briefly lived in SF before moving to NYC to work for an architecture and design firm. She soon realized that she had left her heart in San Francisco, and has been in the City by the Bay since 2005. Susan previously worked at eBay within their distributed commerce team, managing strategic merchant and publisher relationships. She's a serious shopaholic and bargain hunter and is up for any shopping challenge.

Fun fact: Susan loves random '80s movies (especially ones with montages), enjoys building IKEA furniture and has an unhealthy addiction to cilantro. She also hopes to become fluent in Spanish and Italian.

Jonathan Pui


Jon was born and raised in the wild west (of Canada), and holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the University of Waterloo. Before Polyvore, Jon worked on embedded processors at Broadcom and graphics processors at NVIDIA and AMD. In his spare time, he enjoys downhill skiing, reading and discovering new food.

Fun fact: Jon is a board game enthusiast and frequently travels with a stash of games in his car (you know, for emergencies).

Deyan Liu


Deyan received degrees from Tsinghua University, China and UC Santa Cruz in electrical engineering and computer science. Prior to Polyvore, he spent most of his career in the EDA industry, solving interesting problems of extraction and routing for IC chip designs.

Fun fact: Deyan enjoys snowboarding, boat-fishing, running and hiking. The most exciting hiking trip he has done is to Mount Whitney, the highest peak in the continental United States.

Hongjie Dong


Hongjie is originally from Ping Ding Shan, China, which is very close to the famous Shaolin temple in Jet Li's kungfu movies. He graduated from Northwestern Polytechnical University in Xi'an (a must-see city due to the terracotta army there) and came to the US in 2007 for his master's degree at the University of Florida. Yes, he is a Gator. Hongjie worked at a few fun companies, including Grooveshark, AT&T YP and most recently Stumbleupon, as a mobile software engineer.

Fun fact: Hongjie is a hardcore sport-fighting fan. He practiced muay thai kickboxing, boxing and taekwondo for a lot of years and, recently, started to learn jujitsu. When he is not in the gym, he loves driving long distances to some random nowhere place. Hongjie loves the water.

Shouguo Li


Shou is from Brooklyn, New York. Before coming to Polyvore, he worked at Yahoo, Raptr and Wicked Loot Studios. He has his BS in computer science from Washington University in St. Louis.

Fun fact: Shou served in the Navy and worked on the flight deck of a destroyer. He also reads Reddit a lot!

Scott Bonneau


Scott is Polyvore's VP engineering. He is a backend/systems engineer at heart, who accidentally became a manager while at Google. Most recently, Scott was the SVP engineering at Bazaarvoice, where he grew the eng team from 25 to 150 and helped IPO the company. Before Bazaarvoice, Scott held many different leadership roles, including engineering manager at Google. Scott is a Boston native and die-hard sports fan who has adopted Austin as his home since 2005. He's an avid gamer, part-time wannabe rock star and father of three young kids.

Fun fact: Scott plays lead guitar in Driver. They recently went on tour with Patrice Pike from Sister 7. If he could have dinner with one person alive or dead, it would be Dave Grohl. One of Scott's prized possessions is his Dave Grohl guitar.

Jen Bennett


Jen was born and raised in St Louis, Missouri. She got her BA from the University of Pennsylvania and has lived in SF for the past eight years. She has worked at LocalResponse, Google, AdMob and AOL, selling and running sales teams.

Fun fact: Jen loves running and has run eight marathons as well as a handful of triathlons. These days, she sticks to shorter runs since she just had her second kid.

Elaine Wang


Elaine worked at Nokia and GREE before joining Polyvore. She enjoys data-related stuff. Her interests include data analytics, data mining and backend data storage. She spent a few years at school in the LA area, but she definitely loves the Bay Area much more than LA.

Fun fact: Elaine loves cats, dogs and horses. She often goes to Half Moon Bay to feed two horses that live near the Ritz Carlton.

Allison Green


Allison ran away from pharmacy school to the deliciously dark side of business and marketing at Ole Miss, where she also managed the women's volleyball team. Following a six-year stint at SAS as an account manager for the media and entertainment practice, Allison found her perfect fit: Polyvore. Her new account-executive job feeds her love affair with NYC, along with her passion for fashion, social media and technology.

Fun fact: Allison loves fall in NYC, pumpkin spice anything and vacations to her family farm in Tennessee (hometown population: 783). She also has a mild obsession with red-bottomed shoes. While it has nothing to do with her alma mater’s colors, a good Loub does come in handy for cheering on her fave SEC boys. Hotty Toddy!

Kelsey Bowman


Born in Louisville, KY and transplanted to the Bay Area at age 10, Kelsey grew up in two very different (yet equally awesome) cities, where she developed a love for both college football and Apple products. In 2009, she headed up to Vancouver, Canada to earn her degree in international relations from the University of British Columbia and then made her triumphant return to the Bay to find a job in tech/marketing. With two years at Speck Products under her belt, Kelsey is excited to be at Polyvore! Paid to Pin, she's technically working when not working. Kelsey also enjoys hiking, wine tasting, winning, arts and crafts and hockey.

Fun fact: Kelsey loves miniature things, especially those that retain proportionality to their full-sized versions. Here are some examples: baby shoes, mini Coca-Cola bottles, dry terrariums, doll house furniture and Li'l Sebastian.

Cedric Nelson


Cedric grew up in rural Alberta, where his closest neighbors were a mile away. His love of technology drew him to Calgary, where he studied network engineering at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. By day, Cedric is a mild-mannered systems guy. He enjoys Yoga Nidra, cycling and electronic music festivals.

Fun fact: Cedric always wanted to be a beatnik, but could never grow a goatee.

Rex Hsu


Rex was born in Taiwan and came to the US for his computer science and engineering degree from UC Davis. Prior to Polyvore, he was a software engineer at Pronto Games, Buongiorno and GREE. He likes playing basketball and watching anime in his free time. His favorite NBA team is the LA Lakers, and his favorite anime is Fist of the North Star.

Fun fact: Rex won a dodgeball championship when he was in the military.

Danielle Coburn


Born in Key West, FL, Danielle grew up in a military household and relocated to Mountain View at age 12. Despite living on the East Coast during her early childhood and attending college in LA, she considers herself a Bay Area native and wouldn't call any other place home. Danielle recently graduated from UCLA with a degree in sociology, and is excited to begin her recruiting career with Polyvore! She's had a lifelong passion for fashion, enjoys traveling and is addicted to Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

Fun fact: Danielle is obsessed with bargain shopping and has no problem spending hours hunting for the perfect find.

Daniel Qi


Born and raised in China, Daniel came to the US in 1998. After earning a PhD from the University of Missouri, Columbia, Daniel joined Lamar University as an assistant professor. After January 2008, Daniel worked as a search engineer at Microsoft/Bing and at (Amazon product search) for roughly three years each.

Fun fact: Daniel loves to watch sports games and plays soccer Sunday afternoons.

Kong Phan


Kong is a Bay Area native and a graduate of Sonoma State University. He started his career in public accounting at Ernst & Young, working in both the San Francisco and Los Angeles offices. Kong also held technical and operational roles at Gap, Inc. and Electronic Arts, and is a licensed CPA. Although he maintains a hip and cool exterior, he is a serious accounting nerd on the inside.

Fun fact: Kong has an affinity for sneakers, particularly classic Jordans. He is also a hard-core Raiders fan, but not the scary kind.

Eujin Rhee


Eujin obtained her BFA in photography from art school and was previously digital editor at Dwell. She lives for restored film prints and plans on mastering Chopin's Etude Op. 10, No. 3.

Fun fact: Eujin has never seen snow.

Ann Richards

Data Quality

Ann hails from Southern California, but put roots down in the Bay Area after graduating from UC Santa Cruz. With her super-practical creative writing degree, Ann is ever so happy to have landed in tech and is obsessed with the evolving role of content on the Web. Prior to Polyvore, she worked in web search and e-commerce by way of Yahoo, Blekko and eBay.

Fun fact: If you combine Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling, you would get Ann's spirit animal.

Yue Wu


Yue grew up in Shanghai. She completed her MS degree in electrical engineering from the University of Southern California, but loves learning and continues to take online courses. In her spare time Yue enjoys life by eating, singing and hiking.

Fun fact: Yue is upping her street cred by learning hip-hop.

Karina Wijaya


Karina grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia. She came to the States after high school and graduated from San Jose State University with a BFA in graphic design. In her spare time, Karina likes online shopping and looking at fashion bloggers' look books. At Polyvore, she can do both things all day!

Fun fact: Karina plays basketball and listens to Korean pop.

Song Ding


Born and raised in China, Song moved to the US after he graduated from Shanghai JiaoTong University. He visited several other states before he figured out that California is the best place to live. Prior to joining Polyvore, he worked at Cisco in system software engineering.

Fun fact: Song loves reading history books: history of the world, history of China, history of finance, etc. He believes "history always repeats itself."

Chris Norris


Chris is a born-and-bred Brit who moved to the US in 2000. He graduated from Oxford University with a master's in engineering and computing science, and started coding before he could walk. He has worked for a variety of very large and very small companies, building everything from operating systems for terabit-speed routing systems to consumer-facing web applications. He is passionate about building great engineering teams and being on the forefront of new technologies and products.

Fun fact: Chris is a commercial helicopter pilot and loves to land in people's backyards.

Esha Pathak


Esha was born and raised in India. She has a bachelor's and master's degree in computer science. Prior to joining Polyvore, she worked at Hewlett Packard and Intergraph Corp. Esha went from being a software developer to being a dev ops engineer. She loves to dance, listen to music and likes trying out exotic cuisines.

Fun fact: Esha is a self-proclaimed fashionista and loves to dole out fashion advice!

Dan Cox


Dan was born and raised in Washington state. After finding out he had webbed feet in 2012, he moved his family to the Bay Area to dry out. With a bachelor's degree in computer science and over a decade of experience shipping product for Amazon, Dan makes sure he and others have fun at work.

Fun fact: Dan will never order something at a bar that he could make at home. As a result, most of his drinks come with umbrellas.

Amy Wicks


Amy recently moved to San Francisco after living in New York City for almost a decade. Prior to joining Polyvore, she wrote about fashion and beauty for and had a daily media column at Women's Wear Daily. She's obsessed with fashion and sports, so the designer sneaker and varsity jacket trends happening right now are right down her alley.

Fun fact: Amy's favorite film is The Long, Hot Summer. If you like Paul Newman, this movie is a must see!

Kailun Shi


Polyvore is Kailun's second high-tech startup. He has worked in many different areas, including web dev, tech support, cloud and dev ops. He graduated from University of Florida with an MS in computer engineering.

Fun fact: When Kailun watches sports, he supports the underdogs and is super happy when they end up winning against the odds.

Jiang Zhu


Following his dad's career, Jiang was raised to be a painter and a photographer but became obsessed with computers and programming at the age of 8 and has deviated from the planned route ever since. Before Polyvore, he spent many years building system software, "Empowering the Internet Generation."

Fun fact: Jiang has a good collection of his own vintage computers and game consoles.

Chuanyou Li


Chuanyou first came to the Silicon Valley to do his master's thesis at Altera. After a three-year stint in New York working at Bloomberg and ZocDoc, he has returned to the Bay Area to work at Polyvore. He studied a variety of subjects, including physics as an undergrad, microelectronics for his master's degree and EE for his PhD (which he is sure he won't finish). He also taught English in Beijing at the New Oriental School before finally finding his true love: machine learning and statistics. He's excited to work in this field at Polyvore.

Fun fact: Chuanyou has been called the "King of Ping-Pong Serving" and also the "King of Daredevil Swimming," but he believes "King of Comedy" suits him best.

Kylee Simmons


Kylee grew up in Layton, UT, where she spent summers camping and hiking in the mountains. She graduated from BYU with a BA in economics and a master's in public policy. She moved to the Bay Area about two and a half years ago and loves it.

Fun fact: In grade school and junior high, Kylee would spend hours on the basketball court trying to get her jump shot to look just like John Stockton's.

Vitor Pereira


Vitor was born and raised in Brazil. After moving to the Bay Area in 2007, he worked for AdMob and Google, supporting ad operations for the mobile ad display business. In his spare time, aside from watching soccer (what he considers the "real football"), he enjoys eating lots of steak and playing video games.

Fun fact: Vitor is a rock guitarist/songwriter with very unrealistic dreams of joining either Metallica or Alice in Chains.

Tina Wu


Tina graduated from UC Berkeley with an EECS degree and worked for Nintendo and Acer before joining Polyvore. She enjoys all kinds of music and loves to try out new food.

Fun fact: Tina is a dog lover and owns a beautiful golden retriever named Amber.

Jade Cecil

Client Services

Jade joins Polyvore with over five years of experience in account management from Shopzilla, ValueClick and Chegg, and more than 18 years of experience playing soccer at Georgetown and on numerous Long Island youth teams. When she's not doing either of those two things, she loves being outside you can find her on the slopes, in the waves or hiking the trails with her husband and Chloe, a German Shepherd.

Fun fact: Jade's first and only celebrity crush was on Hulk Hogan.

Sarah Rose


Sarah is the VP product. Prior to joining Polyvore, she was the SVP of Product and Growth at ModCloth, where she had the opportunity to lead the product and marketing teams. Over the years, Sarah has worked at BabyCenter, Snapfish and MobShop, an early pioneer in online group buying. She has an MBA from UC Berkeley and a BA in environmental studies from Duke.

Fun fact: When not working, Sarah can be found with her three children, enjoying life in San Francisco, having fun biking in Golden Gate Park, flying kites at Chrissy Field or being a soccer mom at Marina Green.

Bernadette DeMao Hunter


Bernadette left rural Western Pennsylvania for a California dotcom job at the end of 1999. She's spent 16 years in digital marketing, most recently selling advertising solutions to clients at Facebook and Microsoft. Her obsession with style started at age six when she repeatedly played with her older sister's Fashion Plates toy, despite threats of imminent death.

Fun fact: Bernadette loves watching any reality show about tattoos, even though she has a phobia of needles and is terrified to get one of her own.

Min Wu


Min was born and raised in Beijing, China. He was previously at Microsoft and Symantec and, most recently, at EMC working on deduplication and file systems. Min has two boys who are 5 and 8, which means he has lots of experience in conflict management at home.

Fun fact: Min plays 15 minutes of foosball everyday, rain or shine.

James Hou


James was born and raised in Southern California, eventually escaping to the Midwest to pursue a BS in CS at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He then joined Motorola, where he worked on mobile phones (most notably the RAZR, though he's not sure if anyone still remembers that phone). After living in the Midwest for seven years, James realized how amazing California is and came back to pursue an MS in CS at UCLA. He's worked at Cisco and GREE, a mobile gaming company in San Francisco.

Fun fact: On the weekends you can find James on his couch, eating nachos and watching The Walking Dead, the 49ers or random shows/movies on Netflix. When he gets off the couch, he snowboards in the winter and rides a motorcycle in the summer.

Jason Lee


Jason was born in Korea and raised in the Bay Area. He graduated from UC Berkeley (go Bears!) with a BA in economics. Prior to Polyvore, Jason worked at gaming and enterprise startups and was most recently a PM at Marketo. He loves snowboarding, video games, tonkatsu and scotch.

Fun fact: Jason spent half of 2012 flying around Asia for work and racked up 40k miles during May alone.

Jenn Storey

Data Quality

Jenn is happy to call the Bay Area home after moving from Ireland 15 years ago. Most recently, she worked at Adchemy in Foster City, where she honed her taxonomy skills. She has also worked at Netflix and Yahoo. Jenn loves yoga, hiking, cats, movies, chocolate and coffee. She is not a fan of reptiles, so don’t be offended if she doesn’t want to meet your pet iguana.

Fun fact: Jenn has zero sense of direction, so if you see her wandering around the office looking lost, she probably is.

Ellen Cohn


Although Ellen is a Bay Area native, she decided to buy a heavy winter jacket and head east to Boston University to major in public relations. While at Boston University, the cold weather helped Ellen discover her love of technology and media. During her senior year, Ellen spent a semester working at Yahoo in London and visited Madrid, Paris, Dublin and Amsterdam. After graduation, Ellen moved back home to the Bay Area and worked at Yahoo, focusing on mobile and product PR.

Fun fact: Ellen loves playing guitar and sometimes can be spotted playing at coffee shops or open mics in the city.

Matt Wheeler


Matt graduated from UCLA in 2000, and immediately began applying his applied math degree to all the math he could find as his pediatrician wife, Kathy, dragged him around the country to complete her medical training. Most recently, Matt was applying a recently obtained master's degree in statistics at Groupon, satisfying his boyhood dreams of tinkering with relevance algorithms.

Fun fact: Matt spends his downtime swimming, beer tasting, pen spinning, muttering at financial and political blogs, impersonating playground equipment and wearing comical hats (sometimes all at the same time).

Kym Lino


Kym runs consumer PR for Polyvore. She is an experienced media relations professional, having previously worked with brands and organizations including GrubHub, PayPal, Percolate and the NCAA. Like every native New Yorker, Kym loves thin crust pizza, bagels and the pork buns from IPPUDO.

Fun fact: Kym studied meteorology in college and watches the Weather Channel for fun. So if you have a question about the weather, she's your girl.

Julia Boortz


Julia grew up in Columbus, Ohio and studied abroad in Austria while in high school. She graduated from MIT with a degree in computer science and political science. Prior to Polyvore, she worked at Palantir.

Fun fact: Julia taught skiing and snowboarding during high school and college.

Lindsey Klaff


Lindsey received her BA in English from The George Washington University. Her first job in media was at US News & World Report. She then moved on to The Huffington Post, and later AOL. Her latest role was as a Senior Account Executive at Popsugar. Lindsey recently moved from Manhattan to Brooklyn and loves exploring her new city.

Fun fact: Lindsey loves to travel. Her favorite movies of all time are Back to the Future I, II and to a lesser extent III. She is still waiting for her growth spurt.

Peggy Francois

People Operations

Peggy was born and raised in the Bay Area, and is a California girl at heart. She attended Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, where she obtained her degree in agricultural business, and prior to joining the Polyvore team, was in sales at a produce company. Peggy enjoys traveling, and aims to leave the country at least once a year. Her favorite destination thus far has been the French Riviera.

Fun fact: Peggy has a tendency to over-play her "blonde moment" card. But hey, if you've got it, flaunt it!

Zhewei Mai


Zhewei was born and raised on Hainan Island, China. He got his bachelor's degree from Wuhan University and his master's degree from Northeastern University in Boston. Before joining Polyvore, he worked on the Amazon supply chain team.

Fun fact: Zhewei loves many sports, including soccer, pool, badminton, tennis and more, but he does not play very well.

Lisa Liang


Born in China but raised in the 416, Lisa has a BS in computer science from the University of Toronto. She worked on artificial reality and internationalization before heading to Polyvore after graduation, getting liberated from a life of shoveling snow and salting sidewalks.

Fun fact: Lisa's guilty pleasure is watching horrible reality TV shows and trying to balance them out with quality programming.

Carol Hagler

Data Quality

Carol grew up in Arkansas and spent 15 years in Texas before finding her way to the Bay Area. While in the Lone Star State, she got a BS in psychology and German and an MA in neuroscience from Baylor University. She also picked up her obsession: the perfect smoked brisket. She also has a deep affection for miniature dachshunds.

Fun fact: Carol dreams of entering a professional barbecue competition.

Priya Krishnakumar


Priya is originally from the East Coast and moved to San Francisco over 10 years ago. While in the Bay Area, she has worked at many ecommerce sites, including Wells Fargo, Snapfish and Ancestry. Besides working, she loves to vacation in Hawaii and go to concerts. She hopes to learn to ride a bike some day very soon.

Fun fact: She loves to dance and shop, but not at the same time.

Chris Toney


Chris grew up in Mississippi, Texas and Southern California, and spent 8 years in the US Navy. He found his passion for IT in 1997 at Tandem Computers. He has worked at four startups, the last of which, AdMob, was purchased by Google. He spent the last four years working on Google's M&A Eng Integration team, focusing on integrating acquired companies' corp infrastructure into Google's.

Fun fact: Chris loved his job in the Navy (radar and communications) so much that he almost became an air traffic controller.

Chihyu Chang


Chihyu grew up in Taiwan. After college, she attended the University of Florida for her MS in digital arts and sciences. Chihyu then moved to California, where she started to work as an iOS/unity developer in the mobile gaming industry.

Fun fact: Chihyu enjoys eating and cooking. She also enjoys all kinds of books and shows about food, and has recently started making curry from scratch after being inspired by a curry comic book.

Sid Rudraraju


Sid was born in India, and moved to the US 10 years ago. He is an electrical engineer by education, and a data nerd/ninja by choice. Prior to Polyvore, Sid was at Zynga and eBay working in roles across strategic partnerships, user acquisition, and affiliate marketing.

Fun fact: Sid is currently on a mission to watch all (or at least ones with a 3-5 star rating) Asian action movies on Netflix. His long term mission is to retire by age 45 and open a bakery — experimenting on friends, family and colleagues in the meantime.

Liz DiNapoli


Liz attended St Mary's College, and graduated with a BA in economics and a minor in Italian. Previously, Liz worked at GENWI, where she did marketing, recruiting and finance. She has studied abroad a handful of times in Sicily, Rome, South Africa, Indonesia and Thailand. Liz is a huge movie quoter (e.g., Wayne's World, Space Balls and Ace Ventura) and loves live music and documentaries.

Fun fact: Liz is Blue Ivy's godmother.

Alice Loeb


Alice was the head of consumer insights at ModCloth, leading both market and user experience research. After beginning her research career at Kraft Foods, Alice worked as a management consultant at ZS Associates, then returned to the research world to focus on high technology at Logitech and Socratic Technologies. She holds an MS in integrated marketing communication from Northwestern University.

Fun fact: Alice loves to travel and has a goal to fill her passport before it expires in 2017.

Alexandra Johnson


After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in Computer Science, Alexandra took the summer off to travel around Europe. She’s had internships at Duolingo, Facebook, and Rent the Runway, and now she is excited to combine her love of fashion and computer science on the team at Polyvore! She has been an active user of since 2009.

Fun fact: Alexandra grew up in the rural eastern half of Washington state and hopes to buy a pickup truck.

Stu Cianos


Stu is a Bay Area native with a passion for technology and its ability to create positive impact in the lives of those it touches. Before joining Polyvore he focused on clinical healthcare technology and educational technology across the region, and has also worked for several startups. Stu holds a CISSP and enjoys being active in the local computer security community.

Fun fact: Stu is an avid street photographer with a love for surrealism and the abstract.

Erika Lum


Born and raised in Hawaii, Erika grew up with sandy beaches and beautiful weather. Aspiring for more variety in her life, she traded the tropics for the somewhat less beautiful weather of Rhode Island while she attended Brown University. After graduating, she traveled to yet another island and fell in love with UX design in Manhattan while working for Fuzz Productions.

Fun fact: Fun Fact: Erika plays futsal (indoor soccer) for the U.S. Women’s National Team.

Jeff Okamoto

Data Quality

Jeff is a Bay Area native and got interested in computers at an early age from playing games at the Lawrence Hall of Science. He went to UC Berkeley and after graduating, started working for Hewlett-Packard, where he ported Perl 5 to the HP-UX platform. After leaving HP he went to work for, ironically, the Stanford University Library in the online publishing arena.

Fun fact: Jeff is a role-playing gamer and has podcasted his gaming sessions.

Sierra Lerer


Sierra is a native Californian born and raised in West Marin and then moved to Santa Barbara where she graduated from UCSB with a BA in Sociology. After working with the developmentally disabled for two years she joined a then start-up company,, where she began her career in online marketing. After 9 years in SB she moved back to San Francisco to study Photography at the Academy of Art while continuing to work at CJ part time. Prior to joining Polyvore she worked at eBay Advertising where she managed strategic partner relationships within the eBay Commerce Network.

Fun fact: She currently co-owns a wedding photography business called Quiet Eye Photography.

Jen Matteucci


Jen is a proud Californian and aspiring European. After graduating from Loyola Marymount University she moved to San Francisco to pursue a career in Marketing. Jen worked in the beauty industry at Bare Escentuals for several years before embarking to the startup world, landing at Square. She is excited to fuse her love of fashion and tech together at Polyvore. In her spare time you can usually find Jen running toward the Golden Gate Bridge, at a music venue fulfilling her monthly music quota, or exploring a new city.

Fun fact: Jen has dual USA and Italian citizenship, and is a hopeful Polyglot (lover of languages). She is mildly obsessed with the World Cup, puppy videos, and coffee.

Lujia Wang


Lujia grew up in China, and received her bachelor’s degree from Wuhan University. She then moved to the states to attend Cornell University, and graduated with a M.E. in Computer Science. Prior to joining the Polyvore team, she worked at Acer Cloud.

Fun fact: Lujia likes to spend her spare time browsing street style shootings from bloggers, and is also a huge fan of home decor.

Jocelyn Chuang


Jocelyn wants to live in a world where coffee is always hot and beer is always cold. A passionate lifestyle designer, her works were featured in The Daily Beast, Newsweek, Bon Appetit, Hoop and Star Wars.

Fun fact: Jocelyn can Hula Hoop for one hour continuously.

Hao Hu


Hao was born and raised in Southern China. He came to the US for graduate school and earned his PhD from Polytechnic Institute of New York University in 2012. Before joining Polyvore, Hao was a software engineer at Cisco Systems working distributed systems and data analytics. He enjoys photography, and is now refining his skill with his little son.

Fun fact: Hao loves hiking, soccer, tennis and foosball. He plays soccer games every weekend.

Bala Sankar


Bala was born and brought up in Chennai(Madras), India. After moving to the US, he graduated with a Master’s degree in software engineering from San Jose State University. Prior to joining Polyvore, he loved working as a software developer at Yahoo!, and Risk Management Solutions.

Fun fact: Going by my nature, it's hard for people to believe that i hold a third dan black belt in Karate but I do.