The Polyvore Clipper is a browser bookmark that lets you easily import items from other websites into Polyvore.

Note: To save images from Pinterest, please use the clipper extension on Chrome or Safari browsers instead.

  1. To install, drag this link: Agregar a Polyvore to your browser Bookmarks Toolbar.
  2. Later, click on the bookmark whenever you come across an item you wish to import into Polyvore.


1. Drag the link to the browser bookmark area

2. Click "Clip to Polyvore" to save images to Polyvore

3. Select the image you want and click save

Que tipo de artículos puedo añadir a Polyvore?

You can import anything that has a medium or large sized image on a web page that is publicly accessible (important notes about Derechos de autor).

Images with solid or very simple backgrounds work best:

Bueno Malo

¿Por qué algunas imágenes se ven distorsionadas después de haberlas importado?

Polyvore tries to remove the background portions of an image so that it can be used in creating collages, but sometimes this does not work very well (we are working on improving this). If this happens, try finding an alternate image with a simpler background. You can also choose to use the image with the background intact in the editor.

Imagen original Imagen rota