Polyvore Live: Hair Trends by Sarah Potempa

Runway shows aren't just about the fashion. Hair styles play a key part in pulling an entire look together. Celebrity hair stylist Sarah Potempa was the visionary behind the amazing hair styles that were on the Polyvore Live catwalk.
From soft beach waves to braids to amazing texture, these hair trends are to die for.
  • Sarah Potempa
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    "Sarah Potempa" — @polyvore-editorial
  • Alicia Lund and Kim Pesch
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    "Beach waves" — @polyvore-editorial
  • Sarah Potempa BEACHWAVER Rotating Curling Iron, Clips Comb
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "Beachwaver by Sarah Potempa" — @polyvore-editorial
    What is it: The Beachwaver is a rotating curling iron that gives you red carpet-ready waves with the touch of a button. Designed by a celebrity hairstylist, this professional-quality curling iron has a user-friendly design that allows you to use it on yourself. The two-sided detangling comb has teeth on one side to smooth out tangles and uneven hair. The other side is a holder for the comb, which offers even tension while preparing the hair for styling. Made with heat-resistant material, it can be used simultaneously with hot tools. Who is it for: If you love trendy waves, but don't know how to curl your own hair, or have limited time, the Beachwaver is for you! It's the perfect curling iron for the girl on the go, and works best on anyone with shoulder-length or longer hair. This iron was created for women who have difficulty using professional tools, but want trendy, gorgeous waves. Why is it different: The Beachwaver is an innovative curling iron with a unique design that was developed by a hairstylist. With Sarah's extensive work as a celebrity hairstylist, she found women had a hard time curling their own hair. She wanted to create an iron that let women use it on themselves. The Beachwaver allows you to control the side you are curling--with a Left and Right button--and rotates for you. Not only is it designed to save time, it also makes it easy to curl your hair. The digital temperature dial lets you select a temperature--from 310F to 450F--based on your hair type. How do I use it: Use the detangling comb to remove all tangles from hair. Then, starting at the root, smooth hair down as you slowly close the tension rod to prepare hair to be styled. Select Left or Right on the Beachwaver. Clamp it near the ends of the hair, with the clamp facing you. Press GO to start the rotation of the rod. Hold down the GO button as it rotates up, and release the button to stop the rotation. Hold for 10 to 15 seconds, then release the clamp. From Sarah Potempa. QVC.com
  • Hair by Sarah Potempa
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    "Fish braids" — @polyvore-editorial
  • Shea Marie
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    "Texture" — @polyvore-editorial
  • Arielle Nachmani: Hair by Sarah Potempa
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    "Evening: amazing texture" — @polyvore-editorial
  • Rachel Nguyen
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    "Ready to wear: gorgeous, easy texture" — @polyvore-editorial
  • Natalie Suarez
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    "Evening: smooth top" — @polyvore-editorial
  • Taya Rogers in Gavaskar
    "Evening: smooth top" — @polyvore-editorial
  • Kim Pesch
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    "Ready to wear: side braid" — @polyvore-editorial

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