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Wrote two years ago
Hello Polyvore,
This is the second time my account has been suspended, yet you have not heard my side of the story. You simply delete my accounts without even warning me on my account of any reporting occurring. I do not participate in roleplays that are violent, any form of sex is not descriptive it is mild and fairly pg13, and I do not do anything in appropriate. My account ( lexxi-love ) was less that a month old, I had all my items on that account, and my other account ( simplysola ) was an account I had for years.
You guys are supposed to be running a site, yet you neglect to treat your users the right way. I ask that you reopen my accounts ( both of them ) and clear all reporting history because I have done nothing wrong. There are users out there who roleplay sexual activities with animals with great description, there are people who roleplay sexual acts involving incestual themes, and there are people who roleplay sex involving mutilation and domination.
I didn't do any of this on any of my accounts. Children are exposed to cussing and sex in media - i.e. twilight, fifty shades of gray, vampire diaries, and supernatural - however, when someone rights a simple word or two even involving it they're suspended from polyvore. You have only warned me one time that my set has been reported, and that one time I cleaned things up and included warnings on my titles. I've spent time making my own sets and rarely using templates, meaning all my hard work goes down the drain. All the items I spend countless hours looking for go to waste. You have taken a lot of my time only to give all of it away.
If anyone were to look at my sets, they do so willingly. I do not force anything and I do not do it just to desecrate the innocence of a mind. You are going to lose popularity with how you run your business because I for one am tired of of the favoritism between you and certain members. How can you go about neglecting the needs of all of your usesrs all because of the worlds of one?
In my defense, I was only warned one time and my account was taken down though I did take precautions. I demand, due to the lack of warning, that both of my accounts be activated once more and all reporting history be deleted.

Wrote two years ago
love it :)
please, like my set: thank you! :)

Wrote two years ago
I like and want everything

Wrote two years ago
still in love with the mint leather top. this collection is so wonderful though!

Wrote two years ago
Fantastic collection!!!!!!Love it!!

Wrote two years ago
Amei a bolsa de olho!

Wrote two years ago
Love the dream necklace, the bow ring, and the Fair Isle sweater. <3