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  • De Telefoongids Gouden Gids
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    "Roselynn Cresent
    -Taken by Sydneybean70-
    Age: 16
    Personality: Funny, Caring, Lovable, Sometimes Mean, Often to Un-popular people, and Easily Jealous
    Bestfriends: Logan, But is friends with everyone in her clique" — @sydneybean70
  • Uma imagem de The Pretty Reckless
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    "Logan kate-
    -TAKEN for Clara77707-
    Age: 15 and half
    Personality: Mean, Really mean to lot's of people, But she is very nice and Sweet around her Friends.
    Bestfriends: Roselynn, Hates almost everyone else" — @sydneybean70
    Assista a vídeos e ouça gratuitamente The Pretty Reckless: Make Me Wanna Die, Miss Nothing e mais, além de 714 imagens. The Pretty Reckless é uma banda americana de rock formada em 2009 pela atriz Taylor Momsen conhecida pelo seu trabalho na série Gossip Girl. A banda desde que foi lançada oficialmente já abriu shows das The Veronicas, Evanescence e Marilyn Manson. Logo após assinar contrato com a gravadora Interscope Records em maio de 2009, a banda entrou em estúdio para a produção do primeiro disco, intitulado Light Me Up que foi lançado no Reino Unido no dia 30 de Agosto de 2010. Em 06 de março de 2012, a banda lançou seu segundo EP, Hit Me Like A Man EP, com três faixas inéditas e versão ao vivo de Make Me Wanna Die e Since You’re Gone. Descubra novas músicas, shows, vídeos e fotos no maior catálogo on-line com a Last.fm.
  • Beautiful sitemodel (:
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    "Ariella Snow
    Age: 15
    Personality: Sweet, Loving, Caring, Smart, and Emotional.
    Bestfriends: Hates Logan, but kinda likes Roselynn a bit, her bestfriend is Alexa" — @sydneybean70
  • Jessica B - - &+SitemodelHelper♥
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    "Alexa Jones
    Age: 16
    Personality: Spoiled, Ignorant, Only cares about her Looks. I think you get the Picture.
    Bestfriends: Ariella" — @sydneybean70
  • Sitemodel Natalie
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    "Felicity Forton
    Age: 15 And Half
    Personality: Funny, Party Animal, Laughs Alot, Crazzzyyyy, Drunk alot
    Bestfriends: Darleen But she has a Sister Named Faith, Felicity Hates her" — @sydneybean70
  • Tumblr
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    "Darleen(Dar-lean) Ray
    Age: 15
    Personality: Boy Crazed, Vain, Rude, Sometimes Jealous.
    Bestfriends: Darleen" — @sydneybean70
  • sitemodelhelper.
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    "Jamie Annerson
    Age: 15 and half
    Personality: Quiet, Like Violet. she is sweet, and Lovable.
    Bestfriends: Violet" — @sydneybean70
  • Chiara Ferragni - The Blonde Salad
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    "Lola Gorven
    Age: 15
    Personality: Kinda Mysterious, she has mixed Personalities and Emotions. she is unpredictable.
    Bestfriends: Riley" — @sydneybean70
  • Google: rezultat iskanja slik za http://hairstyles.thehairstyler.com/hairstyle_views/front_view_images/4162/original/Blake-Lively.jpg
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    "Riley raynolds
    TAKEN by sarahdog123pink
    Age: 16
    Personality: Rude, Dumb, Mean, Spoiled Funny
    Bestfriends: Lola" — @sydneybean70
  • From the Show - All Stars - Allison Harvard - All ANTM
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    "Allison Tonlin
    TAKEN by Sk8erangel1234

    Age: 15 and Half
    Personality: Shy, Sweet, Open Hearted, Down-to-earth
    Bestfriend: Annie" — @sydneybean70
  • Michelle Trachtenberg Picture Photo 881x1067 105.133 kB
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    "Annie Cornal
    Age: 15
    Personality: Sweet, Sensitive, Emotional, Clueless, Shy, Silly, Clumsy
    Bestfriend: Allison" — @sydneybean70
    A High Quality Michelle Trachtenberg picture photo with dimensions of 881x1067 and a filesize of 105.133 Kb.
  • humorsharing.com
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    "Right: Merrisa, Left: Mellisa
    Ages: 16
    Merrisa Per: Boy Fanatic, Vain, But sweet to her Friends.
    Mellisa Per.: The Smart and Down-to-earth one. she is the one who cares more about school
    Bestfriends: Eachother!!" — @sydneybean70
  • fall sitemodel
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    "Faith Forton
    Age: 15 and half
    Personality: Sweet, Lovable, Funny, Smart, and Caring
    Bestfriends: Elizabeth" — @sydneybean70
  • Tumblr
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    "Elizabeth Holly
    Age: 15
    Personality: Halarious! but shy, Caring and Very smart. she is very Helpfull and Cares for everyone
    Bestfriends: Faith" — @sydneybean70
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