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Wrote three years ago
@ayana-bubblegum Okay.

Wrote three years ago
It's okay.If you can't find a heart I don't want anything on it

Wrote three years ago
@ayana-bubblegum; I can try to find the heart. If not, do you want a regular heart? (:
@nicola-xxx, Thank you. :D & Yes, I will try to do all three as soon as I can.
@taylorswiftlover-anna Yes, you can have two. I'll do these as soon as I get time. (:
It may be a few hours before I get to start, though. But I'll start as soon as I can!(: THANKS. :D

Wrote three years ago
these are lovely! can i have 2? if so can i have 10 & 4 please? 4: black, grey, white, silver, silver sparkles etc
(Text: Nicola) 10: autumn colours: browns, greens, oranges etc. (Text: Nicola) Thanks! Will be telling all my polyvore friends to follow you! Nicola :) Xxx

Wrote three years ago
Icon Number:97 What You Want The Icon To Say: Ayana Colors; pink, turquoise,orange,and neon green Anything Else (Rainbows, hearts, etc.):a heart that looks like it's drawn if you can(:

Wrote three years ago


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