Member Interview: Lyudmyla

A Polyvore member for three years, lyudmyla won the "Star Style Presents by Mercedes-Benz and Naeem Khan" contest, scoring a trip for two to New York Fashion Week in September 2012! We got the scoop on her favorite sets and personal style.
Tell us about yourself and what you typically wear every day?
My name is Lyudmyla Porter. I’m a 34 year old freelance artist. As far as what I wear every day, it varies WILDLY. It can be anything from pajamas or a t-shirt and panties, to a dress or a fun going-out look. My wardrobe is dictated by my life, my life is not dictated by my wardrobe. I try to be comfortable and free as an artist, so when I’m painting or drawing or making clothes or sometimes just a mess, I’m casual and in soft fabrics. When I’m spending time with friends or hanging out or running errands, I'll most likely wear a seasonal dress, or I'll wear some jeans or slacks and a layered top. For dinner with my husband, I try to wear something romantic yet sexy to remind him that I’m his number one priority!
Where do you live, and what trends are big there?
Oh my God, I live in Palmdale, California! The trend here is something between outdoor sports to barbecue clothes to high fashion. It’s like anywhere else in Los Angeles County. It really depends on where you’re going and what you’re going to be doing. It’s a very sunny place, so big sunglasses are a hot trend here. More of a necessity really! The great thing about being here is that I get to wear a lot of hats. Southern California is a great place to be if you love hats, because they are truly the most fabulous way to avoid sunburn. Also, fashion and trends are very much in a state of evolution here, because celebrities are always the ones to break new ground in terms of what’s in style.
What is your favorite brand/designer?
Hard to say, not really a question a girl can answer. All of them! Just kidding, but there are so many choices in fashion now, it’s possible to have a completely different look every day if you have the time and money to shop that much! If I had to answer in a do-or-die scenario, then it would probably be BCBG or LAMB or many others. Wow, I can’t even answer that under threat of death.
Which celebrity has great style?
I like Sheryl Crow. She is a celebrity whose fashion I admire and, more importantly, relate to. She is very feminine, casual AND sexy. She knows how and when to mix it up. She’s a lady who clearly knows who she is and she lives it. I also like Nicole Kidman. She cleans up well and is always a head-turner on the red carpet. She always looks so elegant and sophisticated, without going overboard. She commands your attention without demanding it outright. She makes you want to see what she’ll be wearing and how she carries herself. She doesn’t have to run out in the streets dressed like a peacock to get people to notice her.
Describe your personal sense of style.
That’s a tough one. Wow, I guess it would be somewhere between bohemian eclecticism and traditional with modern influences. I believe in the classics, that certain things endure. True love, puppy dogs, your good-butt jeans, a favorite handbag. These are the things you just always have a place in your heart for, because they are classics. I love the new trends and latest looks, but the ones that always catch my eye are rooted in the foundation of everlasting coolness, the basics. It just has to draw inspiration from the familiar so I don’t feel like I’m dressed in something from the Syfy channel.
Your personal goal?
Just to be happy today. There is no guarantee of tomorrow, and yesterday is gone. Life is pretty simple, and if I’m trying to do it right, I just don’t make it complicated.


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Thank you to all of you GORGEOUS and TALENTED LADIES! :D Your complements are so great. If I ever feel down and have a need to boost my ego I'll come here to read your comments again and again! :)) I am kidding...or, well not really! Love you all and many thanks for your support! xoxox

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Gorgeous Work! Love it!

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I just love you,dear!!!:) Great interview!!!!! <3

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Congratulations @lyudmyla! I'm a big fan of your work so it's great to see you as the member spotlight this month!! :D

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How exciting - CONGRATS @lyudmyla!! Beautiful sets. :D

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Congratulations - love your sets

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Congrats Lyudmyla!

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wow, amazing . xoxo

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WOW amazing sets, and I love know more about you @lyudmyla, you are so pretty and cool and I love your last answer !!!!!!!! @polyvore is so cool that members interviews are here now!!!!!! xoxo Ka <3


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