full name;Lauren Elizabeth Mace
nicknames; Laury,Liz,Macy
age; {16}
appearance; Down there
place of birth; New York City,New York
hometown; Warsaw,Poland
personality; Lauren is your typical girl she is nice,happy,lovable. But once you cross the line you'll feel a cold breeze into the artic world of harsh mean words said to you when you said something mean to her.She believes that Self defense is needed when your older. She is caring and a good friend who will stick up to anyone she knows
bio; Born March 5, 1996, in Oakland, California, Laura grew up as part of the nearby California Shakespeare Theater in Orinda, where her mother works as the House Manager. In addition to training at the theater’s student conservatory program, and later performing in numerous stage productions, Laura helped her mom seat patrons and sell raffle tickets to benefit the theater.When she turned 15 she realized that theater was closed due to deaths and crimes. She let go of her childhood to become a model but academics come first so she came over to Versia.
family/relatives; Caroline Mace (mOM-35) GregORY Mace (Dad-35) Maegan Mace (sISTER-19)
academic info; Grades-A+ to an A and HER AVerage was a A on her last report card but she is doing really good
car; 2014 Accord Plug-In Honda
phone; iPhone 5
other; Nothing else

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