[♥] J a c k s o n . . . .

Name; Aurora Elena GIlbert . . ♥ [Elena is pronounced: Ell-In-Uh]
Nicknames; Auora, and Ari. . ♥
Age; F o u r t e e n . . ♥
- - ♥ - - - - - - - - - -
P♥O♥B; Savannah, Georgia . . ♥
Detailed Biography; Have you ever dreamt of living in someone else's body for a day? Having a carefree day, and live life to the fullest for just a mere 24 hours? 24 hours. In 24 hours, baby Aurora's life changed forever. When Aurora was born in the Savannah Memorial Hospital, her mother cried softly over her fragile head, and kissed her baby gently on her cheek before closing her eyes. Her mother had died giving labor. Her father, her darling father perished just two months later in a hit-and-run car accident. The reasons behind the hit-and-run mystery, is still a puzzle, even to this day. Aurora was sent to a nearby orphanage, and was forced to "adapt" to the new surrounding. She was cared for yes, but love? Love was hard to come by. Ari was all alone in an orphanage for those two first fragile years of her life, until her aunt finally found her and took her home. It's a funny sort of situation. Beatrice [aunt] had been trying to have a baby girl with her husband Derrick for years, and there was no luck. Once beatrice found out that Ari's mother was pregnant with a girl, Beatrice went into depression. She had just returned from a specialist care facility when she found Aurora. She immediately took her in, and cared for her as though Aurora were her own child. Aunt Beatrice and Uncle Derrick did/still do everything they can for Ari and her brother Jacob. Ari was raised in a beautiful white plantation, tucked away in a beautiful green forest in the dense Savannah foliage. The house, resembles a 19th century plantation, extremely well. This home has always been a safe haven for Aurora. When Ari turned twelve years old, Aunt Beatrice finally told Aurora the story of how her parents had died. Aurora had always assumed that they were both killed in an earthquake that happened the year her parents had died, but she was wrong. The news, shaker Ari, and still hurts her to this day. While exploring in her Aunt's attic one day, she came across a trunk filled with her parents things. She learned that her parents were high school sweethearts, and were loved dearly throughout the town. This explains why Ari was always being praised whenever she went to the store, the mall, and even school. Aurora still wonders about her parents - to this day. She hopes that she will find out information at Jackson. According to her aunt, her parents both attended Jackson over 20 years ago. Arabella and Leonardo were the "it" couple of Jackson, and a new generation is about to take place. Get ready Jackson, Aurora is coming.
Family. . ♥;
Aunt Beatrice; She has always been there for Aurora. She is a very kind, generous, and sweet mother that looks out for Ari and Jacob. Aunt Beatrice currently owns a cupcake shop known as /Cake In A Cup/ just a few minutes outside town. Her shop keeps her fairly occupied, and many times - Ari and Jacob are forced to spend their evenings by themselves.
Uncle Derrick; He's the chill dad. If you ever need something, ask Derrick. When he's not riding his motorcycle around town, he's helping clients at his law firm [Gilbert and CO.] He has been a successful lawyer for over 12 years, and is continuing his father's legacy.
Jacob Daae Gilbert; Jacob is the living being of his father Leo. Jacob is quite hot-tempered, and is not afraid to show his true colors. He's an Italian descent after all. Italian blood runs through his veins, and he won't let you forget it. When he's not going to college, he takes care of little Aurora.
- - ♥ - - - - -
Personality . . ♥; Ari resembles her mother, to a /T/. However just like all people, Aurora has her flaws. Excluding the negatives, Ari is known as the "Golden Girl" throughout Savannah. Her auora seems to consume all of the space surrounding her. She doesn't mean to come off as.. "popular", it just happens to be that way. Aurora is a very sweet girl, and loves socializing with other people. A few of her other positive attributes include: She's funny, irresistible, sweet, clever, sensitive, romantic, gentle, naive, and very classy. . Her personality traits seem to dazzle just about everyone. Hmm, what else? She's charming, and romantic. Blame the old movies. However, Aurora is also fiesty. Shes not just a bubbly, spontaneous, girl. Aurora is not perfect. Shes very enotional, and is only loyal to her friends. She finds trusting people to be quite hard. Do you know Daisy, from the Great Gatsby? Ari resembles her, to a T. Both girls are loved by all, but can be quite condescending. Now, besides being /sensitive/ [I will get to that in a moment], Arabella is truly a Golden Girl. Now, for the bad. When Aurora found out about her parents, she was crushed. Her aunt and uncle forced her to see a psychiatrist, and that didn't help. Ari was sent to a rehabilitation center.. [the same one as her aunt] and lived there for over a month. She came back much stronger, however she's still quite fragile. She takes medication daily, but will be forced to relive the past for the rest of her life. The poor girl has insomnia.
Likes / Dislikes . . ♥;
Likes; Long walks, reading, writing, drawing, dancing, cheer, tomato soup, singing, shopping, umbrellas, family, friends, Bruno Mars, Chocolate, Beaches, Makeup, flowers, Georgia, shorts, pink, stripes, polka dots, perfume, Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little liars, strawberries, bananas, mangoes, working out, old movies, flamingoes, pandas, tigers, etc . .
Dislikes; Smoking, Alcohol, Indie Music, Cheese, High Pitch Voices, Coughing, Hospitals, One Direction, Jail, Microwaves, Airplanes, Liars, Chemistry, Noodles, Trumpets, Fights, Heartbreak, etc . .
Future Aspirations . . ♥; This may sounds crazy, but Aurora dreams of becoming a writer. She has kept dozens of journals throughout her life, and loves expressing her emotions on a day to day basis. Her writing has improved throughout the years, and has a passion for writing. Of course, she tells everyone that she will become a model, because that's what everyone wants to here. A pretty face, a model. She doesn't want to be in the spotlight, she will let her book do the talking. .
- ♥ - - - - - -
Drama Ideas for your charrie . .♥ This basically goes along with Ari's secret, which I will explain below.
Secret . .♥; Ari has Leukemia. I know that this may seem minor, but it's serious. She received therapy when she was four, and it went away. However it's back. Aurora has to be quite cautious. Eventually, I want her to loose her hair, and wear a wig around Jackson. She will get better, but she will have a wig for a semester or so. Ari also has insomnia. She cannot sleep. She sleeps about two hours a night, and nothing more.
Active level . .♥; 101010101010101010


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