L i n d s a y . P e a r c e

  • MODELS.com Portfolio | Iona M. 4
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    "L i n d s a y . P e a r c e
    E i g h t e e n . Y e a r s . O f . P e r f e c t i o n.
    V a m p i r e ;; A l l . H e r . L i f e" — @cocorockin7
  • MODELS.com Portfolio | Iona M.
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    "D.O.B;; N o v e m b e r . 1 4 . 1 9 9 4
    P.O.B;; T a m p a , F l o r i d a" — @cocorockin7
  • MODELS.com Portfolio | Iona M. 2
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    "P o w e r s;;
    ♥ S u p e r . S p e e d
    ♥ S u p e r . S t r e n g t h
    ♥ T e l e k i n e s i s
    ♥ S h a p e . S h i f t i n g" — @cocorockin7
  • MODELS.com Portfolio | Iona M. 9
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    Don't let her pretty looks deceive you. This girl is the definition of evil. Lindsay is a fierce girl who will make it her mission to crush you if you get on her bad side. She makes it very obvious how she feels about you." — @cocorockin7
  • MODELS.com Portfolio | Iona M.
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    "If she doesn't like you, then trust me, you'll know about it. She doesn't like many people as she feels she more superior then them." — @cocorockin7
  • MODELS.com Portfolio | Iona M.
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    "However she will occasionally warm up to a few people but this is very rare so feel privileged if she does and don't , for your sake, make her regret it." — @cocorockin7
  • you always want what you can't have
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    "Lindsay's looks aren't the only thing she has. Her parents are very well off and are high-paid business people." — @cocorockin7
  • Classic Luxury
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    "Lindsay gets anything she wants from them by the simple click of her finger." — @cocorockin7
    Hi, I'm Lane, and I'm 15. I love preppy clothes, makeup, and food. Some celebrities I like are the Kardashians, Christina Perri, and Justin Bieber. Fashion brands I love: Lilly Pulitzer, Jack Rogers,...
  • ♡ creoso, mellonamin ♡‏
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    "She dresses in only the finest clothes so that people can see just how well off she is and to show them just how powerful she is." — @cocorockin7
  • Breakfast At Barneys
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    "This girl is the definition of flawless so she doesn't use a lot of make-up." — @cocorockin7
  • Life inside the music box ain't easy.
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    "She keeps it natural so that it just helps her glow even more than usual." — @cocorockin7
  • Your not invisible to me
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    "At times she will spice it up just to mix it up. She will go for sophisticated winged eyeliner and a little touch of mascara." — @cocorockin7
    fabulouseverything: “ ~queued!♡♡ ”
  • photo
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    "Although she is into fashion and make-up that doesn't mean she doesn't have brains." — @cocorockin7
  • Bright Side Blossom
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    "Lindsay was always an A student and would always pass her tests with flying colours as she studied a lot for them." — @cocorockin7
  • In my head, I paint a picture ♥
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    "She is always texting someone with her phone and will often use it as an excuse to get away from people she doesn't want to be talking to." — @cocorockin7
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    "The endless amounts of clothes this girl possess is unreal to even the biggest clothing collectors." — @cocorockin7
  • hey there ;)
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    "This girl never forgets to accessorise and will always be wearing expensive items to help make her outfits pop." — @cocorockin7
  • Gele Vespa scooter
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    "Lindsay always travels around on her trusted Yellow Vespa." — @cocorockin7
    Zoom.nl is het online fotoplatform voor en door amateurfotografen. Hier kun je jouw foto's uploaden, commentaar geven op andere foto's en leren van feedback van andere fotografen. Leer nog meer over digitale fotografie! Meld je nu gratis aan op Zoom.nl
  • Vespa Photography, Vintage Style, Vespa Print, Boys Room Decor, Mod & Retro Style - Vespa Love in Yellow
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    "She never uses any other type of transport anymore." — @cocorockin7
    Vintage vespa photo of a yellow Vespa parked near a beach I usually go to during summer months! These Vespas are my favourite! TITLE: Yellow Summer SIZE: 8"x12" (which includes a small white border for easy framing) MATERIAL: Fujicolor Professional Semi-Mate Paper, printed by a specialized professional photo lab. /////////////////////// SHIPPING: Orders ship from Lisbon, Portugal, every Friday. However please note that I will need at least three business days to print and get your order ready to ship. OTHER INFO: All the photos are unframed and signed originals, and will be very carefully packaged and shipped. The watermark will not appear in your order. Please take into consideration that colour may differ according to monitor settings and that this is a low-quality sample. /////////////////////// OTHER SIZES?
  • Yellow Vespa in the City - a photo on Flickriver
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    "It's been that way ever since she got it." — @cocorockin7
    Flickriver - view images as a 'river of photos' and more...
  • My Bohemian Queen  Helena Bonham Carter
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    "Mother;; H e l e n a . P e a r c e
    Vampire;; 1 7 . Y e a r s
    Personality;; Helena is a very strong and determined vampire. Most people think Lindsay got her attitude from her mother, which says a lot about Helena." — @cocorockin7
    My Bohemian Queen Helena Bonham Carter
  • imageGx
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    "Helena and Marcus are both high-end vampires who have a lot of power. They work side-by-side to help defend the vampire race. They are two of the six high-end vampires who make sure to protect all from danger." — @cocorockin7
  • Johnny Depp
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    "Father;; M a r c u s . P e a r c e
    Vampire;; 2 0 . Y e a r s
    Personality;; Marcus is very much like his wife and will always try his best to protect his family from danger. He's hardworking and successful." — @cocorockin7

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