H o p e Y o u r P r e p a r e d f o r t h i s G i r l

♔ Name – Saorise Elizabeth Cross
♔ Age – Fifteen
♔ Appearance – Jennifer Lawrence
♔ Clique Choice #1 – A-lister ( ??? )
♔ Clique Choice #2 – ???
♔ Biography – Saorise grew up with extremely famous parents, so her and her younger sister never saw them much. Saorise was basically raised by her nanny and she helped raise her sister, so you can see how much their parents 'made an effort' to see them. The one thing Saorise did that caught their attention was her acting. She started to do theater and when her father saw how much of a gift she had, he started to push her toward movie roles. Before she knew it, Saorise's face was everywhere and everyone loved her. Her adoring fans loved her strange style and the magizne's loved her 'chilled' attitude.
♔ Personality -- Saorise has a very chilled personality with some spikes thrown in there. Since she really had no 'daddy' to protect her, she had to fend for herself and that's how she learned to tear you apart if you got on her bad side. Saorise never ever lets anyone see her in her weaker stats because she's learned to mask it. She can go for weeks, even months, feeling depressed and no one will ever know. She is very smart compaired to most of the bimbos she works with and isn't afraid to shove her intelligance in your face.
♔ Likes & Dislikes –
Likes: Black and white, acting, emo, red lips, masks, music, shopping, the rain, makeup, grammar, books, dancing.
Dislikes: Being dirty, idiots, summer, annoying fans, fish, chinese culture, awkward silence.
♔ Family –
Trenton Cross || Forty three || Actor
Lucilla Cross || Forty || Model
Lydia Cross || Twelve || Dancer
♔ Secret – Remember how I said she can go for month with feel depressed and no one would know? Ya, that's what I mean. Saorise's life hasn't made her happy and has left her depressed. Her parents only care about her acting and that's really all Saorise cares about - and that's what she does every day, all day. Acting like she happy when deep down, she feels like screaming and crying.
♔ Future Aspirations – Saorise wants to help the people that feel like she does. She doesn't know how she'll do it, but she knows that she will do it.
♔ Additional Information – Nope.
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