nαme;; Celestine Mauve Auclair
nιcknαme;; CeCe
ρrσnυncιαtισn;; Ce-les-teen Mave Aw-cl-air
αge ;; 18
grade ;; Freshman
dαte σf bιrth;; April 16
tιme σf bιrth;; 7:22 pm
ρℓαce σf bιrth;; Versailles, France
hσmetσωn;; Monte-Carlo, Monaco
ρℓαceѕ ℓινed;; Manhattan, New York ; Bern, Switzerland ; Olympia, Greece ; Blue Mountains, Australia
σrιgιnѕ;; 50% French, 25% Swiss, 25% Greecian
αρρeαrαnce;; A mirror of elegance and a frame of beauty. If a rose was called by any other name, would it smell as sweet? Perhaps sweeter if it's name was Celestine. A bundle of gorgeous rolled into a 5'6 frame. Smooth, silky, blemish-free skin adding a layer over. Her legs are long and smooth, stretching on for miles. Perfect oval nails adornashing her dainty , moisturized hands. Lovely vanilla blond hair cascades down her back in ripples in waves, bypassing her smooth b cups and curling down her back. Ice blue orbs stare cool and long in the distance. Framing those lovely pairs are diamond encrust, crystal infused, jet black, longer than falsies eyelashes that lightly brush her light peach cheeks. A perfect ski slope nose slides down her face and lead to her oh so kissable, plump, bow tie, light pink, baby soft lips. A true goddess in a humans body, ringed in an aura of raw beauty and hearty class.
ρerѕσnαℓιtу;; Oh cruel fate, are thou crazy and oh so deceiving. How may one with an angel's face posses such demonic properties. Celestine is not one you want to displease. She is a little sleuth, a facade. Of course at first she will not show you her true self. Ever so slightly she will begin to judge. Beware, once the claws are out, it's a whole different game.
fℓαωѕ;; Celestine has lived her whole life never knowing where she truely belonged. Being put up for adoption when she was merely 2 months old, she never knew her real parents and never knew where she was truly from.
stуℓe;; Celestine goes for showstopping and bold. Her goal isn't to make you envy her, but to remember her. What's the use of having a cute outfit if two seconds later, you're upstaged completely?
ѕecret(ѕ) { mυѕt hανe αt ℓeαѕt σne };;
mαנσr(ѕ) { cαn be chαnged αt αnу tιme υntιℓ ѕenισr уeαr } { υρ tσ three };;
mιnσr(ѕ) { cαn be chαnged αt αnу tιme υntιℓ ѕenισr уeαr } { υρ tσ three };;
αcαdemιc ѕtrσng ρσιntѕ;;
αcαdemιc ωeαk ρσιntѕ;;
extrα cυrrιcυℓαrѕ;;
grαde ρσιnt ανerαge;;
- αnуthιng αddιtισnαℓ { eѕρecιαℓℓу ιηfσrmαtισn ρertαιnιng tσ αnу ѕσrσrιtιeѕ уσυ αre ιntereѕted ιn } ;;

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