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  • Vogue Australia Editorial The Life Aquatic, March 2010 Shot #4
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    "Meet Princess "Barbie" Corine" — @death-as-a-fetish
  • clair de lune
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    "Originally from Laguna Beach, Princess spent most of her teen years learning to surf, smoke pot, and work the streets in Venice. She moved here after getting kicked out of high school." — @death-as-a-fetish
  • Summer In The Ocean
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    "She soon became a well known face/sex icon around Venice, and adapt the alias "Barbie". Everyone considers her the Princess of Venice Beach." — @death-as-a-fetish
    gowithdafl0w: “ gowithdafl0w: “ best form of transportation. ” ”
  • Chic Management ::abbey lee kershaw
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    "She's spent most of her teen years making a living of herself by stripping, being a call girl, a sugar baby, and any other sexual thing you can think of." — @death-as-a-fetish
  • clair de lune
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    "Currently resides in a small studio apartment. She was drawn in by the circular pool that goes around the whole place." — @death-as-a-fetish
  • Filled with anger and hatred, born as a pessimist.
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    "Barbie doesn't do much all day. She just lives easy and parties, does drugs, have sex, lays out by the beach, surfs, skateboard around Venice." — @death-as-a-fetish
    Nadia; 16 years of age; Indonesian. "Find what you love, and do it for the rest of your life " - Matthew Gray Gubler. enjoy. nothing here is mine unless stated so, or is watermarked with my url. my...
  • Tumblr
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    "She also goes to the heart of L.A quite often to party, do drugs, and go shopping. She can't pull a Rapunzel and be locked in Venice all day." — @death-as-a-fetish
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  • Intoxicated Diamonds
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    "She has many friends, and is nice to everyone as long as they're nice to her. But of course, you can't make it in California if you're not a cu-nt. So she is a bit-ch when she needs to be." — @death-as-a-fetish
    ♥ Hi I'm Brittany, 15, and I live in a lonely world of Ian Somerhalder and food ♥ ♥ 20,000 viewer gets a double screenie with 5 liner. Just submit me proof ♥ ♥ / ♥
  • run and tell all of the angels
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    "If Princess wants something, she gets it. Especially if it comes to boys: Single, married, engaged, whatever. Barbie doesn't care She goes for what she wants and is determined." — @death-as-a-fetish
  • Behati Prinsloo
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    "But lately, things have been turning away from boys and Barbie has been setting her sight on her new room mate and old friend, Jenny. Let's just say that it's seeming like Jen and Barbie are pretending they're Ken and Barbie." — @death-as-a-fetish
    Page 278 of 279 - Behati Prinsloo - posted in Fashion Models: + Another Ben Watts shot, from a VS shoot in LA last week that the vultures missed(!):
  • Célfie
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    "Barbie may seem easy going and carefree, but she's young, and she's getting scared. The sun don't always shine, even if you're in California." — @death-as-a-fetish
    I think life is about falling in love with the right person, shopping, fitness, eating your favourite decadent dessert and traveling a lot. - Viktoria Strobl

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