Sorry this is posted so late. I shouldn't even post it. I'm just NOT feeling... good right now. I'm so pissed off and I'm just so frustrated. I hate this stupid long distance crap with my friend (step brother I guess you'd say), I hate not being able to be like "oh, its ok, ill see them next year. After im a whole f**king year older. and ill only see them 4 times. but that's enough. I don't even like people anyways" but I cant. Why cant they care as much as I do? Gosh, I hate bringing him up (Anonymous) in every other collection or set or whatever, I really do. This collection isn't ALL about missing people though, its also about how much I have the over whelming urge to run away from home. (there's actually a name for that, but I for got it.) and how I am Diuretic (im happy there are actually names for my problems. Diuretic: a person who has a constant longing for human interaction, but often feels lonely even when surrounded by others.) no, I didn't read the definition of that and be all like, "hey, I think I have that, Yeah, now that I think about it, I do." I had been describing my feels as that before I read it. js.


its 11:11 make a wish, I wish for a pony

anyway, I guess im finished ranting or whatever that was. I'm just in a bad mood. sorry for being a buzz kill. Maybe tomorrow ill work on my story, but school is time consuming and really I don't think anyone likes it. (If you do comment and say you liked it. Thanks to the people that did.)

IDK if I should tag but whatever. YOLO LOL

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