S t r i p e s . . . ♥

This contest eez all about ze stripes! That the set MUST have an item with stripes (flannels are great for this :D ) I forgot what I was gonna type..ah...ah...ah...One second...OH YEA! Stripes can be overlapping, like plaid. That was kind of obvious, but whateverr, right? No one cares. So this contest is 1 week, there will be 11 winners, you vote, 3 limit. Yea, sorry about the limits this time, guys. See, I don't like when two people win twice...yea, it sounds kind of bad >.< So when you vote, please vote for only 1 SET PER PERSON. For example: So you really like 2 of Bob's sets, right (The third one is like ehh)? And you want to vote for both of them, right? TOO BAD (sorry for the harshness) :D You can only VOTE for one! ONE. UNO. UN. EINS. EEN. UNO. JEDEN. EK. That's one in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Polish and HINDI. WOOT! So yea, you can ONLY vote for one. After you vote for ONE, and you're feeling kind of bad that you can't vote for both, why not fave&&comment-on the set you didn't vote for? Show that person how much you like that set(: Capiche (Understand)? Good! Let's get those sets, in, shall we? Pm me for questions. Lovee yaa(: Bye.

Created by aparna. Created in Random and Cool Contests!!. 60 sets from 29 members. Ended 7 years ago.